Bomber Jackets; 5 Ways To Business Casual Style

If you are in search of a stylish business casual outfit, don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

A women leather jacket is a timeless wardrobe staple that every woman should own. Originating as a military jacket and gradually making its way through mainstream men’s apparel, bomber jackets are now famous amongst fashionistas. Ironically, they are more common among women than men. It is safe to say that your wardrobe is incomplete without a leather jacket.

Bomber jackets are one of the trendiest outerwear currently available in stores. Due to their timeless nature, these jackets are always in high demand. Thanks to the growing fashion bloggers who are striving to bring a revolution in the world of styling. 

Whether it is a plain tee or a floral sundress, a classic leather jacket always comes to the rescue. There is no better way to style a bright casual dress than adorning a lightweight leather jacket. 

Is a Bomber Jacket Considered Business Casual?

The answer is a definite yes! 

Contrary to popular belief, a leather bomber jacket can be styled with business casual outfits just like they go well with street casual ones. Bomber jackets are known for their sleek attribute, thus qualify for a business casual attire. They are well suited for every occasion, be it a casual lunch, a semi-formal business dinner, or even a short trip to the grocery store. 

When it comes to styling, the choice of your outfit overall determines the level of formality of an outfit. If you are unsure about a jacket, choosing a minimal blouse can provide subtlety and grace. 

There is only so little that could go wrong with a bomber jacket for women. The deep hues and slim silhouette strikes a perfect balance between smart casual and business casual. 

How to Style A Women Bomber Jacket For Business Casual 

Bomber jackets for women are undeniably the most versatile outerwear found till date.. They are most commonly paired with casual dresses. But have you ever tried pairing a bomber jacket with your business casual outfit? 

It is easy to go with the flow but exciting to create your style. In this guide, we have listed a few business casual outfits to ease your worries.

1. Business Casual Suede Bomber Jacket

When you envision a suede bomber jacket, you see pure class. A traditional suede bomber jacket features a front zip closure with either round collars or sturdy lapel collars to provide that extra edge. Speaking about edge, what better than layering a suede jacket over a formal blouse.

Women’s formal attire displays a variety of styling techniques. However you need to be careful about keeping it as minimal as you can. One of the most desirable qualities of a suede bomber jacket is its simple outlook which is suitable for some corporate gatherings.

Pair a green suede jacket over a boat necked blouse, most preferably in earthy tones. Add a pair of straight cigarette pants, and your favorite peep toed heels for a quick meeting. Be it spring, or summer, this outfit sits right for all seasons!

2. Floral Bomber Jackets

For all our floral pattern lovers, we see you!

Most women try to incorporate patterns in their day to day outfits. Color block might be too much for a working lady. So, to add some extra fun to your tiring routine, pair a multi colored floral bomber jacket over a black tee shirt. The feisty vibes lighten up your mood, yet stay subtle. 

For the bottoms, opt for a pencil skirt with black stockings to provide full coverage. Add a pair of matte black pumps or a stylish pair of heels. Accessorizing this outfit might be a bit tricky as too many accessories can ruin the look. Add on tiny studs and a minimal necklace to keep it as simple as you can. 

3. Brown Leather Jackets

Our guide would be incomplete without adding a brown bomber jacket to the list. 

The vintage bomber jacket is an absolute beauty and exudes elegance. This jacket can be easily paired with a monochrome black outfit. Adorning this jacket over black not only enhances the rustic vibes of this jacket, but also allows minimal styling.

Probably the easiest jacket to style, this outfit can be sealed with a sleek belt around the waist. Add on your favorite pair of brown boots as they speak for your confidence when you walk around!

4. Cognac Bomber Jacket On a Black Dress

Can we ever get tired of wearing brown? 

Brown Leather jackets come in a variety of shades, each possessing a vibe of its own. This cognac bomber jacket is a perfect outerwear for your short dress. 

Most women prefer layering a dress with either a denim jacket or a leather jacket. This not only provides the extra coverage, but also makes you a woman that all men fear! The lightweight bomber jacket is a go-to outerwear for spring days saving you from the cool breeze. 

Since it is adorned over a dress, the jacket itself is a big accessory. Opt for an elegant pair of black peep toes as they are the perfect choice for offices. They are comfortable yet so stylish. What more does a working woman need! 

5. Smart Maroon Leather Jacket

If you are a woman working in professional environments, you need to take care of your style. A busy working woman might not be able to do so all the time, which is why we have listed one of the easiest ways to style a bomber jacket.

Running late to work? Put on your favorite black dress pants and a chic white blouse, assuming they are available readily. Put on a maroon jacket over this business casual attire, and you’re ready to work in no time! 

For your convenience, keep the accessories as lowkey as possible. Put on your favorite wristwatch and your normal office shoes for your comfort. This look is so hassle free that you will never go back to worrying about your clothing again! 


We pay our deepest gratitude to all the respectful ladies competing in the professional world. Do not let your workload take over your style game. We believe in fashion supremacy because you deserve a bow wherever you walk in. The above mentioned styles can boost your confidence and provide comfort all day long, which we all strive for!

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