Happy almost NSale!!! If you don’t have the Nordstrom credit card and have been waiting for the day that the sale opens to the public, the day is almost here! Starting tomorrow, well tonight at midnight if you’re a night owl, you will be able to...

Ha! I love using the NSale to stock up on cozy fall pieces for my wardrobe and also staples that I keep in my closet year round, like my favorite tee!

Cardigan Looks!
Pink with Plaid

These first two looks are super similar but I just think they are so great for work and meetings (I have a lot of these days) so I decided to get both of them. I love this first one because it has all my favorite colors! You guys know I’m a sucker for all things white, light blue, and blush! Let’s start with the cardigan. It comes in a few different colors and it’s perfect for summer/transitioning into fall because it’s really lightweight. It’s also the absolute best cardigan for layering. I’ve always gotten frustrated in the past when I’ve seen these layered looks on other bloggers and then ordered them to find that I looks like I’ve gained about 20 pounds. Ha! It’s just hard to layer clothes when you’re not super tiny. At least while wearing sweaters. But what I love about this cardigan is that it’s so lightweight that it doesn’t add bulk when you layer it with things. So I got it in both this blush color and in gray which will you will see in the look below.

Then I got this Rails plaid top that’s on sale for under $100. Anyone who has checked out the Rails flannel or button-down before knows they’re super expensive! Almost always over $150. And that’s because the cut is just so amazing and flattering and the quality is so good! This button down is seriously so soft I could sleep in it.

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Neutral Blue and Gray

Like I mentioned above, this outfit is very similar to the first one. I just was so psyched when I saw how good this cardigan looked layered that I decided to do another layered look. Once again this cardigan comes in a few different colors and I recommend getting a couple if you need a good cardigan for this fall and even for summer nights. And then I just got this blue and white striped top. It was a really good price and I thought the blue and gray looked really nice together. It looks like that top sold out now, but I love this one as an alternative for this look!

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I added these brown loafers that I wear all the time to the look! When I signed up for just fab to get them, I think I got them for $10 because I was a new member. And I honestly wear them at least three times a week. They aren’t apart of the NSale but they are a great deal.


My favorite white tee ever is on sale for $12!!!!!!! Well I shouldn’t say white tee because it comes in a bunch of colors too! I have about 5 of the white version. Ha… no really.  I would say I’m between a size small and medium. The one I’m wearing in these photos is a size medium. It’s seriously such a cute and great basic tee that I plan on ordering multiple in white and every other color.

I have gotten so many comments in the past asking me for my favorite scoop neck white tee and I didn’t have one at the time, now I do and it is this one!!! It’s actually a “hybrid” rounded v-neck which is just look a scoop and I love it! They have the absolute best cut and they are just so perfect to throw on with a pair of jeans and loafers and run out the door. Some of you think it’s comical how often I wear these T-shirts. But it’s just because I stick with what works!!!

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These jeans are a tad different than the ones I am wearing in the photo above but wow what an incredible deal for Mother Denim. This is one of those brands that I recommend splurging on. They are SO flattering.

If that is slightly out of your price range, you all know that I LOVE these ones – they are incredible. They are not apart of the NSale, but I wanted to add them here because they are still so affordable. They are so stinking flattering! They’re high-waisted and insanely comfortable! There honestly my favorite go-to jeans right now. They come in this light wash and in a dark wash. I have both and both are amazing! I’m telling you – get these jeans! They’re under $20 and you will not regret it. I’m wearing a size 8 and I figured that out after sizing chart. However, for reference I’ll tell you guys that I’m normally a size 29 in jeans if that helps.

The Most Comfortable Outfits!!!

Okay so I have to say that these outfits are some of the most comfortable ones that I wear and it’s definitely because every piece is just soooo cozy! Ahh! The lounge jogger pants are high-waisted and so comfortable! I am obsessed. They are only $38! After I bought them I wore them for two days straight! And that’s not an exaggeration! I even napped in them one day because they’re so comfortable! And I love that they are dressy enough that I can wear them in a sweater like I am below but I can also dress them up even more with a lace Cami or dress it down with the white-tee like I did in the side-by-side photos below. I’m telling you, if you haven’t gotten these joggers yet please get them! You will truly love them so so so so much!

You’ve definitely seen me wear this cowl neck sweater a bunch, I think I have it in five colors! The rusty color seen here has been coming in and out of stock through the NSale so make sure that you check for it. I also LOVE the Oatmeal Heather, I think it is my favorite of them all and it is in stock as I am typing this!

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I got this cami from a previous Nsale, but they are the exact style of these ones!! The print is just a tad different. I am definitely considering order another one even though they are so similar – or maybe even the solid black or white! These outfits are SO cute for fall. I truly love them and how comfy they are is the icing on top!


I’ve shared these Nordstrom Moonlight Dream Pajamas a handful of times the last few years, and that’s because they are definitely one of my very favorite pajamas that I own. I got them for the hospital for after Riley was born and they are seriously so comfortable. Trust me when I tell you that you want them! I have had mine for 2.5 years and they still look and feel amazing. Plus they are on sale for only $39!

For all you pregnant and new mamas:  I highly recommend these for PJs to wear after your baby is born. The button up makes them perfect for breast-feeding and so soft. Believe me, if you’re pregnant these are just probably going to be your favorite pajamas ever. Definitely get some while they’re on sale!

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Happy NSale Shopping!

I hope you’re able to find some items that you LOVE too! What is your favorite item this NSale? What will you be looking for first tomorrow when the sale opens to the public? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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