Adidas Creates Its First Hoodie Made From Wood Fibers, & It Doubles As A Pillow

Image via Adidas


Adidas has been behind some sustainable fashion innovations, including the world’s lowest-carbon footprint sneakers, and has now come up with yet another eco-friendly addition for your wardrobe: a hoodie made from wood-based fibers.

The creation comes as the result of a long-term partnership with Finnish textile company Spinnova, and will be available as a limited-edition launch this summer.


Image via Adidas


Each hoodie will be composed of at least 25% wood-based fibers and 75% organic cotton, with the special TERREX HS1 material made as the perfect mid-layer, with hikers in mind. 

According to the Fashion Network, the piece can even be rolled up into its hood for easy storage, and to double up as a pillow if you’re spending the night up on the trails.

The sportswear brand plans to continue its partnership with Spinnova, with the aim of creating nine of out 10 Adidas articles using more sustainable technology, material, design, or method of manufacturing. 


Image via Adidas




[via Fashion Network and Adidas, images via Adidas]