Holiday Gift Guide for Gentlemen

The holidays are upon us once again, and as you join your family in celebration as the snow graces the ground with a glass of fine brandy and a roaring fire warming you, we hope that everyones wishes are met this year. Therefore, we proudly present a curated selection of gift ideas weve seen this year and ones we are certain will cast a warm glow as they are opened this holiday season.With prices ranging from just a few dollars to many thousands of dollars, this list is sure to meet every budget for the most discerning gentlemen this holiday season.

From our familyto yours, we wish you the warmest of holiday greetings to everyone celebrating this festive season.

$0 $100

Necktie Travel Roll Case, $12

Traveling with a necktie can be risky; they are easily squished or creased in luggage, and whats the point of having a tie if not to look good? Check out this simple and inexpensive solution for frequent travellers: the necktie travel roll case. While we dont recommend storing your ties rolled for longer than necessary, this is a great solution for getting from point A to B. Check out the necktie travel roll case here, and for an even better gift, fill it with a handsome Fort Belvedere tie.

Handheld Oregon Trail Game, $17

For anyone who lived through the early computer age, the Oregon Trail is the ultimate nostalgia game of the 80s and 90s. Give the gift of reliving one of your loved ones favorite childhood memories, sans the computer lab and the center-part haircuts. Check out the handheld Oregon Trail game here for $16.99, and watch out for snake bites.
The Shaveworks Cool Fix

The Shaveworks Cool Fix is a treatment for sensitive skin post-shave

Shaveworks The Cool Fix

Shaving can be a pleasure or a pain, and for men who experience irritation and ingrown hairs, it can be miserable. Though there are many formulations on the market to combat post-shave issues, this formula from Shaveworks packs in multiple varieties of chemical exfoliators, which help keep the pores free of buildup that can lead to ingrown hairs. It feels great on the skin, too. Check out theShaveworks The Cool Fix $26, at Sephora

Tile Tracker, $26

For the forgetful person in your life, a Tile tracker could be a game changer. If you are constantly looking for your wallet, keys, or briefcase, this little tracker can be attached to just about anythingeven pets who like to escape the yard! You can even set Tile up to notify you if youve left home without important things, such as your lunch or your office ID badge. For under $30 each, you can have peace of mind that lost things can be more easily retrieved with the Tile Pro tracker.
Cocktail Muddler

Cocktail Muddler

Highball Wood Cocktail Muddler, $27

Muddling cocktails helps to release the fragrant oils of citrus fruits and herbs. Some muddlers can be too narrow or slippery, which makes a simple Mojito far more work than it should be. This muddler is nearly as wide as a typical highball glass, offering a better grip and preventing the fruits and herbs from escaping being crushed. For the home cocktail enthusiast, this Highball Wood Cocktail Muddler tool is as attractive as it is functional.
Rope Leash

Rope Leash

Rope Dog Leash, $54

Not many things are as utilitarian as a dog leash, but their functionalitydoesnt mean that they cant also be attractive. Blending form and function, this handsome leash is constructed from a marine-grade rope and solid brass hardware for long-lasting quality that can withstand the elements. It comes in 16 colors, though we are partial to therich forest green. Check out this Rope Dog Leash from Found My Animal.

Carbon Steel Pan, $58

Ever wonder what tools restaurants use to achieve intense browning and flavor but at a fraction of the price of a retail stainless steel pan? The answer is carbon steel, which doesnt come with fancy branding or promotions at cookware stores. Its the workhorse that powers many restaurant kitchens; peek inside next time and youll likely see a battered stack of carbon steel pans next to the cook top. Like cast iron, carbon steel needs to be seasoned, after which it becomes naturally non-stick without the assistance of chemicals. Check out the De Buyer Round Carbon Steel Fry Pan in the 12.5 size for the home cook in your life; the best part is that these pans (which come in multiple widths) come in under $60 each.
Leatherman Multi-Tool

Leatherman Multi-Tool

Leatherman Rebar Multi-Tool, $60

We may not be the place youd look for serious tools, it goes without saying that some basic tools are essential even for a gentleman. This classic leatherman tool crams a lot of function into one small package, one we daresay is small enough to fit in a pantspocket or a briefcase. Use it to trim loose threads, remove tags with ease, open beer bottles, cut the foil from a wine bottle, file a ragged nail, or tighten a loose screw. It may the motto of the Boy Scouts, but the gentleman must also be prepared. Check out the essential Leatherman combo tool here.

Wool-Silk Pocket Squares, from $60

Tweed sport coat with buff rabbits on navy silk wool-pocket square by Fort Belvedere Wine red, yellow, blue green orange silk-wool medallion pocket square by Fort Belvedere Purple orange green blue silk-wool pocket square Fort Belvedere Fall Winter Pocket Square in silk-wool pocket squares by Fort Belvedere
During the colder days of the year pocket squares in a wool-silk blend look particularly dapper because they are less shiny than their all silk counterparts and the colors are still vivid, but a bit more subdued and hence perfectly fitting for the season. Take a look at our selection of Fort Belvedere Fall Winter Squares here.
National Parks Candle Set

National Parks Candle Set

National Parks Candle Set, $68

Is the man in your life a city dweller who dreams of spending more time in the great outdoors? If so, this set of candles inspired by the national parks is a great idea for the guy who needs to relax in his urban abode. Choose your own parks for a custom candle set. Check out these National Park Candles, $68, here.
Black Tie Accessories from Fort Belvedere

Black Tie Accessories from Fort Belvedere

Fort Belvedere Black Tie Accessories $35-105

Black tie events are a dapper mans time to shine. Help him look his best with a selection of black-tie accessories they need to look their best on a night when everyone is paying attention.

Gifts $100-300

Real Balsamic Vinegar

Real Balsamic Vinegar

Real Balsamic Vinegar, $180

When we say real balsamic vinegar, we dont mean the kind you buy at the grocery store, or even on the shelves of your local Italian specialty store. The vast majority of balsamic vinegar isnt the real thing; they are similar products that are labeled to benefit from the prestige of genuine product. Authentic balsamic vinegar is produced in a strictly regulated, time-intensive process that results in a product named Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale and carries a D.O.P., or Denominazione di Origine Protetta, stamp. This guarantees the products quality, ingredients, and origin. Grape must is the only ingredient, and the final product is always bottled in one of two distinctive bottles. Balsamic vinegar is rich, glossy and thick, so it should be used in simple preparations (not cooked), that highlight its wonderful characteristics, such as over fresh strawberries. This product is sure to delight the foodie in your life. Check out real balsamic vinegar here.
Shun Premier Chef Knife

Shun Premier Chef Knife

Shun Premier Chefs Knife, $185

Weve tested numerous chef knives for our past articles on food and dining. There are many we like such as the Wustoff knives from Germany, the Evercut Furtif from France, but the one we like the most is the Shun 8 Premier chefs knife from Japan. It is lightweight, surgically sharp, easy to use, and comfortable for most hands. What really makes it a stunning investment piece is how beautiful it looks on the counter with the stunning dark wood handle, its gold cap, and the layered Damascus cladding with a hammered tsuchime finish.Shun Chefs Knife.

Authentic OConnells Fair Isle Vest

Authentic OConnells Fair Isle Vest

Fair Isle Vest, $195

Fair Isle is definitely a pattern in menswear that has stood the test of time. From the Duke of Windsors iconic portrait wearing pattern in the 20s to today, fair isle is a great way to add color and texture to your winter wardrobe. This vest is made with 100% Shetland wool for an authentic look and feel that will last for years. Layer it under sports coats for an alternative business casual look or over dark denim and work boots for a more modern look. Check out this genuine Scottish Fair Isle vest here.
Black Watch Tartan Cashmere Scarf in Green & Blue

Black Watch Tartan Cashmere Scarf in Green & Blue

Black Watch Tartan Cashmere Scarf, $195

Given that the overcoat collections of most men include gray, black, camel and navy, this elegant tartan cashmere scarf will suit them all. Constructed of the finest Mongolian & Chinese long staple cashmere, this extra long scarf will keep him warm and stylish.Check out this exclusive Fort Belvedere Black Watch Tartan Cashmere Scarf, $195, here

MasterClass, $199

Give the man in your life or yourself! the gift of knowledge, directly from the experts. For the $199 annual subscription (or $19.99 monthly), learn how to make french pastries with Dominique Ansel, poker strategy with Phil Ivey, thriller writing with Dan Brown, or documentary film making with Ken Burns. Even if you have no aspiration to be a fashion designer like Marc Jacobs or an investigative journalist like Bob Woodward, it is undeniably fascinating to learn what it takes to rise to the top of a field. A masterclass subscription is an ideal gift for the insatiable reader, doer, and dreamer. Check out the Masterclass YouTube channel for trailers for each of the many courses offered.

Smoking Cloche, $200

Cocktail culture has taken off lately, and we definitely enjoy an Old Fashioned with a touch of smoke. Doing it at home seems daunting, unless you own this smoking cloche. You can add a touch of smoke to cocktails, cheeses, and even finished dishes by smoking them with different wood chips, dried herbs and spices. For the sophisticated home bartender and cook, check out this smoking cloche, $200, here.
HydroPeccary Gloves from Fort Belvedere

HydroPeccary Gloves from Fort Belvedere

Fort Belvedere HydroPeccary Gloves, $315

Peccary leather, on its own, is a rare, remarkable material harvested from wild Peruvian animals, it is renowned for being both incredibly durable AND soft. Its one of the few glove leathers that will become more beautiful with wear. Since leather gloves are often in contact with snow and water, we decided to take peccary one step further. Introducing HydroPeccary: our peccary leather is specially finished in Germany to offer a water-resistant finish, the first of its kind. Finally, our gloves are handstitched by master craftsmen with quirks for extra flexibility and a soft Italian cashmere lining for warmth. Check out these handsome gray HydroPeccary gloves from Fort Belvedere here.

Gifts $300-500

Frasco Shaving Mirror

Frasco Shaving Mirror

Frasco 7.5 Double-Sides 3X Shaving Mirror, $375

Made in Germany, this mirror from Frasco helps a gentleman safely shave and groom himself while being able to examine every hair and pore. With a normal reflection on one side and a 3x magnification on the other, the mirror can be moved up and down as well as tilted to find the best view in any bathroom.Frasco Shaving Mirror.

Creed Green Irish Tweed, $415

In our recent video about 8 Classic Fragrances for Gentleman, we examined colognes that have stood the test of time and still remain popular, even with the explosion of the mens scent market. Our favorite from the lineup of oldies was Green Irish Tweed, a relatively young fragrance released by the iconic perfume house Creed in 1985. It is a classic Fougere scent that originates from a family of perfumes that is based on lavender, coumarin (a scent derived from tonka beans thats often described as newly mown hay), and oakmoss. It lasted and evolved beautifully over 8 hours. Creed Green Irish Tweed costs a princely $415 for 100mL, but we think it is worth it.

Tom Ford Ian Classic Round Sunglasses, $435

Classic round sunglasses not only flatter almost all faces, but they also have the unique ability to make young faces look more mature and more mature faces look younger. Though this style was favored by Golden Era movie stars like Cary Grant, its worth taking advantage of their current popularity to get a classic pair of tortoiseshell sunnies for the elegant man in your life. Tom Ford Ian Sunglasses, $435
Pelikan M600 Fountain Pen in Bordeaux

Pelikan M600 Fountain Pen in Bordeaux

Pelikan M600 Souveran Fountain Pen in Bordeaux

Pelikan is known for making some of the most elegant and well-respected fine writing instruments in the world. Most will recognize their hallmark striped fountain pens in green and blue, but only the most serious collectors seem to be familiar with the bordeaux version. This deep and enchanting red pen features Pelikans notable black pinstripes. With a black resin cap and gold clip and nib, this is one pen that will continue to fetch compliments from those you admire. The M600 Souveran is a mid-sized fountain pen that is perfect for most hand sizes. Not overly large, but not small either, it will fit perfectly in your jackets pen pocket, on your desk as a showpiece, or in your attache to serve you at the most important meetings of your life.Pelikan M600 Fountain Pen in Bordeaux.

Gifts $500+

Brass & Beechwood Telescope, $600

What could be better for a lover of starry skies than a handsome telescope? Even if astronomy isnt your thing, this brass and beechwood telescope makes an elegant interior design statement in classic, nautical, and masculine spaces. This one features 45x zoom magnification and fully-coated 50mm glass optics on a fully-adjustable red beech tripod and rotating cradle altazimuth mount. Check out this brass and beechwood telescope here; $600.

Classic Silk Pajama Set, $885

Nothing will make the man in your life feel like a gentleman of leisure quite like a true silk pajama set. Traditional pajamas, composed of a button-down, notch-collar lapel shirt and matching drawstring bottoms, used to be a department store staple. Few men wear them anymore, so why not revisit them with this ultra-lux pair from Derek Rose made from 100% silk. You wont be afraid to open the door for the UPS guy wearing these pajamas. Classic Striped Silk Pajama set from Derek Rose, $885.

Heinrich Dinkelacher Lambskin-Lined Cordovan Brogue Boot, $1135

Boots may be your footwear of choice for winter, but its not easy to find a stylish pair that are warm as well. Enter the famously lug-soled Heinrich Dinkelacher brogue boot, which is lined with real lambskin for all-weather warmth without sacrificing the look. Horween Cordovan gives this boot an extra touch of luxury as well as durability. It comes in black, cognac, navy and oxblood. Heinrich Dinkelacher Lambskin-Lined Cordovan Brogue Boot, $1135

Trialmaster Panther Leather Jacket, $1795

Trialmaster Panther Walking

While the look of the Trialmaster is pleasing, it is better suited to mild temperatures

In another recent video, we asked if the iconic Trialmaster Belstaff jacket was worth the money. We ordered both the waxed cotton and leather versions of this utilitarian motorcycle jacket and found that the leather version, while pricey, was a better investment than the cotton version. The silhouette of the Panther jacket hasnt changed in years, so you can be assured the look will still remain relevant for years to come. The tumble-finished, hand-waxed cowhide leather also makes it a much sturdier leather jacket than most. Check out our video for a full review, and head to the Trialmaster Belstaff page to buy this classic-cool jacket.
Recommended Gifts for him Price
Feeding Hannibal: A Connoisseur's Cookbook $
People's Choice Jerky Boxes $
Fiskars PowerGear2 Pruner $
Fiskars PowerGear2 18 Inch Lopper $
Peterson Holiday Season Pipe Tobacco $
Hydrea London 3 In 1 Brush $
Savinelli Arcobaleno 626 Green Tobacco Pipe - Smooth $
Cuban Crafters Perfecto Cutter $
Thermapen Mk4 (Black) Professional Thermocouple Cooking Thermometer $
Anova Precision Cooker, WIFI 2nd Gen, 900 Watts $
Fisherman Aran Shawl Collar Sweater $
Borsalino Classic Fedora Hat $$
Men's Leather Wallet in Black and Red Boxcalf with 10 Card Slots by Fort Belvedere $$
Bosch HDS183-01 18V 4.0 Ah Cordless Lithium-Ion EC Brushless Compact Tough 1/2 in. Hammer Drill Driver Kit $$
Newbury Chelsea Boots $$
Keyword $$
Lift35 $$
Harman Kardon GO+PLAY Mini Black GO+PLAY Portable BT Speaker $$
Rebus Signet Ring $$
Pelikan M600 Souveran Fountain Pen in Bordeaux $$$
Weber Genesis E-330 Espresso 3-Burner $$$
S.T Dupont Lighter $-$$$
Daniel Marshall 20th Anniversary Treasure Chest Cigar Humidor $$$
Derek Rose Cashmere Dressing Gown $$$
BDI Corridor Compact Bar $$$
Wool-Cashmere Twill Topcoat $$$
Man Safe by Brown $$$
Arch KRGT-1 Motorcycle $$$
A Lange Sohne Watches $$$
The Siena 3 Burlwood - Watch Winder for Three Watches By Orbita $$$
Singer $$$
Riva Rivamare Speed Boat $$$
Highball Wood Cocktail Muddler $
Black Satin Shoelaces $
Red Carnation Boutonniere $
White Linen Pocket Square $
Black Silk Socks $
Black Silk Bow Tie $
The Oxford Companion to Cheese $
Roap Leash $
Leatherman Multi-Tool $
Blarney Woolen Mills Shawl Collar Sweater $
Real Balsamic Vinegar $
Authentic OConnells Fair Isle Vest $
HydroPeccary Gloves from Fort Belvedere $
Caviar 4 Pack gift set $$
Tom Ford Newman Sunglasses $$
One Blade Genesis Shave System $$
Loden Green Duffle Coat from Gloverall $$
Raden Suitcase Set $$$
Supercar Academy $$$
Necktie Travel Roll Case $
Handheld Oregon Trail Game $
Tile Tracker $
Carbon Steel Pan $
MasterClass $$
Smoking Cloche $$
Creed Green Irish Tweed $$
Tom Ford Ian Classic Round Sunglasses $$
Brass & Beechwood Telescope $$$
Classic Silk Pajama Set $$$
Heinrich Dinkelacher Lambskin-Lined Cordovan Brogue Boot $$$
Trialmaster Panther Leather Jacket $$$

What have been your favorite gifts to give and receive in past years? What would you select on this list if you could pick anything?