“2 minutes mom! Then I promise I’ll clean up my toys!” Sound familiar? Nearly every mom has to go through the same thing every day, forcing their kids to clean up their toys

Unfortunately, no matter how many ways you try to clean up the mess, it still looks like toy cyclone has torn through your living room.

And to be honest, moms don’t have the time or energy to clean up, since they’re already being pulled in a million different directions. The trick is in the simplicity of the cleanup in which these toy organization ideas will help. The easier and less fancy the tricks in cleaning are, the less likely moms have to wrangle their kids into cleaning. The simpler it is for kids to organize their toys, the more likely they are to do it!

Follow these tips to turn the toy room from a pigsty to a livable room. The first step is to declutter. If the toys are in bad condition, throw them away immediately. If they still have some value, keep them. Everything else can be donated. It’s that easy! By decluttering, we can focus on organizing the rest of the toys using simple, useful products.
1. Using Bungee Cords for Stuffed Animals

Bungee cords act as a sort of cute prison for stuffed animals. The prisoners, of course, are the toys! Take an unused bookshelf and turn it on its side, and drill holes big enough for the bungee cords to go through. Isn’t that ingenious or what?

If you don’t have an unused bookshelf, or if you’re having trouble using an existing one at home, buy a new bookshelf for toys. This way, you don’t have to worry about any space or dimension problems. Click here to find out how to install the cords.
2. Rolling Open-Bin carts
Credit: Let’s Get It Together

Using open bin carts lets you clearly see what toys you have. The bins allow you to organize stuffed animals, weird fuzzy creatures, race cars and any other weird toys your kids might have into different bins.

They have an added advantage of wheels at the bottom, which makes clean up a lot easier. Label each of the bins, especially if you have younger kids, making it easier for them to access and organize.  
3. Lego Storage Head
The number of times I’ve stepped on a lego and fallen down is greater than the number of craters on the moon. So, a lot. This solves all your lego problems by storing it in….a huge lego head. It’s cute to look at and functional, what’s not to like? It makes clean up much easier, and fun too! Check out Amazon to find a head you like.
4. Storage Bins
Credit: Project Nursery

You know those clear plastic bins sitting in your garage! Just taking up space without any real purpose? Use these bins to stack toys and organize them into different categories.

Either stack these bins on a shelf, or just in a corner of your room. These bins are perfect for when you’re trying to be minimalistic. You can easily see what you have, and how many of those Happy meal toys have wormed their way into your toy storage. 
5. Car seat Storage

This inventive car seat protector allows a few toys to be kept in the car so that you can finish errands. Quietly. Sound familiar moms? With all the screaming and “Mom, are we there yet?” comments, this protector will come in handy for toy and snack organization when needed.

As an added advantage, it has a touch screen, and the protector has about 8 pockets that are machine-washable and water-resistant. 

Buy it now.
6. Toy Hammock
Credit: Lemon Squeezy Home

I cannot keep track of Mr.Cuddles, Mr.Bear, and Fishy wishy anymore or whatever silly names kids have picked out these days for a $15 stuffed toy. There are too. many. stuffed. animals! Sometimes, we lack the creativity to store them and make it look all artistic, and end up shoving them in a random room, resulting in Hurricane Katrina 2.0.

Rather than stuffing it in a room, stuff it in this hammock. It gives off a vibe of “I tried a lot to make it look cute, but it actually took only 5 minutes.” Check out this link to easily build your own hammock. 
7. Garden Baskets

These garden baskets from BHG, and are wall-mounted as well. They save space and add a wonderful rustic vibe to your home decor. Make sure you secure the basket to your wall studs so that they are secured to the wall. Avoid those accidental tripping moments by using this at home to get rid of unnecessary clutter. 
8.Clothespin Line
Credit: Build And Create Home

Great for air drying clothes, but can also be used to hang stuffed animals! It’s not as weird as it sounds. It requires just a few materials including a bunch of clothespins and a rope. This can be a lifesaver when the toy room just doesn’t have enough storage space anymore.

Think outside the toy box! This doesn’t take up much space at all, which is an added advantage if you don’t have a lot of room in general. 
9. Toy Space and Workspace
Credit: Lowes

It’s no secret that toys and work don’t mix. Years of kids playing with imaginary rockets while simultaneously knocking over a glass of juice on the office table is a common household occurrence. With this DIY cube storage, combine the best of both worlds! The top of the table will serve as office space of storage for work items, while the bottom perfectly fits those nifty stuffed animals and race cars. 
10. Multi-Bin Toy Organizer

Of course, shoving toys into bins and cleaning up after my siblings is one of my favorite pastimes. Not. Use these awesome bins to segregate toys from the bubble tool to the race cars. Avoid the whole “you took my toy and didn’t put it back” scenario.

Plus, these super colorful Paw Patrol bins make it impossible to ignore. It makes cleaning up much more fun and entertaining. Now the cleanup song has an actual purpose!

Buy this toy organizer.
11. Limit the Number of Each Toy
Simple, yet effective. The reason the toy chest starts vomiting out its contents, is because there’s too many toys of the same kind. Limit the number of each type of toy your kids can have, and watch the clutter disappear overnight!

If you don’t need it now, store it in the garage. If you really don’t need it, donate it! Other children will make beautiful, new memories with those toys.

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12. Shoe-Rack Hack for Small Cars
Credit: Good Housekeeping

This hack is kinda like a trophy case for all your cars. They’ll all be on display, which kids will love, and it will be easy to take out and put back. Use a wooden shoe rack, and take off the legs. Nail them together, and attach them to the wall.

Make sure the racks are sturdy and strong enough to take the weight of the cars. The number of racks you use depends on how big you would like this DIY shelf to be. 
13. Mini-Wardrobe
Credit: Project Nursery

Shout out to all the moms dealing with girls who refuse to organize their clothes after playing dress-up. This wardrobe will solve all your problems. And future tantrums. While it is important that they have a voice, and a way to express themselves, the clothes should be kept tidy and easily accessible.

Check out this website to build your own mini-wardrobe. Hannah Montana won’t be the only one with a double closet anymore!
14. Bath Toy Storage

Is your kid troubling you when you say “shower time!” Join the club. There hasn’t been a day where kids peacefully take a shower on their own without cause Kid War 3. Fear no more! This toy storage organizer fits within the width of the bathtub and has just enough space to store the few toys needed for a 10-minute bath.

Don’t forget your dear old rubber duck. This organizer attaches simply to the bathtub, is cheap and easy to clean. 
15. Old-School Method
Sometimes, there aren’t any methods, products, or tips and tricks needed to organize. Make cleanup a game. Ring a bell or set a timer to make it competitively fun! Doing so on a regular basis, ingrains a good habit in them. Reward them with extra playtime the next day or sweet treats. This way, kids know the importance of cleaning while getting rewarded for it at the same time. 
16. Trusty Ol’ Basket

The good ol’ basket never lets you down. It’s the fail-proof method of clean up. All kids have to do is literally dump all their toys in place. This type of product saves space and money when you’re not looking to spend extra on bins and fancy DIY’s to make your room look Pinterest worthy.

But rather, just functional on a day to day basis. It’s also multi-functional since the basket can store pillows, blankets, and “special guest” linens.

Buy this basket.
17. Bath Toy Organizer

Wrangling your child, and failing to get him/her into the bathtub? This mesh net organizer can be hung up on the wall or back of the bathroom door. Playing with toys is obviously a much bigger treat than taking a shower.

Who wants to be clean and hygienic? Yuck. The mesh holder can hold a small number of toys, and shampoo bottles and soap. Much needed for a clean toddler. This mesh can also be stored on the wall where the shower knobs are, without getting soaking wet. 
18. DIY Branch Swing Shelves
Credit: Garden Therapy

Still tripping over those stuffed toys? At some point, there are probably enough stuffed toys at home where you can have your own Toys R’ Us set up in the living room! These branch swinging shelves will make your kid feel like he’s at the zoo.

Being surrounded by their favorite toys and stuffed animals as they sleep. Isn’t that pretty much every kid’s dream? Pop by this link to make your own shelf:
19. Using the Bottom Bunk
If your kids don’t use bunk beds anymore, or they just don’t like the bottom bunk, don’t waste that space. Use it to store and organize all those old toys from the garage or toys you can’t stop tripping over. It keeps toys out of the sight and also stops future bruised toes and sore knees.

The bottom line is, with a few unique products, you can easily declutter your house of toys. The trick is in replacing the toy mess with fun and creative products like the DIY swing, or bathtub mesh net organizer. Your kids will be cleaning up in no time!

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