Bringing the Outdoors and Indoors Together in a Private Custom Home

Privacy is at the center of this 354.0 square meter home built by Land & Houses Public Co. in Thailand. Typically, custom homes are constructed without consideration for the relationship between the indoor and outdoor spaces. All too often, there isnt a flow between the interior and exterior of the home. Or, when flow is attempted through creating openness, privacy issues arise. In this case, the architects sought to remedy this issue by applying modern design principles to bring the indoors and the outdoors together without sacrificing privacy. By bringing in nature, they were able to find a perfect balance.

Featuring a striking modern home exterior, this property boasts ample indoor and outdoor square footage.

The architects concept for the home was to create a space that felt both comfortable and private while bringing one closer to nature. Throughout the space, greenery is emphasized as most rooms feature lots of natural light, courtyard views, and even pocket gardens.

The open plan concept of the living area offers a panoramic view of the garden, while bringing plenty of natural light and ventilation into the space. It is smartly furnished with a modern chandelier, a contemporary swivel chair, cozy sofa, and square coffee table. Curves and angles blend together perfectly in the furnishings.

The property features tall lofted ceilings and panoramic windows throughout, allowing occupants to feel connected throughout all of the living areas as well as the upstairs and downstairs levels.

As the greenery of the courtyard is so integral to the homes design, all of the primary living spaces look outward to it. Each room brings one closer to nature through large windows and lofted ceilings. Earth and sky are in full view.

The kitchen is also custom designed to match with the rest of the flow of the house, giving beautiful views out to the courtyard while offering smart storage.

While private, the courtyards throughout the property have the ability to be connected through additional living space, making it ideal for entertaining large parties of guests. Or, if those within the house would rather privacy, they could sit in this wingback chair and enjoy a cool drink as they unwind after a long day.

The large green space that makes up the passive courtyard is the main recreational area of the house. It features a sunken seating court as well as plenty of private space for relaxation or entertaining without coming into the view of neighbors. The courtyard design is central to the entire homes layout.

As all rooms look out into the green of the courtyard, green finds its way also into the interior decor. This luxurious emerald green lounge showcases pattered wallpaper, rich fabrics, and a bar cart all perfect for entertaining.

The second floor continues the feeling of airiness as glass and natural woods surround the open walkway. The windows and lofted ceilings adjacent provide natural views and gorgeous light.

Pocket gardens can be found throughout the home in the bathroom as well as in hallway areas, such as this one.

To create contrast, warm pops of orange appear in the master bedroom, which showcases a custom platform bed, simple yet elegant bedroom pendant lights, and almost technologically-inspired wall accents.

The large and luxurious bedroom also has tall windows for light and ventilation, opening out toward the courtyard for fresh air and a full view of this unique feature. The bedroom leads to a custom walk-in closet.

A second bedroom looks out toward a view of the surrounding landscape. It features warm pops of color and plenty of natural light from large windows.

The walk in wardrobe is sleek and modern, with ample storage space, lighting, and decorative flourishes that make one feel as if he or she is in a boutique.

The bathroom is finished in gorgeous gray and white marble with a soaking tub, shower, and oversized sink vanity. Its also home to another pocket garden within the house.

One of the most unique features of this private home is the use of sunshades as both an architectural feature and practical addition to the exterior design.

These sunshades can be moved throughout the day to keep the house cool or to suit the daylight preferences of its occupants.

The customized adjustable faade also connects with the homes automation system, making it easy to control.

In addition, these sunshades also add yet another layer of privacy to this modern home.

The layout of this deep house plan features connecting double courtyards, one passive and one active, to give additional privacy to the property. The first floor plan also shows guest quarters for easy hosting.

On the second level, there are several additional suites with large bathrooms and closets.

From the side, its clear to see that a large amount of windows will make the space feel light and airy.

From another perspective, its also made clear that the flow of the property it meant to feel open to occupants while concealed from neighbors.

With so many privacy features and design touches well suited to entertaining, one might imagine this house could be perfect for a family or for hosting guests.

Though the exterior is kept simple and minimal with clean lines, it is the greenery within its courtyards that makes the property feel softer and more serene.

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