Can Older Women Wear City Shorts to Work?

When you head into the office, you need to look the part – professional, polished, and put together. When the weather starts to heat up in the summertime, though, it’s hard to even think about wearing slacks (or pants of any kind!). While skirts and dresses are always a good option, they really can’t compare to a nice comfortable pair of shorts. But wearing shorts for work? Is it possible? For some jobs, there’s no issue. But for others, it’s a bit more restrictive. That’s where city shorts come into the picture. 

Haven’t heard of city shorts? They’re longer than the typical pair of shorts with a hem that sits somewhere between the knee and mid-thigh. When thinking about the length of your shorts, a good rule of thumb is to go by the length of the shortest skirt you’d consider wearing to work.

Another key point is their fit; city shorts are high-waisted, loose, and tailored. Their shape and cut should make your legs appear slimmer rather than cling to your thighs, and some pairs even mimic the look of a skirt. This makes for an airy option during those hot summer days.

The correct pair of shorts can look professional and stylish. You can pair these shorts with a blazer, t-shirt, and heels to make the perfect office-ready outfit. Here are some of our favorite options in a variety of styles and fabrics, which are sure to fit the bill for the office-ready look you’re hoping to achieve.  

Tencel Lyocell Tailored Shorts

Tencel Lyocell Tailored Shorts, $79

M&S Tailored Shorts

M&S Tailored Shorts, $42.50

COS Knitted Shorts

COS Knitted Shorts, $89

M&S Black Tailored Shorts

M&S Black Tailored Shorts, $42.50

Ann Taylor The City Short

Ann Taylor The City Short, $49.50

Banana Republic Summerweight Utility Belted Pull-On Short

Banana Republic Summerweight Utility Belted Pull-On Short, $27.49

COS High Rise Shorts

COS High Rise Shorts, $69

Express High Waisted Bermuda Shorts

Express High Waisted Bermuda Shorts, $49.99

Heading into the office during the summertime is hard enough because there are many places you’d rather be (think beach, pool, patio with friends). You don’t have to suffer through the day in a pair of slacks or trousers, though; you can enhance your wardrobe with a cool pair of city shorts for work. 

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