28 Ways to Decorate Above the Kitchen Cabinets

Are you looking for ways to decorate above the kitchen cabinets? Then you have come to the right place. Here, you will find some truly innovative and creative ideas for redecorating above the kitchen cabinets. We believe that the kitchen should be a cheerful and pleasant place, which inspires you to work better. Therefore, decorating your kitchen cabinet area with interesting and stylish designs should be your topmost priority. Let us see what you can do with these unique ideas.

Create an Indoor Garden

To bring a freshness to your kitchen, add some indoor plants. Then, maybe you are thinking where to put them? Why you don’t utilize the space above your kitchen cabinet? You can put them there freely. This is the simple way to to decorate above your kitchen cabinet.


Take advantage of the open space to decorate your kitchen for the season. You can put some green plants in small pots in the upper cabinet will present the perfect room decoration and will give the impression of a fresh and relaxed room. This is a simple way to decorate your kitchen cabinets. Greenery plants from countryliving.


Arranging some greenery in pots and placing them on top of these cabinets will make any room decor interesting and become the perfect focal point of the room. This decoration will make this farmhouse-style kitchen look fresher and have a natural impression. This wooden sign will complete the look above your wardrobe. Farmhouse indoor garden from thespruce.


A few flowers in this vase would look cozy on a dresser, and even better when paired with a cinnamon sign. It is an additional decoration to create an attractive room and will be the perfect focal point of the room. Pair it with a white cabinet for a sleek and eye-catching look. Potted flower above cabinet from thespruce.


Some of these low-maintenance plants make decorating your kitchen cabinets more attractive and stealing the attention of many people. Using the space above the cabinets to grow an indoor garden is ideal. Be sure to buy plants that don’t need a lot of sun. Using the same style and colored pots will keep the look of your home kitchen clean and contemporary. Low-maintenance plants from thespruce.


The vines trailed along the top of the kitchen cabinets. A little greenery in the kitchen will give a fresh touch to the room and have a natural feel to the whole room. Opt for a classic style cabinet and add a few other similar arrangements on the table and dining table to bring it all together. Small greenery from thespruce.


Adding plants like this is a great way to make this area look much more beautiful and attractive. Make sure any greenery you plant there will get enough sun here. Using this rattan pot also gives a natural and fresh touch to the room. Placing some greenery on this kitchen counter also brings out the perfect look. Greenery kitchen from apartmenttherapy.


Using terracotta pots and complemented by some greenery, it gives a touch of fresh air to the whole room. You can combine it with oak cabinets to give the perfect look. Opting for this low maintenance plant is perfect for charming kitchen décor. The touch of a fresh industrial kitchen makes the space attractive. Terracotta pots from apartmenttherapy.

Display Your Collections

If you have some collections, such as vases or antique items then you don’t have been able right space to display them, utilize space above your kitchen cabinet. You can arrange them on top of the cabinet surface. It will draw every eyes who see it.


This kitchen is made like a Texas homeowner taking your rustic touch to the next level with a themed look. Add a few collections of animal statues, this will make a charming room decoration and steal the attention of many people. Combined with this shabby cabinet, it brings a rustic impression to the room. Animal statues ornament from countryliving.


The vintage cut above the kitchen cabinets adds nostalgia to this sweet retro kitchen. Choosing some of these ceramic cutlery will give a charming room and will steal the attention of many people. This teal wardrobe also has a gold handle that will bring an elegant and luxurious impression to the room. Ceramic cutlery decorations from countryliving.


Having a plate set that is too special to decorate this kitchen is a brilliant choice for you to try. This will be the perfect focal point of the room that will attract the attention of many people. It will attract every eye that sees it. This shabby wooden ceiling and white cabinet will give a rustic impression to the room. Plate ornamanet from countryliving.


The built-in corner makes creative use of the space above this farmhouse kitchen cabinet. You can display beautiful porcelain to create an attractive kitchen and steal the attention of many people. This white color scheme and white cabinets also give the room a sleek and clean look. Porcelain collections from countryliving.


Placing several collections of tableware on top of this cupboard presents a stylish room decor and steals the attention of many people. Adding greenery in a terracotta pot will create a fresh and inviting look to the room. The wall clock that is placed on top of this cupboard also completes your room decor. Tableware collections from thespruce.


Tall, artful vases and ceramic art can visually reach the ceiling, filling the void above the cabinets and creating a modern feel. Combined with this oak cabinet will produce a natural room decor and steal the attention of many people. Artful vases and ceramic from thespruce.


This blue and white patterned ceramic urn decoration gives a charming look to the room and will capture the attention of many people. Sitting on top of this oak cabinet would be the perfect focal point of the room. Urn ceramic collection from deavita.


Keep your book collections off your living room shelves and store them where you really need them. You can place it on top of your kitchen cabinet to produce an attractive room decoration and become the perfect focal point of the room. Adding some other furniture will create an attractive appearance. Book collections from housebeautiful.


Several collections of vintage bottles that are shabby and placed on top of this cabinet are perfect room decorations and will steal the attention of many people. You can use this decor for stunning room results. Pairing it with white cabinets will also give a clean and sleek kitchen design. Vintage bottles from deavita.


You can easily place your collection of wicker baskets or boxes in the top living room decor of the kitchen cabinet. The space above your kitchen cabinets can be the perfect place for all the appliances you rarely use. Baskets, wooden crates or wicker boxes are ideal for charming rustic, Shabby chic, vintage and traditional styles. Collection of wicker baskets from deavita.


Decorate with Signs

For those who like a farmhouse style, why you don’t decorate your kitchen with some signs? There are many kinds of signs that you can place in your kitchen. To put it, think of a different but effective way to make your kitchen beautiful. You can put the sign above the kitchen cabinets. This decoration is able to fill the empty space above the cabinet. It means, you should use signs in a large size so that can be a focal point in your kitchen.


This farmhouse-style kitchen doesn’t forget to add a mark at the top of the kitchen cabinets. It will be a charming room decoration and will fill the empty space above the cabinet. Making your own from shabby wood planks and paint will save your budget and boost your creativity. Sign farmhouse style from thecrazycraftlady.


There are many different kitchen signs available and they are a great way to add a farmhouse decor to your home. Using a shabby wooden sign and placing it on this cabinet bag will create the perfect room decor and steal the attention of many. Choosing a white color scheme will give a clean and sleek look. Shabby wooden sign from designingidea.


Decorative signs, scales and clocks add visual appeal to this rustic space. This sign decoration will give the room a charming look and be able to fill the empty space above this kitchen cabinet. This sign also creates the perfect focal point of the room and attracts your guests. Decorative signs from countryliving.


Decorate your Autumn kitchen from excessive cabinet space. Choosing this wooden shabby sign will create a perfect and stylish room decor. Pair it with some pumpkin leaves and maple leaves for a charming room decor. Wooden shabby sign from woohome.


Placing a wooden sign on top of this kitchen cabinet provides an attractive room decor and will grab the attention of many. This decoration is able to fill the empty space above the cabinet. Complete the look with open shelves and complete with some grain ornaments in vases, scales and green plants in small pots to give a charming room decor. Wooden sign from homebnc.


You can apply shabby wood markings above the kitchen cabinets which will give a charming appearance to the room and steal the attention of many people. Complementing the look with a chandelier will create a rustic feel and cover up your contemporary style lamp. With some garden wire fencing and old weft sack material, it can make for a pretty cost-effective afternoon. Shabby wood sign from homebnc.


Placing a shabby wood sign on this kitchen cabinet brings a charming decor to the room. This will take advantage of the empty walls in your closet. Pairing it with a chalkboard wall is a great way to give it a farmhouse feel, and it’s a budget-friendly one. Shabby wood sign from hgtv.

To Show Your Art Gallery

As we know, decorating a home with an art gallery is an easy thing to do, but it can definitely enhance your home decor. If you have made a wall gallery, now is the time for you to create an art gallery in your kitchen. No need to stick it to the wall, just put it above the kitchen cabinet. It is simple, right? But trust me it surely effective to to fill the empty space above the kitchen cabinet.


This classic kitchen features several framed art galleries nestled above the cupboards. Using these cabinets and wooden frames will make the room look perfect. Simply place it on top of the kitchen cabinets for a simple and attractive room design. Framed art galleries from thespruce.


This framed abstract painting completes the look of your home kitchen cabinet. You can also add some greenery in pots to give a fresh and natural feel to your entire room. Pair it with white cabinets for a sleek and clean look. Framed abstract painting from deavita.


In this medieval-style kitchen, complete with several paintings and framed photos will present a charming room design. Complementing some of these ornaments will also produce interesting decorations. Placing it on top of this cabinet will fill the void in your cabinet space. Paintings above cabinet from deavita.


Several art galleries neatly arranged on top of this closet create a stylish room decor that will attract the attention of many people. You can use a framed abstract painting to add an effective impression to the room and fill the empty space above the kitchen cabinets. Framed abstract painting from hgtv.

Kitchen is not only place to cook but it is also can be functioned as a place to show your personality. By knowing ways to decorate it as interesting as possible, it can be your favorite space ever.