7 AC Maintenance Tips You Should Follow

Air conditioning systems have been an integral part of our modern lifestyle. Aside from cooling, they provide better air quality, perfect humidity, and overall, comfortable living. They can provide years of service if maintained properly. On the other hand, neglecting required care definitely declines its efficiency gradually. Here are a few tips to keep your air conditioner running flawlessly for a lifetime:

1. Clean debris from AC

Dirt buildup around AC is a pretty common thing. It not only damages the exterior but also clogs the filters. Then, the AC has to consume more electrical energy to do its job. If you let the debris sit on the AC for a long period, it can also cause permanent stains. So, clean the AC frame and filter regularly. Turn off the power first and wipe away the outer dirt using a damp paper towel. Lift its panel, detach the filter and brush away the soil properly. You can also place them under running water to remove the residues. Make sure to dry properly before putting it back.

2. Change filters

Each AC includes at least one air filter to catch dirt, fur, hair, and other air particles. They degrade over time and fail to function like before. In this case, replacing the old filter with a new one is the best solution. Even if you always keep the blower clean, you still need to change it once after six months.

3. Take care of the drain line

Drain lines generally sit close to the condenser to cut its excess moisture. They are susceptible to mold or algae growth. It significantly hampers the drain flow causing water flow, musty smells, not cooling, etc. Therefore, fix this issue as soon as possible. First, find the affected drain vent and remove its PVC cap. Clean the inner wall using a wire brush or wet vacuum or simply flushing with bleach water.

4. Check the coils

Air conditioning systems contain an evaporator coil for heat absorption and a condenser coil for heat emission. Although filters protect these internal parts from various contaminants, they gather dirt after a certain service period. Outdoor units get dirty quicker compared to indoor systems. A routine check is mandatory to avoid such situations. If you notice dirt coating, brush it off and then spray water from a garden hose. You can add a few drops of mild cleansers into that solution, but no harsh detergents.

5. Fix bent coil fins

Coil fins bend for many reasons, including large debris, careless cleaning, deterioration, and many more. Some key symptoms are restricted airflow, unusual sound, and reduced efficiency. There are many commercial products that straighten the fins within no time. Besides, you can straighten them with a butter knife or similar objects as well.

6. Take professional help

Many things can go wrong when an inexperienced person experiments with an AC. It is better to call local experts instead. They detect and solve all AC unit problems after checking different layers. Nowadays, you can find well-trained technicians’ services online, like AC Repair Company in Coral Springs, FL. They give a broad range of services such as AC parts repairing, installation, replacement, electrical or mechanical issues fixing, etc.

7. Ensure flawless airflow

Large objects such as selves, books, wardrobe, closet hamper an AC’s normal airflow. So, install the AC in an open wall; nothing big can be right in front of it. Maintain a minimum of a 14-inch gap if you want to place something. Also, keep its surroundings clean. Trim big bushes or flower beds around it because they might hinder smooth operation.

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