Hey Pandas, What’s A Classic Movie That Everyone Needs To See At Least Once In Their Life?

What movies are considered classics? Which ones do you watch over and over?


Monty Python and the Holy Grail


The Shawshank Redemption.


The Princess Bride


Schindler's List


Back to the Future


Lord of the Rings trilogy


To Kill a Mockingbird



Made in 1986 - would be all CGI now... to make it in 86 and still have it be brilliant in 2021 is an astounding feat.


The Breakfast Club


The Fifth Element




The Sound of Music - its a scary film, and so sad, so glad the family got out of Austria safely.


The Wizard of Oz


It's a Wonderful Life.


Pulp fiction


Raiders of the Lost Ark




Neverending story


Dances With Wolves




"Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" A tour de force by Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in a bizarre thriller.


The godfather


Arsenic and Old Lace

Cary Grant did the best double take in the business


The Harry Potter franchise. My favorite series ever (books and movies). Watching them for the fourth time.


Dr. Strangelove or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb


The entire Star Wars saga.


Toy story




This Is Spinal Tap


The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.


Silence of the Lambs


Breakfast at Tiffany's


2001: Space Odyssey. It's like a manual of where humanity came from and where it's heading.






Soylent Green


Gone with the Wind


Galaxy Quest. the best send up of all- a great spoof of the Star Trek


One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Maybe Jack Nicholson’s best performance. Harsh & superb.


The Shining!


Stand by Me


The Outsiders


My Fair Lady


My Cousin Vinnie


Saving Private Ryan




Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf
The Maltese Falcon
All This and Heaven Too
Watch On The Rhine
Duck Soup
Key Largo
Captain Blood
Adventures of Robin Hood

If I could only watch one, before I died, it would be Casablanca.


Dracula 1931 Bela Lugosi


Big Lebowski


The Blues Brothers. Hilarious mock epic with great music & a car chase in a mall!


Das Boot


The Princess Bride


Young Frankenstein. Ties for Mel Brooks best.


Laurence of Arabia


Psycho (1966)


Apocalypse Now


Pink Floyds "The Wall"


Starring Jimmy Stewart


Blade Runner


Napoleon Dynamite.


North by Northwest
A Summer Place
Murder on the Orient Express
Valley of the Dolls
Gaslight (1944)
Gone with the Wind
The World According to Garp
Forrest Gump
The Exorcist


Doctor Zhivago


Arsenic and Old Lace. One of the funniest movies I've ever seen.


Jurassic park,


The Color Purple


Blazing Saddles. Ties for Mel Brooks best.


The Green Mile


Casablanca, Harold & Maude, The Producers (1967), The Taking of Pelham 123 (1974), The Third Man. These are some of the greatest classic films ever made, the originals, not the remakes.


Murder by Death
Clue before Clue. Awesome cast Alec Guiness pre-Star Wars, Maggie Smith + more.


Christmas Vacation


Silent Running


the original Gojira.

while most Godzilla films are quite goofy, this one is more of a horror/drama.


The Killing Fields


Eternal Sunshine For The Spotless Mind. Brilliant and very unique.




Whatever happened to Baby Jane(1962)- I'm so old this was the first movie I ordered from Netflix in the mail


Children of Men


Tom Hanks is a brillant actor and Clint Eastwood did a great job as director




The Secret of Nimh - An animated classic.


Meet Me in St Louis


batteries not included.


The Princess Bride


Cinema Paradiso.


The fisher king (1991, by Terry Gilliam)

to learn that every word of you has an effect


Rocky Horror Picture Show. Every Halloween. It's just so bad it's good. Always cringe laugh.


The Exorcist. Scariest movie ever.


Good Will Hunting


Blood Diamond (2006). My geology teacher in high school actually had us watch it in class. It's a fairly accurate description of the dark side of the diamond industry.


Strange Brew


Screwball comedies of the 1930’s and 40’s are wonderful. Films like Bringing Up Baby, My Man Godfrey, The Awful Truth, Ninotchka, Ball Of Fire, The Lady Eve and more.


The Music Man with Robert Preston. The characters are loads of fun, and I've never seen a more powerful and commanding leading man. Just be ready to look past the antiquated ideas of courtship.




Field of Dreams


Dr. Strangelove


All that Jazz. The intro alone is a masterclass in story telling and editing.


The Mission starring Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons (1986)


Auntie Mame


The Titanic


I see some truly classic movies that were remade under other titles. (Hollywood has been out of great ideas for a long time but here’s my submission)

Godfather (1)
Of Mice and Men
Mr. Blanding Builds His Dream House
Inherit The Wind
Look Who’s Coming to Dinner (a movie that STILL holds up today and no one can compete with Hepburn and Tracy)
To Kill A Mocking Bird (still controversial but an important movie)
Rear Window

And the ENTIRE Mel Brookes catalog …


I know this isn't a movie, but the twilight zone.


Inception and Interstellar


The African Queen


The Producers as well as History of the World Part 1


Amarcord, by Federico Fellini
The third man.




The Seventh Seal by Swedish director Ingemar Bergman. Or choose some other of his movies. There is a reason he was knownas a genious director.


Jaws. It changed people’s beach habits for years. If I happen across it on TV, I have to stop & watch it whatever point the movie is in every time.


Slumdog Millionaire


The Breakfast Club


The Crow - RIP Brandon Lee.


Home Alone


The Man from Snowy River


The Godfather


"Blob" there has not or will be any jelly in this house


La vita è bella


Whatever happened to Baby Jane(1962)- I'm so old this was the first movie I ordered from Netflix in the mail


These Disney Classics:

Old Yeller.
The Parent Trap.
The Sorcerer's Apprentice.
Lady and the Tramp.
The Swiss Family Robinson.
Big Red.
The Three Lives of Thomasina.


Ocean's Eleven


An Affair to Remember (grab your tissues), The Philadelphia Story (best opening sequence of a movie ever - no dialogue, but the acting tells you everything you need to know), The Thin Man (the writing and acting is superb, plus the gowns are to die for), Hud (Newman is brilliant), Metropolis. I could go on and on.


Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967). Eloquent acting, Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy’s last movie, interracial marriage when it was still banned in 17 states. In 2017, the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".


Dr. Zhivago


Little Big Man with Dustin Hoffman.


Roman Holiday

I watched it as a child and it forever changed how I saw love.


Caddy Shack. No movie is more quoted, and with good reason.


Judgement at Nuremberg


All the Harry Potter Movies.


being there- Peter Sellers


The Sandlot


Dial M for Murder




Singin' in the Rain


Guess who’s coming to dinner. Kathryn Hepburn and Spencer Tracy are gold and the story stands the test of time.
On Golden Pond too!


Out of Africa
The Ghost and the Darkness


The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (1976 Jodie Foster)


Imitation of Life


The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)


Into the wild


Forest gump



October Sky


Army of Darkness


Somewhere in Time


Breakfast at Tiffany’s


Gone with the Wind.


Dancer in the Dark


Wag the Dog.


The Deer Hunter. The cost of war.


Now and then I like to watch again Duel by S. Spielberg

Boudu sauvé des eaux by Jean Renoir. The Shining, 2001 by S. Kubrick.
Jacques Tati's films. Dragonwyck, Leave her to heaven.. Gene Tierney. All Bette Davis films. The house by the river 1940's..with actor Louis Hayward.
Mc Kendrick 's Ladies killlers so funny with Alec Guiness. And so many;;)


Mrs. Miniver


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


To Sir with Love




Back to the future


Blazing Saddles


Fiddler on the roof

Jesus Christ Superstar


Blazing Saddles - Mel Brooks was “Woke” before it was a thing. This movie has a unique style of comedy as it makes fun of the stereotypical racist. It’s intelligent yet childish jokes will keep your attention from beginning to end


12 Angry Men


Playtime. A french movie from 1967 from director Jacques Tati. A pure genius !!! A true masterpiece. technically revolutionary, visually amazing and extremely clever and funny at the same time. It is ranked 43rd in the British Film Institute's critics' list and 37th in their directors' list of "Top 100 Greatest Films of All Time." A Must See !!!




The Lake House.
Sandra Bullock and Keeanu Reeves


The signalman.

(If you have time to spare you can watch Carmen Sandiego, not a classic ofc)


Welcome to the Dollhouse



Phillip Seymor Hoffman did such an absolutely amazing performance, truly amazing. Such a shame he died, he was a very, VERY talented man!


Black cat, white cat.


Cool Hand Luke. Gritty Paul Newman greatness.


The Train (1964). The best movie you've never heard of.


Where the Red Fern Grows


M (1931)
Not only does this movie tell you a lot about the society, crime and police work at the time, it also conveys strong messages how two wrongs don't make a right and how legal punishment shouldn't be revenge - all while being a thrilling crime movie.


Star girl


The Court Jester (1955). Danny Kaye is hysterical!


How to Steal a Million. Although better known for Sabrina and Roman Holiday, Audrey Hepburn is utterly charming and funny in this classic comedic crime caper / romance. She and Peter O’Toole have more chemistry than she and Bogart ever did. This film is classy and clever in a way that’s rarely found in modern films.


Wings of Desire by Wim Wenders
Seven Samurai by Kurosawa
Citizen Kane by Orsen Wells


East Wind by Godard. Redefines what a movie *is*. And just joyous to watch.


Marty. why? because it has ernest borgnine in his oscar performance as a person who learns, with difficulty, that physical beauty is shallow and the opinions of friends is nothing when it comes to realizing this. great film


The Sandlot and a League of Their Own




Erin Brockovich.


Blast from the Past. Weird movie, but I love it.


A Town Like Allice


The Princess Bride, Book and movie, you will not regret


The 1939 version of The Women. Superb cast and amazing wardrobe.




Men in Black
The Matrix


Smart House.

It's brilliant! Shot in 1999 it's the story of a boy, whose father is widower and can't handle the daily chores in the household. But in a lottery the first prize is a smart home, impersonated as a woman. (Katey Sagal) She makes a lot of trouble to her owners and yeah, pretty good film.

Watch it!


Dead Zone starring Christopher Walken, Martin Sheen and Tom Skerritt. Shines a light on what some people might do to gain power and those who cover it up for them.


The Legend of 1900
Amazing, unusual, and so much symbolism.




The Outsiders. But read the book as well




Withnail & I.


If you got dumped, 500 of Summer.


Random Harvest


Philips Joker


Bugsy Malone - an Alan Parker movie...


Young Frankenstein
Pride & Prejudice (with Keira Knightly)
Rear Window
Schindler’s Lost
Forest Gump


Not sure if this is a classic, but Stuart Little


The BBC mini-documentary series The Future Is Wild.


Into The West
Dirty Dancing
The Mask


Actually a mini-series, but Lonesome Dove is wonderful.


Little Foxes


Always. Best story of love ever made.


Field of Dreams. Refuels your belief in humanity.


Jackie chan"s movies


Attack the gas station. Should be a classic.


The Quiet Man


Fruitvale Station


The Addams Family
The Addams Family Values

The Little Mermaid
A Goofy Movie
Home Alone 1 & 2 (That's where it should have stopped)
Parenthood (w/ Steve Martin)
The Black Stallion
Cast Away
Apollo 13
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?


Forrest Gump ("Lieutenant Dan...!")


The little mermaid


"Gregory's Girl"


Topper because of Cary Grant


Somewhere in Time (1980)


Elizabeth is Missing stars Glenda Jackson (it's a TV movie but so well done)


Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World






The great Gatsby.


Withnail & I


To add some diversity, here some German movies:

Die Feuerzangenbowle
Das Boot

And from Austria:
Sissi - Die junge Kaiserin
Sissi - Schicksalsjahre einer Kaiserin


The Sleuth (1972) with Michael Caine and Sir Lawrence Olivier....for me it's a masterpiece.


Grease & Saturday Night Fever ?


Now, Voyager, and old Bette Davis film


5th Element.


Lemony snickets a series of unfourtunate events, either the movie or netflix show. Both are a charm!


Bon Cop Bad Cop - it will teach you a lot about Canadian culture, French Canadian culture, and how to swear like an este québécois mon ciboire de tabarcrisse!


Some like it hot + Bugsy Malone


Train to Busan


The Little Rascals


Life is beautiful


Home Alone


One, two, three by Billy Wilder


One, two, three by Billy Wilder


Wonder, probably not a classic but jeez, I love that movie


August Rush - The closing always brings tears to my eyes!


Last Christmas






Spies Like Us


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


Super Troopers


The Great Escape


Fantastic Voyage
True Grit
Africa Queen
Ben Hur


national treasure


Cinema Paradiso


Cinema Paradiso


When Harry met Sally


Shrek or karate kid


Cosmos (2019)
Low-budget, but beats ANY big Hollywood "first contact" film because of its realism


Repo Man (1984) ...not to be confused with Repo Men.


Altered States (1980)


The Haunting (1963)
Heat (1995)
The In-Laws (1979)
Network (1976)
Seven (1995)
The Usual Suspects (1995)