A Fashion Bonanza: Picking the Best with The Purse Lady

Hilary eisman shows off an alligator purse
Hilary Eisman shows of an alligator purse.

Although Hilary Eisman, aka The Purse Lady, is a fashion icon in WorthPoint®’s hometown of Atlanta, it took a trip across the country for me to cross paths with her. When I met Hilary at her booth at the Marburger Farm Antique Show, I couldn’t help but kick myself for taking so long to meet her and her incredible collection of vintage purses.

It’s no surprise that Hilary’s inventory is marked by such exquisite style. Her vintage tastes are shaped by her 25 years as a collector and nearly two decades working in fashion and retail. Today, she’s a full-time vintage fashion reseller specializing in purses and accessories. With an inventory ranging from late 19th-century antique designs to the 2000’s, the Purse Lady has an accessory for just about every fashion fiend.

Beaded vintage designs
Beaded vintage designs.

At Marburger, we could tap into Hilary’s reservoir of purse wisdom. Her great advice? Materials are everything! The more you handle vintage purses, the better you’ll be at discerning true quality. Plus, vintage purses are extra fun because they’re made with materials that just can’t be found elsewhere. How else might you work a little bit of lucite into your wardrobe?

To hear more of Hilary’s fashion advice (or if you want to ogle some gorgeous purses), check out our entire conversation in Marburger. For even more purse magic, follow Hilary on Instagram and Facebook, and check out her website. And if that’s still not enough, you’re in luck because The Purse Lady makes an appearance at over 20 shows around the country each year, including Marburger Farm, Scott Antique Market, and the Cashiers Benefit Antique Show. Hurry to her booth next time you’re hunting for the best antiques. Who knows? Your new favorite treasure might be a purse!

A unique flower purse
A unique flower purse.

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