50% off J. Crew Shorts, New Suitsupply Tropical Wool Suits, & More – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful

50% off J. Crew Shorts, New Suitsupply Tropical Wool Suits, & More – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful

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Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Five of the better sales are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.


J. Crew: 50% off select shorts (no code needed)

J. Crew shorts

It’s shorts season, and J. Crew has cut their shorts prices… off at the knees. Runs through the weekend and through Monday. Who wears Cord Shorts? HE WEARS CORD SHORTS!


Suitsupply: New Wardrobe Starter Line Tropical Wool Suits

Suitsupply tropical wool suits

Anyone been over to Suitsupply lately? Prices have gone up. So seeing some new additions to their wardrobe starters line sure feels like a “sale”. Even though it’s not a sale. They just don’t do those often. (The last time their online outlet opened was November of 2020? I think?) These are nested suits. Meaning there’s a “drop” to a jacket and married pair of trousers. 6″ with Suitsupply. So if you get a 40R jacket, you’re gonna get a trouser with a 34″ waist. And then it’s up to your tailor to work some magic.


Huckberry: New Items Added to Sale

Huckberry menswear

Stumbled into the Huckberry sale section post long-weekend and noticed their item count had jumped from 700ish to 1000ish. Not an insane amount of new things, but enough to make three quick mini style scenarios. Middle outfit just needs a Detroit Tigers hat, a Ferrari, and a moustache… and we’re on our way.


Bonobos: Last day for 25% off w/ S2SUMMER

Bonobos menswear

Ends today. And with the way things are going, who knows when Bonobos will throw us another code-bone. Full picks here if you’d like them.


Nordstrom: The Anniversary Sale Preview Begins June 29th

Holy smokes we’re coming up on Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale. Still a month or so out, with the very highest tier cardmembers getting access later this month. The rest of us hooligans get let through the gates in July. This is their annual fall preview. It’s not a clearance event, instead they mark down new stuff, tempting those of us who love the cooler weather and the style it brings. That, and it gets our money in their pocket earlier than other brands and retailers could ever hope in regards of the season(s) to come. Smart. Always smart. Always impressive in terms of items and the level of discounts they offer.


BONUS  J. Crew FACTORY: Extra 60% off Final Sale Clearance w/ WOW60

J. Crew Factory suit

The Pick: Stretch Chino Suit Jacket & Matching Trouser = $134.39 FINAL ($335.98)

Nice price for the suit, right? Couple of things. It’s chino, which usually has a pretty dense weave so it’s not going to breathe quite as well as wool. It’s also almost certainly lined. If it’s a cheaper poly lining, it really won’t breathe. AND… it’s final sale. So no returns. So yeah, big risk. But a really nice price.


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