Chinoiserie Gone Wrong

Miles Redd - House Beautiful

Can a room cause vertigo? I have a physical reaction to the wallpaper on the ceiling like the room is sideways or topsy-turvy. I feel nauseous. I literally can't look at it for very long.

But I also just don't get it visually. I like a room where the entire room in papered, including the ceiling, but with the same paper on the ceiling as the walls. White walls with a dark wallpapered ceiling is beyond me. The room is top heavy. Do you feel like interior designers sometimes try to be unique and it just doesn't work?

It really annoys me, because Quadrille China Seas Lyford Trellis is a favorite Chinoiserie wallpaper of mine.

And the staging is so funny. How do you get in and out of bed - crawl in between the table and chair?

I also must say that purple is my least favorite color in the world. I do not have a single purple item in my home or wardrobe. I love a soft lavender, but not this color. I also dislike the purple trim in the corners. Gimmicky.

So I guess I hate the white walls, the papered ceiling, the trim, the staging, and the color palette. And as for the art.....

I do love the Paule Marrot piece of art, but don't get it used here at all. Not sure how those colors work in this room. It seems out in left field.

I adore Paule Marrot art. I wish I had a place for her "Feathers," but I don't. I have so much art I love and with an open floor plan and tons of windows and sliders, wall space is at a premium here.

So guys, weigh in. Love it, hate it? What works for you, what doesn't. To me, Miles has missed by a mile.