10 Aesthetic Ways To Decorate Your Room With Rattan

minimalist to modern residences. In addition to giving an aesthetic appearance to the interior, rattan furniture also makes the home atmosphere like a vacation. Rattan is a material that comes from nature, and along with the increasing trend of environmentally friendly housing, rattan furniture is developing very quickly with a variety of attractive design options.

Introducing rattan furniture into the interior can make the room feel warm, boho feel displayed also feels relaxed and comfortable. The unique shapes and patterns found in rattan furniture give the room a maximum appearance but still save on a budget. Because rattan itself is able to create a very strong natural impression, it is not inferior to wood.

Here we have collected some room inspiration with a touch of rattan furniture to make it look more aesthetic. Check it out!

1. Create a pleasant sleeping atmosphere with a rattan bed. Add indoor plants to make it seem like a holiday.


2. Rattan can also be converted into a shelf or stand to put houseplants. Its unique and sturdy shape makes it stronger than wood.


3. Complete your tropical garden with rattan chairs for the outdoors. To be more comfortable, add a seat cushion, chair cushion, and a boho-toned rugs.


4. The relaxed atmosphere in the dining room will be even warmer with a choice of rattan furniture. In addition to rattan dining chairs, you can also add a chandelier made of rattan material.


5. This mirror is made of rattan material with a storage area at the bottom. Looks beautiful in any room, while the bottom basket can be used to store various equipment.


6. Rattan chandeliers are one of the furniture choices to make your home feel warm and comfortable. This idea is commonly used as a decoration for cafes and restaurants, but there is nothing wrong if you apply it to your home.


7. The use of a room with an open concept is indeed an effective way to get around the limitations of the area. But you still need to separate the rooms from one another. The solution, you can place a room divider made of rattan that is practical and easy to move.


8. Apart from a wooden wardrobe, a rattan wardrobe is also an interesting choice for your storage. This material is very sturdy to accommodate a lot of items, while it is also resistant to mold or insects.


9. Rattan as a display rack gives a boho chic impression to any space. Place them in the living room and give them a relaxed holiday feel. This rattan display is round with many storage shelves to display your collection.


10. It’s incomplete if we don’t present a set of rattan chairs for the living room. Add boho-inspired rugs, unique wall hangings, and indoor plants, and you’ve got an inviting boho interior style.


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