Create stylish stay-at-home outfits from your closet by combining a few comfortable lounge-style pieces with athletic wear and your everyday wardrobe

Loungewear has been a huge trend in 2020 and will continue to go strong for the foreseeable future.  People are spending more time in, and want to look stylish at home. Many will be working from home going forward, and having stylish, comfortable outfits to wear at home has become very important. 

To create stylish stay-at-home outfits, simply borrow a few tricks from the loungewear and athleisure trends so popular right now.

Loungewear falls into two categories, the first is similar to lingerie. The look can include lingerie elements, for example, a pair of cashmere joggers, a lacy bralette, and a cozy cardigan.  Loungewear outfits can also be the transition point between clothes we wear out in public and pajamas, for example, a pair of leggings, a cozy tunic, and a pair of house slippers. 

Borrowing pieces from your athletic wear such as leggings, jackets, and tank tops can look amazing when combined with everyday wear, such as leggings, sweaters, and blazers to make comfortable stylish stay-at-home outfits.

Stay-at-home outfits can easily be assembled with items you have in your closet.  Joggers, leggings, and soft wide-leg pants are staples for the bottom half of a loungewear outfit.  Tunics, cozy hoodies, soft cardigans, camisoles, kimonos, and lacy bralettes are popular tops.

Add a luxurious cashmere sweater, a soft cozy cardigan, or a chic kimono to top off the look and provide a bit of sophistication that sets the look apart from pajamas or lingerie.   Loungewear sets consisting of matching tops and bottoms along with tracksuits are also very popular.   Choosing luxe fabrics such as cashmere or soft synthetic fabrics are great choices.

Stay-at-home outfits are comfortable, but there are a few differences to keep in mind. If you are working from home or plan to run errands, your outfit should be less lounge or pajama-like, and a bit more structured. Here are some thoughts on loungewear, and then we will talk about putting some stay-at-home outfits together.

People often ask, Is loungewear the same as sleep wear?  

Loungewear is meant to be different than sleepwear.  It’s meant to be worn at times you would like to wear something comfortable but is more elevated than sleepwear.  Loungewear can be that sexy outfit you put on to watch Netflix and chill, or it can be a comfortable but presentable outfit you wear around the house during the day.  People are spending so much time at home and want to wear something different than pajamas, something cute, comfortable, chic, and casual.

Can a state-at-home outfit be worn outside?

Depending on the type of outfit, some loungewear can be worn outside.  If you are wearing a pair of leggings, and a tank top, adding a jacket or long cardigan and boots can transform your look from a stay-at-home outfit to something that can be worn outside. However, some loungewear outfits are meant to be worn at home because they are more similar to lingerie or sleepwear.  This type of loungewear should not be worn outside.

People often choose to blend workwear, such as silk blouses and jackets with soft lounge pants to create work from home outfits that look nice for Zoom calls and are still comfortable.

Should women over 50 wear loungewear?

Women of all ages can wear loungewear and have done for generations.  In the 40’s 50’s and 60’s, women often wore special house dresses they could do housework without ruining the clothing they would wear out in public.  Hostess Dresses or gowns were also popular, Hostess Dresses were often worn in the evening to host guests in the home.  Hostess Dresses were often striking but more casual than what one might wear out in public.  They allowed the Hostess movement, comfort, and the ability to stand out as she greeted and tended her guests.

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