Big Bang Energy

India’s biggest name in music, and a global fashion powerhouse, walked into a bar. What happened next is fashion explosion. Badshah, in the latest from Louis Vuitton, served one #OutfitGoals after another, looking exactly like the new-age royalty that he is. From oversized hoodies, dapper layers, to lit sneakers and must-have accessories, here’s the best of the season, by Louis Vuitton.

Monogram Hooded Denim Jacket + 1.1 Millionaires + Monogram Signet Ring by Louis Vuitton
Monogram Hooded Denim Jacket + 1.1 Millionaires + Monogram Signet Ring by Louis Vuitton

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is comfortable, and very basketball inspired. My priority is comfort. A lot of windbreakers, co-ord zippers, bomber jackets, sunglasses, and sneakers, obviously. The most recent addition to my personal style is caps.

Tell us about your first ever luxury purchase.

My first ever luxury purchase was a bag from Louis Vuitton.

Why do you think Louis Vuitton is still a successful fashion house, across countries and demographics?

Louis Vuitton has been successful because with time, they have reinvented and reimagined the brand. They haven’t just kept up with time – they have been ahead of it like true trendsetters. I cannot begin to describe how amazing the legacy that Louis Vuitton has been able to create is.

Blue Watercolor Windbreaker + Rivoli Sneaker Boot by Louis Vuitton

If you could do a collaboration with Louis Vuitton, what three design elements would you include in that special collection?

I would love to do an all-black LV collection, a capsule collection with everything black. I have ideas in my mind. It may sound unoriginal, but you have to see it to understand my imagination.

If you had to pick three of your all-time favourite LV pieces, which would they be?

I think the Louis Vuitton Supreme collection was pretty iconic. I think all pieces are iconic individually. It’s difficult for me to choose three pieces. I will go with the LV Duffle bag; that’s my favourite. Also, the Millennial sunglasses, and anything Virgil Abloh has designed, because they’re all amazing.

Everyday LV Crewneck + Monogram Organza Padded Blouson + Trainer Sneaker + LV Mirror Cap + Neo Porte Documents Voyage + Cyclone Sunglasses + Monogram Chain Necklace by Louis Vuitton

Who is the best dressed man in Bollywood right now (other than you)?

I love Ranveer Singh’s style. I love the way he dresses.

If you could raid someone’s wardrobe, whose would you and why?

Karan Johar’s, because he has got everything.

One fashion trend you wish made a comeback?

Tapered pants.

Three fashion essentials you won’t step out without?

My jacket, sneakers, a cap, and statement sunglasses.

Tourist v/s Purist Windbreaker + Tourist v/s Purist Printed Tee + Trainer Sneaker + Cyclone Sunglasses by Louis Vuitton

What is your favourite thing to shop for, and what do you hate shopping for?

My favourite things to shop for are sneakers, sunglasses, and jackets, basically everything. I hate shopping for someone else (laughs).

Is there a fashion trend you don’t understand?

I don’t think there’s a fashion trend that I don’t understand. Fashion is very subjective, and I think it is about individual expression.

What is that one outfit or garment you’ll never be seen in?

I don’t think there is anything that I hate wearing, but I hate Nylon touching my body. I mean a jumper is fine, but I don’t think I’ll be seen in a synthetic t-shirt.

Multicolor Watercolor Windbreaker + End Goal LV Crew
Neck + Monogram Track Pant + Trainer Sneaker + 1.1
Millionaires + Loop it Bracelet  + Monogram Chain Necklace

How were you introduced to luxury fashion, and how did you navigate your personal style? Also, tell us your three favourite cities to shop at.

I was actually introduced to luxury fashion through hip-hop, because of my favourite musician, Kanye West. I love his 2005 – 2012 vibe. He is fondly called “The Louis Vuitton Don”, so I went to check out those collections. I also started looking at collections from luxury houses like Prada, Margiela, and Balenciaga. It was all through music and culture. And, three of my favourite cities to shop at would be London, New York, and Dubai. Also, Hong Kong.

What’s the most precious and expensive item of luxury fashion you own?

I think it’s my collection of watches. It’s limited, but it’s quite expensive.

As a sneaker connoisseur, pick the three best pairs ever created?

Yeezy 2 that Kanye West created with Nike – Red Octobers in particular, the Air Force 1, and Jordans 3 and 4.

Everyday LV Crewneck + NBA Letters Hooded Blouson + Runaway Sneaker + Keepall BANDOULIÈRE 50  + Loop it Bracelet  + 1.1 Millionaires

What is the first thing you do when you open Instagram?

I just check out the reels that are on my feed, which gives me an idea of what’s trending.

What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

I enjoy listening to all sorts of music. My personal playlist is very relaxed and laidback. I enjoy listening to Coldplay, a lot of lo-fi music, and a lot of ’90s music.

One rapper you want to collaborate with?

The world knows it – Drake.

Who has been your inspiration in the music industry?

Kanye West and Jay-Z have been major inspirations, as well as Li’l Wayne. I love how Drake has been able to deliver hits consistently over a period of years. AR Rahman too, because he is the epitome of originality and creativity.

Damier Salt Jacquard Crewneck  + Handle Trunk + LV Pop Sunglasses

Describe LV in three words for us.

Legacy, class and sexy.

Creative direction and styling by Arnesh Ghose

Photographed by Hormis Antony Tharakan

Makeup by Swapnil Haldankar

Hair by Javed Alam

Interview by Samreen Tungekar

Location courtesy: Diablo, New Delhi


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