6 bra styles that every woman should own by the time she hits 30, according to a lingerie pro

I have long aspired to be the kind of woman who has a bra wardrobe. It just feels so… adult. In this fantasy, I also don’t have clean clothes piled on top of every available surface in my apartment aside from my actual closet, and can keep plants alive for longer than a few days. It’s a nice daydream, but I wouldn’t even know where to start. But, baby steps.

To find out how to pursue my dreams of becoming a grown-ass woman with a bra-drobe, I consulted luxe lingerie brand Fleur du Mal‘s founder, Jennifer Zuccarini, who recommends having at least five bras to cover the basics… and at least one just for fun. “A strong lingerie drawer should have closer to 10 or 15. If you wear a bra every day, they will last much longer if you rotate wear,” she says. In other words, wearing the same nude t-shirt bra all day, every day, is highly *not* encouraged. Whoops.

I have two real bras and an assortment of bralettes that I somehow manage to always misplace even though my apartment is like 500 square feet, so I’ve clearly got a ways to go. But to get started, Zuccarini suggests adding the following bras to your collection.
Photo: Fleur du Mal1. An everyday bra: Fleur du Mal Satin Scooped Balconette Bra, $108
…. But not like, a boring one. Zuccarini says to get one that’s “smooth and feels great against your skin, but still cute enough to get excited about.” She likes the brand’s Satin Scooped Balconette Bra, pictured above, which she says she could wear every day. 
Photo: Fenty2. A black lace bra: Fenty Unlined Floral Lace Bra, $20
This is an absolute must-have to Zuccarini. “Somehow in the US we became obsessed with not showing any evidence of a bra under our clothing, I prefer to think of a bra as a part of your outfit,” she says. “My favorite is to wear a black stretch lace bra under a white t-shirt or button down. It’s a nice pick me up to have a beautiful lace bra on, even if no one knows it’s there.”
Photo: Free People 3. A soft cup or triangle bra: The Free People Lace Triangle Bra, $38
“I like to wear a triangle bra under anything a bit sheer, when I want thinner straps showing, or if I’m traveling and sleeping on a plane,” Zuccarini says. This one, from Free People, comes with a glowing recommendation on both the fit and flattery fronts.

Photo: Lively4. A strapless bra: Lively The Smooth Strapless Bra, $30
“I always travel with a strapless bra, not just for strapless outfits, but for anytime I don’t want a strap showing with my look,” Zuccarini says. Once you find one you love, she recommends getting it in both black and a shade that matches your skin tone. 

Photo: Thirdlove5. A plunge bra: Thirdlove 24/7 Classic Contour Plunge Bra, $68
Another bra drawer commandment: get thee a plunge bra for all your low-cut outfit needs. Zuccarini recommends snagging both a black and a nude version to cover all your bases. “Pro tip—always go darker than you think with a skin tone bra, lighter colors show through more,” she adds. 
Photo: B.Tempted6. A “just for fun” bra: B.Tempted by Wacoal ‘Ciao Bella’ Underwire Balconette Bra, $38
Once you’ve built up your black and skin tone options, Zuccarini recommends branching out into color. “Your lingerie drawer should reflect your personality and not be a sea of basics,” she says.

Here is literally everything you need to know about shopping for a bra. And here’s a pro’s tip on how to choose comfy underwear (because it’s not as intuitive as it would seem). 
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