Good to glow: why autumn is no reason to lose the bronzer | Sali Hughes

I want that outdoorsy flush of good health year-round. Luckily, it can be faked on all skin tones and ages

I have just completed my twice-yearly wardrobe changeover, when linen shirts and gauzy skirts go on sabbatical to the loft, handing the baton to big coats and chunky knits until next spring.

What never goes into hibernation, though, is my bronzer. Bronzing powder or cream is used ostensibly to mimic the more desirable effects of summer sun exposure, by adding a slightly deeper glow to the cheeks and temples, but that’s not a look I believe has a seasonal deadline. I wear bronzer all year round because I always want what the French call bonne mine – that appealing, outdoorsy flush of good health that can be faked on all skin tones and ages. The trick is to simply dial down the colour and coverage for increased plausibility in the cooler months.

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