A Place to Hang the Moon

A Place to Hang the Moon

It is not often that we find a book that everyone in our family loves from the 5-year-old through the middle schooler all the way up to the parents. This book is not action-packed, though there are some exciting scenes. It is not particularly funny, though there were parts in which we were all laughing out loud. It is sweet and sentimental, though not to the point of being off-putting. Frankly, it was just downright charming and delightful and we all enjoyed it.

A Place to Hang the Moon

A Place to Hang the Moon details

Title: A Place to Hang the Moon
Author: Kate Albus
Publication Year: 2021
Website: www.katealbus.com
Age Group: Mid Elementary, Late Elementary
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Comments: Even though this book was only written a year ago, it has the feel of a book from a much older, simpler time. The relationship between the orphaned siblings and the way they take care of each other reminds me a bit of the Boxcar Children. The way they are sent away due to the London bombings during World War II reminds me of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. The way they struggle to overcome adversity even though they are secretly wealthy has undertones of The Little Princess.

This book feels like it comes from a different time in the absolute best way possible. Generally speaking, my kids enjoy books that are full of action or filled with irreverent humor. The more toilet jokes the better. This book has none of that and yet it held us captivated from start to finish. Though one of the siblings does tend to get in trouble more than the other two, they are loving and supportive and look out for one another. Secretly, I hope my kids got the message that this is a desirable way for siblings to treat one another!

It is difficult to describe a book that discusses real hardship and yet is filled with so many humorous moments. A book that is simultaneously light-hearted and quaint while also sincere and earnest. All of us enjoyed reading about the trials and ultimate victory of these three kids. Highly recommend as a family read-aloud!

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