Beautiful Bonnet


As predicted, the bonnets that I ordered on Thursday from the Riding Warehouse showed up on Saturday. If I actually lived in SLO, Riding Warehouse's hometown, I'd be in big, big trouble. As it is, we try and stop in when we're in their area. With free shipping though, it's actually cheaper to order and have it delivered than it is to go and pick up something. Between my recent acquisition of two new helmets and the bonnets, I could now outfit a team of horses and riders. The maroon helmet still hasn't shipped though, so team Head to Head will have to wait.
I already wrote about the LeMieux Noice Reduction Ear Bonnet when I received the first one, so I wasn't surprised about how nice it was. Just like the navy version, the ears are padded with micro foam, and the yarn is tightly woven. It's not fancy or decorative, but it fits wells and will hopefully help Izzy focus while at shows. Other than the blinged-out bonnet I bought a few weeks ago, I had never bought anything with the Equine Couture label. These new bonnets with studs have sold me on the brand. If the rest of their product line is as well made as these, I'm hooked. Just like the first bonnet, these have very stretchy ears made of spandex. Again, the yarn is heavy duty and woven tightly. The studs are little beebees that are individually sewn on. Each beebee has a tiny hole through its center. I don't know how long they'll last, but at $17.95 a bonnet, who cares? If you're looking for an inexpensive fly bonnet, these are much nicer than the price would suggest. I am a Roeckl girl, price be damned. I haven't worn anything but Roeckl gloves in at least seven or eight years. They generally last me one to two years, but I am not at all careful with them and I only wash them once or twice a year. Mine get grubby, grimy, and well-abused. I also ride with Thinline or rubber reins, both of which are heavily textured. This is also hard on gloves.

I've had nearly every color - white, black, black and brown, black and red, navy and white (more than once), brown and rose gold; I went with straight navy this time. While the Roeckl gloves are a bit on the pricey side and don't last forever, the way they feel like a second skin makes them an easy purchase in my book.

For someone who doesn't think she's into dressing up her horses, I've sure been spending a lot of time doing just that. I wonder if it's because I've never really bought Izzy anything new. Now that he's my main ride, his wardrobe has suddenly increased.

If nothing else, he'll at least look good!