16 Perfect Throw Pillows For Your Reading Nook

Throw pillows are great for anyone looking to change up their space, display their passions, or just add a pop of color to a room. They’re also a way to make couches, beds, or wherever else you read more comfy for your marathon reading sessions while still fitting in with the rest of your decor. Most of us don’t have space for a separate reading nook or library room (sigh), but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some ways to sprinkle bookish spirit throughout your home with little tributes to some of your favorite characters and books. Whether you’re tackling Mount TBR or reading in the company of Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy, these literary throw pillows provide a little bit of bookish spice anywhere you want it!

Let anyone who tries to interrupt you know what your motto is with this simple, reading pillow.

This colorful library pillow will cheer up any space, match any color scheme, and give your reading nook a pop of art!

The perfect pillow for your porch, this burlap, reading pillow is sturdy but comfy and the muted colors will help create a calm reading space.

It’ll be no mystery what the coolest pillow in your house is with this Sherlock Holmes–inspired embroidered throw pillow.

With this Edgar Allen Poe-llow, you’ll always have something comfy to curl up with while you read!

The perfect addition to a kid’s room or classroom library corner, these colorful READ pillows will liven up any space.

If you’re looking for something soft and sweet for your reading nook or bed, this fairytales and flowers pillow will provide a beautiful addition to any room.

Accent your home library with this library card pillow that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

At least you admit it, right? No Shelf Control pillow here!

A bold pillow for a bold quote from Alice in Wonderland.

If you prefer your Alice in Wonderland pillows in a more pastel color palette…pick up this adorable pillow featuring teacups, flamingos, flowers, and Alice herself.

Pick up a bookish throw pillow that’s an actual book (shape) to add the ultimate fun touch to your reading nook!

How cute would these Pride and Prejudice pillows look facing each other on your couch or bed?!

This reversible bookshelves and cats pillow can show off your love of multiple genres AND your favorite reading buddy and pet.

Go through the wardrobe with your favorite Chronicles of Narnia characters featured on this throw pillow.

You may never fully finish your TBR pile, but this Mount TBR pillow is still perfect for any reading nook.

What other accessories would go in your perfect reading spot? If you need more inspiration, check out these reading nook chair options or grab a bookish mug and then curl up with your current read!