There are plenty of reasons why you should colour code your wardrobe. First and foremost is for the sake of your sight; colour coding your closet creates an organised and appealing rainbow-shade wardrobe that will please the eyes whenever the dressing session is on. Secondly, it makes searching for that one favourite neon-green dress or that single red-as-blood blouse a little easier. In other words, finding clothes will no longer be a tough task since everything is arranged according to particular clothing styles and colours.

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Yet although colour coding appears to be a bit of an obstacle course, it's actually way more simple than you think. Here are the three easy steps to make colour coding a breeze. Let's get to it.
1. Group your clothes by category
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This is probably the toughest one among the three easy steps to colour coding the wardrobe. Take a couple of free hours and divide all your clothes into groups: dresses, long sleeves, shirts, jeans, blouses, and so on.
2. Group your clothes in colours
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Once you've decluttered all your clothes into distinct categories, the next step is to go through every group and arrange the clothing of each section roughly by shades. You can do it easily by simply following the colour circle which features primary and secondary hues: red, blue, yellow, purple, green and orange.
3. Make a rainbow out of all your clothes
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Decide where each group of clothing will go in your closet. We suggest keeping all your tops and dresses hanging for easy find, whilst keeping all your bottoms at the base of your wardrobe. From here, have a think about whether you'd like to colour code your closet in dark-to-light or light-to-dark shades. Then organise each clothing group in the closet accordingly to your colour chart. Beginners, take the chart above as an example if this step seems a little too daunting.

Voila -- you've get yourself a nice, neat, and nifty wardrobe now. You're welcome.

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