50 Comfy Slippers Under $50 That’ll Make You Forget Real Shoes Even Exist

If there’s one thing I’ve come to know is true in life, it’s that my feet will always be cold. No matter the temperature outside or in my apartment, if I’m sitting on my couch or my bed, I know that my feet will be freezing. So, in order to alleviate my constantly frozen feet, I went in search for the best slippers—and boy, did I find them. Until I began my journey to find the coziest, warmest, cuddliest slippers known to man, I did not realize just how many adorable slippers were out there. From the trendy cross-strap slide slippers being worn by everyone right now to the classic bunny slipper, there is absolutely no shortage of fuzzy house shoes. And, of course, I’m sharing my bountiful harvest with you all. (You’re welcome.)

When I started this slipper search, I knew that I’d find expensive and luxurious slippers from high-end designers and brands. I didn’t realize, however, that I’d also find myriad slippers at far less-expensive prices—50 pairs, to be exact. While there were some pricey slippers along the way, I still managed to dig out 50 pairs of slippers you can score now for under $50. Slippers shouldn’t have to cost the same as shoes people will actually see every day, so there’s no reason to splurge when there are so many cute pairs at affordable prices. I can feel everyone’s toes collectively warming up (and budgets staying in check) as I type this.

Below, you’ll find 50 different pairs of slippers under $50 for all your cold-toe needs. Whether you’re someone who likes to post photos of your slippers and coffee mug on Instagram (We all know the type.) or just want something to keep your feet warm while you work from home, there’s definitely a pair for you. Get ready to feel snuggly and warm every time you’re inside.


1. Fuzzy Fur Slippers

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | mint fuzzy slippers

Crazy Lady.

Buy: Fuzzy Fur Slippers $22.95

These cross-strap fuzzy slippers are super on-trend right now. And who can resist that adorable mint green?


2. Josephine Fur Trim Slipper

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | patricia green

Patricia Green.

You’ll want to cozy up in these fur trim slippers all day long.


3. Cally Slipper Moccasin


STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | minnetonka red slipper


Buy: Cally Slipper Moccasin $39.95

These cute and bright moccasins will add a little color to your WFH wardrobe.


4. Chesney Scuff Slipper

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | minnetonka


Buy: Chesney Scuff Slipper $32.94

You can’t go wrong with a classic fuzzy slipper.


5. Dumpling Heated Slipper

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | smoko heated dumpling


These adorable dumpling slippers actually heat up, so your feet will stay toasty warm.


6. Hardsole Pile-Lined Slipper

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | minnetonka


Buy: Hardsole Pile-Lined Slipper $39.49

Pair these neutral Minnetonka slippers with your favorite joggers, and you’re good to go.


7. Rave II Slipper

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | daniel green light blue

Daniel Green.

As simple as they are cute, these light blue slippers are sure to serve you well for years.


8. Cross Band Fleece Slippers

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | gray fuzzy


Buy: Cross Band Slippers $23.99

Like I said above, cross band slippers are ridiculously trendy right now, so might as well try out a pair.


9. Plush Frog Slippers

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | green frog slippers

Forever 21.

If these plush frog slippers don’t bring a smile to your face, I don’t know what will.


10. Women’s Moc Slipper

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | acorn memory foam


Buy: Women's Moc Slipper $31.34

These fuzzy moccasin slippers look comfy enough to wear all day every day.


11. Petunia Slide Slipper

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | colorful slide


Colorful slide slippers might be just the thing you need to amp up your loungewear outfits.


12. Fuzz Yeah Wedge Sandal

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | ugg melon slipper


Buy: Fuzz Yeah Wedge Sandal $46.73

If your budget doesn’t allow you to splurge on the pricier UGG slippers, these UGG Fuzz Yeah slippers are the less-expensive option.


13. ‘Windsock’ Slipper

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers |


Made by the same company that makes Tempur-Pedic mattresses, these pink fuzzy slippers are sure to be ridiculously comfy.


14. Trapper Moc Memory Foam Slipper

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | rockdove dark brown slipper


Buy: Trapper Moc Memory Foam Slipper $18.90

These fuzzy dark brown slippers look like clouds you can wear on your feet.


15. Plus Elephant Slippers

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | elephant slippers

Forever 21.

These elephant slippers are honestly just too cute for words.


16. Winking Kitty Slipper

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | winking cat slippers

Patricia Green.

BRB, adding these winking kitty slippers to my cart right now.


17. Corgi Heated Slippers

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers |


Calling all puppy-lovers: These corgi heated slippers are calling your name.


18. Faux Fur Slippers

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | purple slippers

Jessica Simpson.

Buy: Faux Fur Slippers $25.86

Get ready to want to cozy up in these purple faux fur slippers day after day.


19. Fleece-Lined Slippers


STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | ofoot navy slipper


Buy: Fleece-Lined Slippers $21.99

With a memory foam sole and fleece-lined interior, there’s so much to love about these cozy blue slippers.


20. UO Printed Sherpa Slipper

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | leopard print slipper

Urban Outfitters.

There’s no escaping the animal print trend. Consider these leopard print slippers your excuse to finally get on board.


21. Plush Dolphin Slippers

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | whale slippers

Forever 21.

If you can’t go swimming with dolphins, at least you can wear dolphin slippers around the house.


22. Open Toe Sliders

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers |


These open-toe slide slippers are perfect for right after an at-home pedicure.


23. Mt. Hood Shearling Slipper

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | black fuzzy slipper

Patricia Green.

These black shearling slippers are a luscious and cozy moment waiting to happen.


24. Memory Foam Fur Slippers

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | pink leopard slipper

Crazy Lady.

Buy: Memory Foam Fur Slippers $15.95

The pink leopard print on these memory foam slippers is such a cute iteration of the classic slide slipper.


25. Melinda Bootie Slipper

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | plaid slippers

Muk Luks.

You can probably get away with wearing these cozy bootie slippers on a walk around the neighborhood.


26. Bunny Animal Slippers

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | bunny slippers


Buy: Bunny Animal Slippers $22.99

What would a slipper round-up be with some pink bunny slippers?


27. Quilt Terry Clog Slippers

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | pink slippers quilted


Buy: Quilt Terry Clog Slippers $35

Of course, if you’re not into bunnies, you can opt for some simple pink slippers instead.


28. Plush Unicorn Slippers

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | unicorn slippers

Forever 21.

These adorable unicorn slippers are here to make your at-home life a little more magical.


29. Slip on Clog Slippers

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | rose pink slippers

Chinese Laundry.

Buy: Slip On Clog Slippers $19.99

These rose pink slippers look luxe AF.


30. Fuzzy Slippers

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | lavender slippers


Buy: Fuzzy Slippers $22.49

These cute lavender slippers are not only cozy, but actually machine washable as well.


31. Ishani Slipper

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | navy slide slippers

Koolaburra by UGG.

These navy UGG slippers have a rubber sole so you won’t slip on hardwood floors.


32. Fuzzy House Slippers

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | cream slipper slides

Jessica Simpson.

You can’t walk on a cloud, but you can wear these fluffy house slippers—and that’s practically the same thing.


33. Kate Scuff Slipper

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | purple fuzzy slippers

Kelly and Katie.

No shoe collection is complete without a pair of knitted and cozy slippers.


34. The Scuff Curly Faux Fur Slipper

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | madewell faux fur slipper


These curly faux fur slippers need to be in my closet ASAP.


35.Quilted Moccasin Faux Fur Slipper

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | moccasin slipper


The little bow on these faux fur slippers adds the perfect final touch.


36. Faux Fur Slippers

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | faux fur slipper

Pottery Barn.

These faux fur slippers would look so good in your next Instagram.


37. Paisley Twist Slide Slippers

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | slide slipper


These paisley slide slippers are so cute, you can probably wear them outside the house, too.


38.Faux Fur Animal Print Slipper

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | animal print slippers


You can never have too many animal print slippers, OK?!


39. Fold Over Moccasin With Tie

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | pink moccasin slippers


These pink moccasin slippers are truly just a fuzzy delight.


40. Fluffy Fleece Slipper

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | purple bunny slippers


These chic bunny slippers are cute enough to show off all over social media.


41. Watermelon Fluffy Slippers

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | watermelon slipper


These watermelon fluffy slippers will make every day feel like summertime.


42. Leslie Quilted Slipper

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | striped slippers


A cozy striped slipper is exactly what you need in your life right now.


43. Crown & Glitter Fluffy Slippers

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | pink crown slipper


Feel like a queen for a day with these crown-detail slippers.

44. Faux Fur Booties

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | fur booties

Pottery Barn.

My priority right now: Snuggle up in these cozy faux fur booties immediately.


45. Fluffy Bear Slippers

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | bear slippers


I can’t get over just how cute these fluffy bear slippers are.


46. Cross Strap Slider

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | brown and black fuzzy


These dual-color cross strap sliders would be a chic addition to any shoe collection.


47. Avocado Slippers

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | avocado slippers


For anyone who loves avocados, these fluffy avocado slippers are a serious treat.


48. Embroidered Slippers

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | black floral slippers


These floral slippers will make you feel like you’re walking in your own secret garden.


49. Plain Fluffy Slippers

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | burgundy slide


When in doubt, stick with the tried and true classic fuzzy slipper.


50. Tiana Pom Pom Slipper

STYLECASTER | Best Slippers | Pink pom pom slippers


OK, these pom pom slippers are a princess dream.


A version of this article was originally published in 2017.

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