Allow Me To Introduce You To the Most Versatile Workout Dress I’ve Ever Met (and Cannot Stop Wearing)

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a dress girl. In fact, there was a long stretch in my life where I exclusively wore skirts and dresses and scoffed at the idea of pants anywhere near me (I’ve since allowed several jeans in my wardrobe). So, when I realized that workout dresses existed on this earth and I wasn’t limited to traditional workout gear, I was stoked to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not someone who hates regular athletic wear. I can look cute in some leggings and sneakers even though I’d rather be wearing platform heels and a dress. (I doubt I can hold a plank in platforms…unless?)

I’ve been a fan of Girlfriend Collective ever since I fell in love with the brand’s focus on sustainability, inclusive sizing, and its high-waisted leggings, so when I found out they had a few different workout dresses, I knew I had to get my hands on one. The one that’s now became my favorite fitness-slash-everything clothing item? The Naomi Workout Dress.


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If the Naomi dress looks familiar, it’s because it’s an updated version of the brand’s original Undress, with the same halter-style silhouette, though it has more coverage and the back straps are straight. Get you a dress that can do it all—the Naomi is not only meant for working out, but for running errands, going out on the town, really, anything you want to do in life. It’s a truly versatile item, as it is super comfortable thanks to the soft yet supportive FLOAT fabric, but it can be easily accessorized and dressed up. Seriously, imagine working out in this during the day, then throwing on some tights, boots, and a cropped lil’ moto jacket for whatever you got going on at night. I know I’m going to be doing that!

The dress has a built-in unitard and bra that gives ample support for my 38D bust size, which means I don’t have to worry about wearing a sports bra underneath it (great news if mine is in the laundry). The attached shorts help prevent chafing, fabulous news since it removes the need of wearing shorts underneath the dress. It gives some nostalgic-yet-cool skorts-type of energy, if you’re an ‘80s or ‘90s kid and remember those. Another thing I love are the hidden mesh pockets in the shorts. They make it easy to carry cash or your ID card if you’re out on a hike (unfortunately they’re not big enough for a phone).

I’ve been wearing this dress for walks around the neighborhood and even did a TRX session in it, and am at the point where I need another one. Could the Naomi dress be my uniform? It’s possible!

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