Bookish Strawberry Goods That Are Simply Sweet

Summer is all about fresh produce, and there is simply little better than going out and picking some up either at a farmer’s market or out on a farm. Indeed, the sweetest berries are right off the vine. As has been the trend over the last few years, thanks to aesthetics like cottagecore, fruit continues to be a pattern emerging just about everywhere. How can you not love seeing all things lemon, orange, or banana? And if any fruit is truly having a Moment, we can look to the strawberry.

Strawberries are delicious, fun, and make for fabulous design options. Paired with toadstools, strawberries give such a whimsical feel to things, and alone, strawberries evoke not only sweetness, but also all things long days, warm weather, picnics, and summer lounging. I am constantly envious of how strawberries have become a staple of my kid’s wardrobe, as I, too, would love to be able to find adult-size strawberry rompers, headbands, shoes, and PJs. Alas, until that day comes, I’ll be getting my strawberry goods bookish style.

Whether strawberries are part of your diet, part of your aesthetic, or both, you’re going to find some awesome bookish strawberry finds below. Delicious!

Sweet Bookish Strawberry Goods

Set of strawberry bookends

I am obsessed with this set of strawberry bookends! $55, and you can decide if you want red or pink berries.

Image of a metal strawberry bookmark inside a book.

Own a one-of-a-kind metal strawberry bookmark. $28.

Image of a strawberry bookmark made of resin.

Or snag one of these sweet resin strawberry bookmarks. $14.

Strawberry fabric book sleeve

Whether you’re a print or digital reader, keep your book safe with this strawberry book sleeve. $17 and up.

Image of a strawberry enamel pin. Inside the hollowed berry is a raccoon reading a book.

I would love to curl inside this strawberry enamel pin and read with this cutie, wouldn’t you? $12.

Image of a spiral notebook with strawberries on it.

Keep your TBR or your book reviews safe in a strawberry notebook. $18.

Image of two tote bags with a strawberry print.

Choose from a large or a smaller strawberry tote bag and know you’ll have the cutest way to transport your library and bookstore hauls. The little one is perfect for a paperback, just saying. $16 and up.

Image of a red candle with a label reading

Light a strawberry-scented, book themed candle. $20 and up, with a few sizes to choose from.

Two sheets of planner stickers, all with a strawberry theme.

For the planner users out there, grab some strawberry themed stickers to keep your reading life in check. $5 and up.

Image of a hand-stitched journal with a strawberry cover pattern.

I do not need any more notebooks, but I do think this hand-stitched strawberry journal is an exception. $33.

Image of 3 thumb page holders. The one in the foreground has strawberries on it.

If you use a thumb page holder, why not snag a strawberry one? $6.

Image of a square magnetic bookmark. It's pink and says

This magnetic bookmark is everything perfect about summer: fresh strawberries. $3.

Canvas tote bag with strawberries on it.

Another option for your next book tote is this perfectly ripe strawberry one. $28.

Image of a 3-d strawberry made from book pages.

Last but not least, here is a unique card to send to a loved one: it’s a strawberry made out of book pages. $30 and choose between a free standing berry or one that hangs.

- Kelly Jensen