Adjustable Waistband Button

Vendor: BestWay
Type: Buttons & Snaps
Price: 7.95 - 14.95 (21 variants)

Looking to streamline your wardrobe and eliminate the need for multiple belts? The Adjustable Waistband Button is the solution you've been searching for! This unique accessory features a slider that lets you adjust the fit of your waistband, allowing you to wear trousers and skirts with a perfect, comfortable fit every time. Made of durable metal, this button is designed to last - so say goodbye to pesky belt loops and hello to one simple, functional solution!

  • Made of high-quality metal and silicone, anti-corrosion, durable and reusable, more sturdy than plastic.
  • Buttons are free of seams, and the waistband is large, quick, and convenient.
  • Quickly add extra space to the waistline area of your favorite dress pants.
  • Great for pants where the waist is too tight, but the length is perfect.

Color: Bronze
Material: Zinc alloy and Silicone.
Size: 3.5 x 1.7 x 0.5cm.

What's in the Box:
1x Adjustable Waistband Button