An Autumn Edit.

An Autumn Edit.


And just like that, summer ends and a new season begins.

I've rather missed the transition this year - the last month has just been a blur - but now I'm finding solace in seeking new pieces to fill little wanting pockets in my wardrobe.

My style's been all over the place the last few years (overtly preppy, too pastel, overdressed), but I think I'm really zero-ing in on what I enjoy. As a trenchcoat devotee, I've loved and worn my Hobbs trench for quite some time and now I'm looking for a longer, more oversized iteration. I've seen a couple vintage Dior, which just oh how dreamy that would be. I'm all for second hand designer/quality at the moment, it's becoming a little hobby. Anyway I hope my finds serve as some inspiration for your autumnal closet.

I was sort of hoping to just post this style post and gloss over what's happened without mention but part of me feels like I mustn't, for my own sake really. I was going to write a dedicated post but I just can't bear to. My father sadly passed away recently, actually rather fittingly on the last day of summer.. It's been a long journey and there's an immense amount I'm working through, both administratively and emotionally. Thank you for all your kind words over on Instagram.


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