7 Easy Ways To Pay It Forward And Feel Good This Holiday Season

It goes without saying that frontline workers have worked tirelessly to keep our cities safe and running over the last 18 months. Whether it’s the nurses administering healthcare, supermarket superheroes restocking shelves, or patient and persistent teachers educating children—there’s plenty of people we need to show our thanks and gratitude to. 

But perhaps one of the most unsung heroes of all are the loyal and trusted food delivery drivers that fueled us during the pandemic. Nothing made us more joyful than seeing our heroes in helmets pulling up with a brown paper bag loaded with deliciousness from our most missed eateries. 

So, when we heard that Sunbites were taking their Fuel Good Snack Truck to Sydney streets in October to surprise and delight delivery drivers, we knew it was a story worth sharing. The fuel good movement started with a three-day activation whereby Sunbites care packages and public thank you messages were hand-delivered to drivers waiting in delivery driver hot spots—helping them refuel and get through the day with the goodness of Sunbites whole grains. A feel-good story we can get behind and support.

We want to continue the Sunbites mission of fuelling good deeds and acts of kindness throughout our community, so we’ve wrapped up seven easy ways you can pay it forward to those who need it most. 

Donate Blood

If you’ve donated blood before, you’ll know there’s no greater feeling than knowing you’ve helped save up to three lives. What’s even better is that it only takes a short amount of time out of your day to make a huge difference, plus you find out exactly where your much-needed blood is transported after your donations, so you you can see where your good deed is going in real time. But the Australian Red Cross is always in need of more donors and without them, they can’t deliver the services critical to the health of our communities. So, if you’re eligible to donate, you can make a booking here. Time to roll up your sleeves!

Cull Your Wardrobe

Summer is fast-approaching and there’s no better time to get started on a full wardrobe clean out. Whether it’s that pair of jeans you haven’t worn since 2015, that gifted dress that’s never fit you quite right, or a slew of business skirts from a previous corporate role, chances are there’s someone else who would put it to better use. So if you’ve got a quiet weekend on the cards, make a note to schedule a haul. Once you’ve tackled the job, make sure to donate them appropriately to organisations such as Dress For SuccessRed Cross or Lifeline. Win for you, win for them.

Show Thanks To Your Food Delivery Driver

The Sunbites Good Fuel Company helped to show thanks and support to the food delivery drivers that fueled us through the pandemic and it’s easy to keep those feel-good moments rolling. Next time you order your favourite lazy Sunday meal or late-night snack, make sure to give thanks to your delivery driver. Either tip them on the app or even better, you can leave them a small token of your appreciation. A simple but effective way to thank the hardworking heroes in helmets that keep our faces smiling and bellies full.

Shout A Stranger Coffee

There’s only one thing better than coffee and that’s free coffee—or in this case, the feeling that comes from shouting a stranger free coffee. Serving as the ultimate pay it forward act, this one is super easy, inexpensive and highly effective in radiating caffeinated positivity. Next time you’re in line for coffee, let the barista know you’d like to shout the next person coffee and feel good knowing your small act has helped to start a positive chain reaction. Priceless. 

Donate To Christmas Fundraisers 

Christmas time is a joyous and celebratory season for most. But for some disadvantaged and low-income families, it’s a time of financial strain and stress. So if you’re looking to help bring in some festive cheer this season, giving a Christmas donation to those less fortunate is the perfect way to do so. Whether it’s financial donations, purchasing toys for children or donating food, there’s plenty of ways you can help to make another family's Christmas, one to remember.

Support Local Business

Now more than ever we know how important it is to support local business and help the little guys get back on their feet. If you're not sure where to start, we're here to let you know it's easier than you think. When it comes to food shopping, make sure to opt for local butchers, bakers and grocers rather than always defaulting to big chain supermarkets as your support will make all the difference to their bottom line. If you've got a local retail business you love like a hairdresser, beauty salon or gym, always check to see if you can leave them a positive review online as this can be worth its weight in gold.

Practise Gratitude To Loved Ones

Life's a lot easier when you've got people around you that support and care for you. Whether it's a best friend that always provides an ear to listen, a work colleague that encourages and mentors you or even a barista that always manages to greet you with a smile and a pleasant chat in the morning—it really pays to turn those positive thoughts about that person into action. Why? Because it's a kind thing to do and it will make you both feel good. Something as simple as an unexpected text, gift or act of service can go a really long way in sharing and spreading the love.

Keen to keep fueling good? Head to Sunbites, The Good Fuel Company to discover more about the delicious whole grain snacks you can feel good about.

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