110 Of The Funniest Fashion Fails (New Pics)

Ah, fashion! It’s that wonderful thing that we used to care a lot about before the pandemic. Now that mass vaccination programs are continuing with great success in some countries, we can once again open up our wardrobes and take a peek at what we could potentially replace our overused sweatpants with. We’re going to have some people to impress pretty soon as lockdown regulations keep getting relaxed and summer is starting to hit its stride.

However, even if you feel lost in the stylish world of clothing and don’t know the difference between ‘Armani’ and ‘armadillo,’ you really shouldn’t worry all that much. Whatever you dress like, it really can’t be as bad as the photos of horrendously designed clothes that our dandy Bored Panda team collected to serve as a warning for everyone everywhere at all times. Socks with sandals? You wish things were that simple.

As you’re scrolling into this fashion disaster minefield, let your inner critic loose: let us know which items you think should go the way of the dodo, upvote the pics that you think are the worst of the worst, and share your personal tips for dressing well this summer in the comments. (PS—you’ll find more epic clothing disasters right here, here, and here.)

We got in touch with a fashion designer to tell us all about how to avoid making style mistakes (from over-accessorizing to wearing the wrong shoes), what colors are 'in' this summer, and why designing clothes is far harder than it might seem from the outside. You'll find our full interview with her below.

#1 How Many Ways Can You Read It In?

Image credits: KoheFish

#2 Balenciaga’s $2,145 Bag That Looks Exactly Like IKEA’s 99-Cent Tote Bag

Image credits: boredpanda.com

#3 Red Nail Stockings

Image credits: pkkballer22

Bored Panda reached out to Nigerian fashion designer Oyinda Akinfenwa, who's got her hand on the pulse of the fashion industry, to hear about some style dos and don'ts. Oyinda runs her own brand called Janore that specializes in multifunctional dresses and is always very stylish. So she knows what works and what's a fashion disaster.

According to Oyinda, fashion designers have it tough. Creative blocks and a lack of good materials can take a toll on the final quality of the product. What's more, she revealed that if all the nuances of production—from the way your clothes are made and how long it takes to who is making them—aren't taken into account, the end result suffers, too.

"It’s hard to notice your own mistakes on your outfits until someone points them out because to you, it seems amazing because it is your work and you want to be proud of it, without realizing it may not be exactly as good as you think," the Nigerian designer explained to Bored Panda why professionals can have a blindspot to some mistakes that seem obvious to someone else. "It’s really hard for creatives to give themselves criticism most times because of how hard we work to create the pieces we have, so most times we tend to not try to over-analyze the result."

#4 Why Those Pants Look Like That One Soccer Ball Everyone Has But Doesn't Know Where It's From

Image credits: dionnebytdionne

#5 Where’s The Rest Of It?

Image credits: 1AbbyRoad

#6 $490 To Look Like You Don't Know How To Wear Glasses

Image credits: gucci.com

Oyinda believes that one of the biggest fashion mistakes that people tend to make most often is over-accessorizing. "People tend to add too much on when the outfit they’re wearing already has a lot going on which makes it seem tacky. Also, it takes away from the outfit because no one will be looking at the outfit, just be confused about what is going on with the entire dressing," she said that less is more and that we should stay clear of looking like a chaotic jumble when we want to impress others.

Another major mistake is wearing the wrong shoes. Oyinda noted that a pair of shoes can make or break the entire outfit. "This is very common as people tend to wear the wrong shoes for certain outfits which really brings down the whole look, by the time you start admiring them and get to their feet and you’re disappointed by their shoes."

A quick way to up your fashion game is getting your nails done. Also, Oyinda said that wearing knuckle rings can make you look stylish because they "elevate your look no matter what you're wearing." As for this summer, the Nigerian fashion designer suggested that we fully embrace all shares of green and also go for clothes in yellow, orange, and black! 

#7 Where Is Uranus? My 9-Month-Old's PJs Leave No Doubt

Image credits: DasFinkin

#8 The Color And Positioning Of The Lace Used On These Women’s Underpants

Image credits: lessons_learnt

#9 Nordstrom Sells Jeans With Fake Mud On Them For $425

Image credits: nordstrom.com

At its core, looking good—no matter what you wear—is all about confidence. If you think you’re the bomb, the very best, the most fashionable person in the room, then all eyes are going to be on you as you’re pulling it off and embracing the spotlight.

There is a ‘however’ coming, though. No matter how confident you might be, there are some clothing items that objectively look bad. Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but the Council of Style got together and agreed that there are some things that you just don’t do when designing clothes. And many of these mistakes you’ll find in this list.

#10 Girls Is Can What?

Image credits: GayStorkLord

#11 These Gucci Shoes Are Intentionally Made To Look Dirty

Image credits: gucci.com

#12 Pants That Make You Look Really Pissed

Image credits: Lord_H1D30U5

According to ‘MasterClass,’ avoiding fashion faux pas is possible with a bit of friendly advice. The first thing that they recommend is having fun and experimenting with various clothes, colors, cuts, and fabrics!

Play around a bit with different combinations and find out what works for you. You might be surprised to discover something new about your tastes and what looks good on you. (And don’t forget, having a friend over to give you an honest opinion never hurts!)

#13 Pedo Power??

Image credits: F4NZ4I

#14 Lock Up Your Daughters vs. Does My Butt Looks Fat In This Diaper?

Image credits: dreamer-imfinite

#15 Gucci Sells Jeans With Fake Grass Stains

Image credits: gucci.com

Another piece of advice that you should keep in mind at all times concerns clothing size. Always, always, always find the right fit. Tailored clothes look incredible on you, no matter your body size. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the peak of your athleticism or if you’re plus-sized: when the clothes you wear fit your current body size, shape, and form, they become that much more stylish. And that helps boost your confidence, too.

#16 Pants That Start With A Stain

Image credits: ChefPete22

#17 Oh Great, A Shirt That Makes It Look Like You Got In A Fight With A Bottle Of Mustard And Lost

Image credits: hanzhog

#18 Maison Margiela Pre-Destroyed Sneakers For $1425

Image credits: neimanmarcus.com

What’s more, even as you’re experimenting with new pieces, you should have some timeless clothing items in your wardrobe that go with anything. For instance, I have a couple of trench coats that look fabulous with everything that I wear and I love them to bits.

Though, keep in mind that not every outfit will fit every occasion, no matter how confident and trendy you might look. Read the room, dress for the occasion, and find unique ways to bring a bit of personal flair to your outfit no matter the event.

#19 The Pockets On Women's Trousers

Image credits: Iwantmyteslanow

#20 Don’t Ask Me How I Found This

Image credits: AufWiedersehenAhole

#21 Marge Simpson Has Two Mouths On The Official Simpsons Pajamas

Image credits: reddit.com

Even if you have to wear a uniform to work or you’re going to a black-tie gala, there are ways to make you stand out and make others say, “Wow, you’re amazing!” In my experience, something easy to try if you’re feeling a tad shy would be going for colorful and expressive socks. Just make sure that they’re not fashion disasters waiting to happen.

#22 This Clothing Brand For Kids

Image credits: dylho

#23 These Shoes Let Me Take The Road With Me

Image credits: TheTwoWipeWonder

#24 I Just Realized That My "Los Angeles" T-Shirt Has New York Skyline In The Back

Image credits: gvinpi

#25 Giving Up Is Simply An Option

Image credits: DiscordAddict_

#26 Plant Dyed Underwear On Etsy

Image credits: Glycine_max

#27 My GF Got This Jacket Because It Has Pockets

Image credits: PhilosopherStriking1

#28 The American Flag On My Dad’s New Hoodie

Image credits: Benohnomark

#29 Cowboy Boots, Frozen Themed, And A Random Hole. Yup Shoes

Image credits: Zuzufatcat

#30 $425 Artsy Jeans Look More Like A Crime Scene

Image credits: nordstrom.com

#31 There Are Holes In The Bottom Of This Shoe The Perfect Size For Some Pebbles

Image credits: maowang99

#32 This Elsa Backpack Has A Mask On It So You Can Wear It. But If It's On The Backpack, Elsa Looks Dead On The Inside

Image credits: ItsDiana5454

#33 The Print On These Used Bikini Bottoms

Image credits: catscanary

#34 Tybalt's Clothes From One Of The Romeo And Juliet Movies. Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

Image credits: ThatWolficorn

#35 So My Sister Had A Clemson Mask Made For Her

Image credits: TBoneTheOriginal

#36 Tr Sas H Sin E Or Stars Shine

Image credits: IAEPEXI

#37 Socks For Squared Feet

Image credits: smodanc

#38 My Girlfriend Went Thrifting And Found This. Also The Jordans Are Fake If That Wasn't Obvious Enough

Image credits: Andrei399

#39 The Brown Tye-Dye On This Set Of Pajamas Makes It Look Like Somebody Shat All Over Them

Image credits: ZealousidealPiece

#40 Underwear With Edward Cullen's Face On It For The Purest Twilight Fans

Image credits: NkBasya

#41 My Wife Has Had This Sweater For Over A Decade And She Still Questions Why They Didn’t Use The Eagle As The V

Image credits: Little-Coin

#42 So My Boss Found Out That I’m A Fan Of The House Of 1000 Corpses Movies And Bought Me A Captain Spaulding Mask. This Showed Up

Image credits: ReallyNotBobby

#43 Just Gonna Put It Right There On The Crotch Huh?

Image credits: SpookyVoidCat

#44 Jeans With Holes Right On The Bottom Of The Back Pockets, Why

Image credits: HM_AshKetchum

#45 Never Up

Image credits: paca0713

#46 Still Beats The Alternative

Image credits: Amanuet

#47 Arrived From Amazon Today, Still Trying To Work Out What The Hell They Say

Image credits: Mandala_tattoogirl

#48 These Urban Outfitters Socks That Look Sweat/Urine Stained

Image credits: lukeewatsonn

#49 My Brother's Mask. Each Little Dot Is A Hole

Image credits: DatBoiSmurfy

#50 Whatever The Dog Goes Says

Image credits: Gedj

#51 I Found This Monstrosity At My Local Store

Image credits: MrP3dro111

#52 Why Put It There?

Image credits: Separate_Ahegai-39

#53 Fat Mily Weekend 2018

Image credits: Pliny_the_middle

#54 This Shirt Looks Like A Used Pad

Image credits: donnapetrapan

#55 A**

Image credits: bunsharu

#56 I Don't Think That's How A Zipper Works

Image credits: _-Akira-_

#57 Love Does What?

Image credits: DrCorian

#58 Their Faces Look A Little Different

Image credits: emmaf08

#59 This Dolce Gabbana Jute Dress Costs $2118

Image credits: dolcegabbana.com

#60 "Klrlaagerfelipars"

Image credits: MyNameIsPedro34

#61 This Was The Shirt They Gave Us When They Told Us About Meth And What It Can Do To Us “Don’t Meth With Us”

Image credits: OutlinedRed

#62 A Sweatshirt Spotted In Belgium

Image credits: AHappyGoth

#63 The Text Is The Same Color As The Rest Of The Hat, So You Can’t Read It. I’ve Had This Hat For A Year And Just Noticed This

Image credits: MildlyHumanWasTaken

#64 This Chewbacca Face Mask - With Eyes

Image credits: N1NE_AWSD

#65 Yeah. No Words. I Can’t Even Begin To Fathom What The Designer Was Going Through When Producing This

Image credits: Fuj_san9247

#66 I'm Sorry For Elsa And Anna

Image credits: Ztanica

#67 They Look Like They're Getting Cut Into

Image credits: sneakersbrook18.com

#68 Hell Summer

Image credits: firowind

#69 This Message On A Child's Sweater

"Take and go"

Image credits: IellaAntilles

#70 Trying To Reinvent The Shoelace Hole. These Little Strings Ripped Right Out. The Most Frustrating Thing Is They Come Out Of Actual Holes

Image credits: chemicalsNme

#71 Jes USA Ves? Jesus Aves?

Image credits: AndThenThereWasLily

#72 This Shirt Design. Says "Funny Girl" Upon A Closer Inspection

Image credits: StubbornFay

#73 This Flower Sweater That Looks Like It Has A Bunch Of Stains

Image credits: TheFaceBehindItAll

#74 Found This On Some Jeans. Very Inspiring. I'd Love This On My Thigh

Image credits: -not-a-cat-

#75 Piakchu I Don’t Choose You

Image credits: hastyhylian17

#76 Cute T-Shirt, Cute Letters, But I Can't Figure Out What This Is Supposed To Mean

Image credits: Poppindestruction

#77 English-Words-In-A-Shirt Type Hoodie. Non-Ironic Taipei, Taiwan

Image credits: umbrellapokedeye

#78 This Happy Is My Place

Image credits: Saychopath87

#79 Totally Not A Predator

Image credits: wtmcmillan

#80 This Pair Of Skeleton Socks With The Top View Of The Foot Printed On The Sides. Also Two Right Feet

Image credits: Beckandrews

#81 This T-Shirt Came With A Collared Shirt I Bought A While Back. Why Would You Even Print Something Like This? Maybe That's The Reason They're Only Sold As Bundles

Image credits: Bavarigun

#82 Come As High You Are Standards

Image credits: hellomafd

#83 Mislabeled Flip Flops

Image credits: faiqelite5

#84 Bad Flamingo Execution, Walmart

Image credits: possessedsockpuppet

#85 This Zipper Right Above My Pocket Doesn't Lead To Anything At All

Image credits: Epicjoedogg721

#86 What Does This Say?

Image credits: Toffy_is_a_bunny

#87 I’m With Limited Too Awesome

Image credits: seanpotatoking

#88 The "Iconic" On This T-Shirt

Image credits: Purple-ishMelonaide

#89 If Only There Was A Letter That Looked Similar To The Number 3

Image credits: AsianAndVegan

#90 Took Me Hours To Figure Out What This Shirt My Grandmother Bought Was Supposed To Say

Image credits: Billysbilbolag

#91 One Is A Pocket, Other Is For Ventilation And Goes Straight Down And Out

Image credits: FokkerBoombass

#92 This Took A Solid 30 Seconds To Read

Image credits: chaseywoot

#93 They Didn’t Remove The Zoom Factor On The Illustration Of This Crappy Warcraft Ripoff Tee-Shirt

Image credits: GrumpyRaider

#94 My Friend Wore This Today. Said It Was Supposed To Be An Eagle. My Question: Where's The Head?

Image credits: blueizcold

#95 If You Know Sonic, You’d Know The First Game Came Out In ‘91

Image credits: Rbrocchini24

#96 This Shirt That Cuts Off The Cursive Writing Making It Hard To Read Properly

Image credits: mariepelchat

#97 Great Brand Name, Looks Pretty Similar To A Certain Word

Image credits: MinecraftGod77

#98 "Be Real Not" - The Missing Word Is "Excellent" And It's Not Even Written On The Other Sleeve But On The Ridiculously High Collar

Image credits: NoThanks93330

#99 Sprong Squad

Image credits: clumsy_flamingo

#100 Someone Had To Approve That Font Choice

Image credits: DarkColorimetry

#101 "Green"

Image credits: idiot-at-all

#102 Not Sure The White Shirt Really Works

Image credits: the_unchosen_nobody

#103 Those Words Don't Mean Anything, It's Supposed To Say You Are My Sunshine My Only Sunshine

Image credits: fresh_juicey_memes

#104 There Are Only Black Pieces, The Chessfield Is Wrong And The Text Looks Like Cartoon Network

Image credits: unfunnyclusterfuck

#105 Spongebob On Meth

Image credits: tomgionet75

#106 Either I Can't See Or Yellow On Yellow Is A Bad Idea

Image credits: childishflambino

#107 The Images Cover A Lot Of The Text, The Format Makes It Hard To Read, And Everything Is A State Or City Besides Just “France”

Image credits: BlossomTheSubmissive

#108 My New Cute Utah Shirt. FYI, Saguaro Cactuses Are Found Only In Arizona And A Tiny Bit In California

Image credits: stankygrapes

#109 Franksudjdudjdj. Who Looked At This And Said This Is Ok

Image credits: ArThUr_AyReAuLt

#110 Saw This On Aliexpress

Image credits: Expensive_Strawberry