4 Outfits for a Beginner Soft Girl Aesthetic

4 Outfits for a Beginner Soft Girl Aesthetic

Love it or hate it, social media has had a huge impact on the fashion industry, and the most recent trend hitting your feed is all about aesthetics. If you’ve been drawn in by fashion influencers and their creative styles, you might have become familiar with the soft girl aesthetic.

The soft girl aesthetic is a hyper-cute style with charming, preppy, and sweet pieces like casual dresses for juniors and soft sweaters. Then, there’s a makeup theme that’s probably inspired by blushing anime heroines. Somewhat edgy and attention-grabbing accessories work to balance out the aesthetic. The soft girl aesthetic is a 2000’s Lolita style mellowed out by delicate pastels and down-to-earth 1990’s denim. It’s all about wearing that girly girl style like super sneaky armor—it’s a trend so many girls are loving right now!

Another cool thing about the soft girl aesthetic is that you don’t have to go all in. You can get soft girl-type pieces that don’t require a total makeover.

Elements of a Soft Girl Aesthetic 

If you don’t want to overhaul your whole wardrobe to get the soft girl aesthetic, there might be just a few things you need to take away to build a soft girl outfit.

Understated Pastels

Pastel pink is a signature color for the soft girl, but pastels, in general, can be a great way to start building out your closet for this aesthetic. After getting your first taste, you can explore other casual dresses for juniors in white or floral patterns and try more pastels like baby blue, sage green, light lime, and maybe even a duckling yellow.

Sweet but Tough Attitude

In addition to a color scheme, attitude is a massive part of how well you pull off any look, and boy, do these soft girls have attitude. They’re all fluffy pink clouds and cotton candy on the outside, but combat boots and pouty glares on the inside. This kind of attitude is a part of the business of that soft girl aesthetic. They’re going to wear what makes them feel pretty, and they’re not going to take any lip about it.

Romantic One-Piece Outfits

One-piece items are a must-have for the soft girl aesthetic. You can wear casual or date night dresses and rompers to put together a quick outfit that practically screams accessorize me.

Endearing Dresses

Do you own a lot of dresses? If you want to master, or even test out, the soft girl aesthetic, take a look at the number and the type of dresses you own. You may need more casual dresses for juniors to get the right visual effect—think short-length, floral dresses with smocked elements and bows. You want your dress to exude innocence and serve as the perfect base for layering and accessories. While the soft girl aesthetic is becoming popular, that doesn’t mean you can’t put your own unique spin on the look.

You can play up the soft girl vibe with a half-up pigtail hairstyle, a generous amount of blush on your cheeks, and white mule sandals for your feet. Alternatively, you could take it in the opposite direction. Some soft girls like to sport shiny combat boots and draw or stencil petite hearts on their cheeks with makeup. Whichever way you go—more is more.

Playful Rompers

The security of a romper may be a great intro piece for beginner soft girls. Even if your romper is short, you won’t have to worry about it being too short. Plus, you’re certainly not limited by choosing rompers. They’re super on-trend and offered by trendy fashion brands online. For your soft girl outfit, find a light peach or yellow gingham romper with a smocked bodice (bonus points if you can find one with a cute bow). Finish off your look by clipping the front pieces of your hair back with colorful snap clips and accessorize with an over-the-shoulder baguette bag.

If you don’t want to wear gingham patterns, choose a romper in a pastel color featuring details like a scalloped neckline. Don’t worry—even some of these more mature looks have bows. These muted looks can work in your favor to highlight other pieces you layer with it or any accessories you want to show off.

Charming Two-Piece Statements

While a dress or romper gives you a pretty straightforward soft girl outfit, the looks with separate tops and bottoms are a bit more advanced.

Matching Loungewear

The soft girl aesthetic is usually very put-together, but that doesn’t mean you have to discount comfortable clothing. Women’s loungewear outfits have a place in this aesthetic, too. You can dress up anything in a shade of light pink or with a cute pattern. Try wearing a matching set with soft shorts and a pullover top in heather grey with a star pattern and you’re ready to lounge around or check out a local coffee shop with friends.

To turn this outfit (and your plans) up a notch, pair it with white ruffled ankle socks, platform sandals, and a pink, patent leather (or plastic) shoulder bag. To best pull off a soft girl aesthetic in women’s loungewear outfits, opt for artistic makeup. This will help make your soft girl style intentions clear. Think of your favorite makeup artist on Insta and not your mom’s poster of Gwen Stefani (you know, the lady who just married Blake Shelton). Go for vibrant shades like lavender eyeshadow, coral blush, and shiny lip gloss to offset the grey loungewear. You can check out some social media tutorials to help you look more 2021 than 2001.

Pink Separates

Pink again? Yes—always. Pink is a big deal alone, but pink separates are a huge deal. Separates give you a chance to mix and match pieces in your wardrobe (even if you don’t want to wear pink on pink). To put together a soft girl outfit with pink separates, start with the bottoms. Put on blush-colored shorts with a ruffled hem or pink, sporty, shimmer biker shorts. Pair them with a ditsy floral baby tee and throw an embroidered white jacket over the top. Then you can give your outfit that final, delicate touch. Choose ankle socks with a scalloped top and your pristine white tennies.

This look might sound a bit over-the-top, but the soft girl aesthetic is very high maintenance—and it looks it. If you haven’t seen the movie Clueless, you should watch it just to really vibe with the soft girl attitude. Although, the outfits are undeniably inspirational.

Keep in mind that the soft girl aesthetic doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing thing. You don’t have to wear it every day, but kudos to you if you’re that dedicated! Just rock this look whenever you want to dress up or whenever it feels right. To fill out your closet with pieces that harness the soft girl aesthetic, stock up on casual dresses for juniors with floral prints, gingham rompers, pastel-colored separates, and a ton of ruffly, lacy, and youthful-looking ankle socks. Then you can work on finding accessories that vibe with your take on the soft girl aesthetic.

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