12 Sweatshirts To Feel Cozy and Warm in This Fall

While we all love a good hoodie, there’s something to be said about the importance of the best sweatshirts for men. The crewneck sweatshirt is one of those quintessential menswear pieces that should be in everyone’s wardrobe.

While they provide the same great warmth and inherent coziness as their hooded brethren, the best sweatshirts for men are a little easier to dress up or down depending on the situation. Nowadays, you can even wear them to most casual office spaces, bars and the gym.

Whichever you decide you want to style yours, snagging a sweatshirt is a quick and easy way to ensure you’re both stylish and warm. We’ve rounded up 12 of our favorites you can buy right now. From cool graphics, smart reimaginings, and even luxury offerings, here are the best sweatshirts for men to wear this year.


1. Champion Powerblend Fleece Crew


It doesn’t get any more classic (or handsome) than Champion. The Powerblend Fleece Crew is the same one you wore as a tyke. It’s the same one your dad worked out in during the 80s. It’s the same one mom wore when you threw up on her as an infant. It’s durable, it’s quality, it’s good-looking and anyone on this planet can pull it off. All you have to do now is pick a color.

Champion Powerblend Fleece Crew


2. Carhartt Midweight Crewneck Sweatshirt


Carhartt means business. It’s one of the toughest brands we’ve ever seen and prioritizes not only durability but comfort and coziness. Because tough guys need comfort, too! These crewnecks are 50/50 cotton and polyester and have ribbed cuffs to keep it casual. It’s great for those who get chilly working in labor-intensive jobs and doesn’t cost all too much money.

Carhartt Midweight Crewneck Sweatshirt

Buy: Carhartt Midweight Crewneck Sweatshirt $39.99


3. Todd Snyder x Champion Pocket Sweatshirt


We’re huge fans of Todd Snyder here at SPY, and a lot of our love for the NYC-based designer started with the Champion collaboration that produced this sweatshirt. A perfect midweight option, you can easily dress this up or down depending on the situation (thanks to its vintage-inspired design), which makes it great to wear to the office with a tie, to the bar afterward, or even to hang out on the couch in over the weekend. No matter what you’re doing, make sure you’re doing it in this sweatshirt. And while grey is our preferred color option, it comes in just about every shade imaginable.

Todd Snyder x Champion Pocket Sweatshirt


4. Russell Athletic Dri-Power Sweatshirt


Want a cheap, no-frills, yet still sharp-looking sweatshirt? Russell Athletic’s Dri-Power sweatshirt comes in at under $20, making it a stylish and deeply affordable option for those who need a good mid-layer. With 17 different colors, you can stock up on a few different hues all in one go without totally breaking your wallet.

Russell Athletic Dri-Power Sweatshirt

Buy: Russell Athletic Dri-Power Sweatshirt $21.95


5. Uniqlo Long-Sleeve Sweatshirt


Diehard fashion enthusiasts know that Uniqlo is the place to shop for great-fitting, great-looking, well-priced basics. Their take on a standard sweatshirt sits squarely within that same mode: vintage-inspired details are updated with a modern cut to reflect today’s stylings. And, it’s both soft and warm, which is exactly what you want when temperatures start to really dip. Oh, and it’s $30, which makes it a win for everyone.

Uniqlo Long-Sleeve Sweatshirt


6. Everlane Uniform French Terry Sweatshirt

Direct-to-consumer online brand Everlane’s Uniform line is a collection of basics that the brand believes in it so much, they’re willing to give you a 365-day guarantee on it. That means if a collar shrinks, if holes develop, whatever, they’ll swap it out for a new one. The french terry construction ensures both warmth and comfort, while also offering plenty of durability. In short, it’s built for the long haul.

Everlane Uniform French Terry Sweatshirt


7. Amazon Essentials Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt


This fleece crewneck from Amazon Essentials is a great budget option for those not looking to spend an arm or a leg to stay warm. This is an Amazon-made brand and uses fleece to keep wearers cozy day in and day out. Love a little bit of color? Good, there are a number of colors to choose from here, including greens, pinks, reds and yellows.

Amazon Essentials Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt

Buy: Amazon Essentials Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt $15.90


8. Target Colorblock Crewneck Sweatshirt


Thin horizontal stripes are so 2000 and late. Instead of considering a striped sweatshirt that will only make you look wider, check out this low-key colorblock crewneck to up your style. This sweatshirt comes in a range of sizes including big and tall, making it able to fit just about anyone who wants to look stylish this season. Not feeling the colors? You can also get it in a pastel pink, white and blue coloration.

Target Colorblock Crewneck Sweatshirt


9. Playboy Collegiate Football Crew Neck Sweatshirt


Graphic sweatshirts may come and go, but we promise that snagging one with this incredible vintage Playboy print on it is as close to a timeless option as you can get. This crewneck instantly gives your outfit some character and attitude. Think of it in the same way you would a normal graphic tee, just much warmer. Plus, the slightly distressed details make it look like you’ve had it forever, even if that’s not really the case.

Playboy Collegiate Football Crew Neck Sweatshirt


10. Nike Club Fleece Sweatshirt


If it’s freezing outside, opting for a hot material like fleece can help to stave off winter’s worst. This version from Nike gives you the cool name brand with a cool technical application. We dig the placement of the famous check, as it is a little subtle. Although, watch yourself if you decide to opt for the white colorway, as it can get dirty quickly if you’re not careful.

Nike Club Fleece Sweatshirt


11. J.Crew Garment-Dyed Crewneck Sweatshirt

J.Crew Garment-Dyed Crewneck Sweatshirt is made to look like you’ve had it forever, thanks to its already broken-in appearance and texture. The little details here — like the ribbed hem and cuffs — make the sweatshirt a considerably stylish option. The pre-dyed process makes it so that the shirt will retain its hue wear after wear. Plus, it’s on sale right now for more than half the price.

SAVE 60%
J.Crew Garment-Dyed Crewneck Sweatshirt


12. Rowing Blazers Barbar in California Crewneck


Rowing Blazers is hands-down one of our favorite brands here at SPY. If you’re looking for a distinctive sweatshirt that’s both comfortable and stylish, opt for this badass Barbar in California crewneck. You know Barbar, don’t you? Because you absolutely should. This iconic crewneck is part of a recent collab between Rowing Blazers and Barbar and will look dapper worn whenever the time calls for it — which is most days.

Rowing Blazers Barbar in California Crewneck


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