11 Sustainable Men’s Pajama Brands For The Best Night’s Sleep

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The Best Men’s Sustainable Pajamas

Sustainable fashion isn’t just for women, there are a growing number of brands who offer ethically made and stylish clothes for men, including pajamas! 

What we wear at night is so important for a good night’s sleep and can even make the difference between a good day and a really bad day. That’s why it’s so crucial to pick pajamas that you’ll be happy with and feel good about buying.

What to look for when shopping sustainable men’s pajamas

If you’re on the hunt for some sustainable men’s pajamas, (you’ve come to the right place!) there are a few things you may want to keep in mind. 

Firstly, look for pajamas made from more sustainable materials such as organic cotton, Tencel, bamboo, and linen. Try to avoid materials like polyester, acrylic and fleece (a synthetic version of wool). It’s best to check what the brand has to say about the material they use, for example is it certified in any way to ensure it’s traceable and sustainably produced, and do they source from one country or multiple countries? You’ll notice that the sustainable brands are very transparent about where they get their material from and who’s involved in the supply chain. If a brand isn’t making noise about this, it’s a bit of a red flag. 

It’s also important to ensure your pajamas have been ethically made by garment workers who have been given the same rights and working conditions that you would expect for yourself. This can include safe working conditions, fair wages, access to childcare and medical support, and a host of other aspects that would allow them to be happy and healthy at work. 

Now, our top picks for sustainable men’s pajamas:

If it’s time to refresh your nightwear look, these brands offer the best sustainable and stylish options for any man. Whether you like to keep it simple with a tee and shorts, or you like to go full out with matching sets and robes, you’re sure to find something here to suit your style.

1) Cozy Earth

Materials: Bamboo

Price: $64-80

A small but essential range of men’s pajamas from Cozy Earth offers a pajama pant, shorts and long sleeve top all made with stretch-knit bamboo. The breathable and moisture-wicking fabric feels cooler than cotton and the machine washable enhanced weave makes these PJs made to last and won’t pill. Both the top and bottoms are available in S - XXXL and come in navy, black, charcoal or heather grey. All you have to do is pick your style for a good night’s rest.

Shop Cozy Earth

2) Pact

Materials: Organic Cotton

Price: $78

If you get overwhelmed by too many choices, head to Pact for the ‘all ease sleep pant’ for the ultimate men’s nightwear solution. Designed in a relaxed fit and made with organic cotton and a soft brushed interior for extra comfort, these pants offer the perfect set up for a good night’s sleep. They feature an adjustable drawstring waist so you can find your ideal fit. Pact claims these pants even save 45.7 gallons of water compared to non-organic cotton!

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3) Coyuchi

Materials: Organic Cotton

Price: $38-78

The pajama range at Coyuchi includes the French terry jogger, the crinkled pajama pants and the short sleeve tee - all made with GOTS certified organic cotton and produced ethically in India in a factory that recycles 90% of its wastewater.

With neutral tones and minimalist designs, these pajamas are ideal for the no-fuss look for bedtime.

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4) Ably

Materials: Filium® activated cotton

Price: $45

If PJ pants are all you need for your nightwear, then the Ollie flannel lounge pants from Ably might be just what you’re looking for.

Made with Filium® activated cotton, the fabric repels liquids, stains, and odors so they don’t require washing as frequently. Perfectly paired with any t-shirt or on its own in warmer climates, the Ollie pants are a great wardrobe staple for any man.

Shop Ably

5) Organic Basics

Materials: Organic Cotton, Tencel

Price: $61-206

If you’re a simple sleeper and just need sweatpants, tees, and boxers, then Organic Basics have you covered. The men’s ‘save with packs’ section is a great place to pick up everything you might need for your version of sleepwear, whether that’s a tee and sweatpants or even just boxer shorts. The Tencel tees, tanks and boxers are very breathable and great for regulating your body's temperature throughout the night, helping you get a higher quality of sleep.

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6) Komodo

Materials: Organic Cotton

Price: $41-87

Komodo has perfected the sustainable pajama with their Jim Jam design. Made from GOTS certified organic cotton that helps keep you warm during the colder months, the double-brushed fabric makes these pyjamas perfect for cozy winter nights.

Available as a set or just the bottoms, you can choose between navy or maroon plaid and enjoy a guilt-free night’s sleep.

Shop Komodo

7) Boden

Materials: Cotton

Price: $37-52

These easygoing cotton poplin shorts and pajama pants from Boden are the perfect option for lounging and sleeping.

Both are available in XS - XXL and the pants have different leg lengths, and come in various prints and colors.

They also have mens Moccasin and slip-on slippers too for the complete look!

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8) Made Trade

Materials: Eucalyptus Lyocell, Organic Cotton

Price: $46-78

Made Trade has a good range of pajamas from brands such as Sijo, Coyuchi and Harvest & Mill. Check out the jersey shorts made with organic cotton, or the jogger pants made with Eucalyptus Lyocell. On Made Trade, you can shop with confidence knowing every product is rigorously assessed and verified for both sustainability and equity and adheres to at least two of Made Trade's eight core values.

Shop Made Trade

9) Noctu

Materials: Organic Cotton, Linen, Wool

Price: $46-85

Noctu has everything you could want for sustainable nightwear, including tees, night shirts, lounge pants, bathrobe and even accessories to help you sleep better like hot water bottle covers, wheat eye masks and cozy socks. Made in England, Noctu specialises in organic cotton nightwear and uses GOTS and Standard 100 Oeko-Tex® certified cotton. These certifications ensure workers rights and unions, zero child labour, fair wages and good working conditions.

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10) Lüks Linen

Materials: Linen, GOTS Cotton

Price: $90-229

For something a bit different, why not upgrade your nightwear wardrobe to include a robe? These ones from Lüks Linen are made for lounging inside and outdoors in warmer weather, and add that touch of luxury to your mornings and evenings. The 100% Turkish cotton fabric is first hand woven on traditional wooden shuttle looms by master weavers and then individually cut and sewn by a local tailor. The linen and cotton used are GOTS & Standard 100 Oeko-Tex® certified.

Shop Lüks Linen

11) Harvest & Mill

Materials: Regenerative Cotton

Price: $46-118

This awesome brand was born out of a need for locally sewn and USA grown organic clothing. They knew there was a better way to make clothing, and they wanted to support USA organic cotton farmers, American heritage mills, and their local sewing community. Harvest & Mill actually uses regenerative cotton, which is the most sustainable for the planet because it directly fights climate change by pushing carbon back into the ground. We absolutely love it!

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