Clothing Care and Storage For Fresh, Clean Clothes

Whether youre storing seasonal items, special occasion pieces, or clothing that has been passed down through the family, keeping clothes clean is a number one priority. However, mold, mildew, and odors can form on clothing. This could be caused by storing wet or dirty clothing or improperly storing your clothes. Use the following clothing storage tips to keep all of your clothes fresh and clean.

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Clean Everything

Even if you wore a sweater for a few seconds to run outside and check the mail, it should be cleaned before placing it into storage. Mold spores can be carried through the air and insect larvae can get on clothing, which can cause havoc once dirty items are stored away. Once everything is clean, ensure that it is completely dry before packing it away.

Decide on the Right Storage

Cardboard boxes and plastic storage containers are common containers to pack seasonal clothing away. Yet both come with issues that need to be addressed.

  • Make sure to use clean cardboard boxes as it lessens the chances that dust or insects may be lurking along the folds, corners, and flaps of the box. A cardboard box can be good for temporary storage, but it should not be used for long lengths of time as cardboard can attract insects.
  • Plastic containers can be a great option, yet they can trap moisture that will cause clothing to mildew and smell musty. A natural solution to clean plastic containers is to spray them with a diluted mixture of white vinegar and water. Spray it in the container and let it sit for five minutes, and then wipe the container clean to get rid of any bug larvae. Then, place clean and dry folded clothes inside.

Different Closet Storage Solutions

There are many ways to store clothing to keep it dry and protected. Try one of these strategies.

  • For walk-in closets or standalone wardrobes, check to make sure that it is free of moisture to prevent mold and mildew.
  • Refrain from hanging anything, especially sweaters, wrapped in plastic. Many fibers do better when they can breathe. Some fabrics can also stretch if they are hung long-term. Instead, wrap fabric in breathable materials like cotton or linen garment bags.
  • Consider using closets with closed doors to prevent pests from entering. If creating custom closet storage, such as those designed by Closet & Storage Concepts, ask what closet materials you should use for your project. Hanging a cedar block is a natural pest repellant.

Get Your Questions Answered By Experts

When storing clothing for long periods, always take into consideration the types of storage containers you use, the condition of the clothing, and the conditions inside your closet. Get all of your closet design and storage questions answered by local experts to extend the life of your clothes. Find your local Closet & Storage Concepts location!

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