How My Style Has Changed Since Beginning College

I am so excited to be sharing today's blog post as it's something that has been on my mind a lot lately in regards to the blog: how my style has changed since the start of college! One thing I love about blogging is that it kind of keeps a record of everything you love, what was important during that time in your life, and so on! I thought it would be fun to kind of chit chat with y'all about personal style and some of the changes I've noticed since starting college!

I started my blog five years ago and I was a fifteen year old high school sophomore. My high school had a uniform but other than that, my style was very preppy: lots of Lilly, chino shorts, Jack Rogers, statement necklaces! To clarify, my style is still pretty preppy and classic and I do still love (and wear) the pieces I styled on the blog "back in the day". My friends would tell you that I still dress preppy but I would definitely say my style has definitely relaxed a bit since the start of college.

Clemson definitely is very casual in terms of what students wear to class so that takes up a good chunk of my wardrobe and what I wear everyday. Oversized t-shirts are super popular and are worn with sweaters and leggings in the colder months then norts and tennis skirts in the warmer months. Since I'm an education major, I wear business casual when I'm in the schools but other than that it's pretty casual and pretty different from high school when I wore cute clothes all the time.

In addition to being more relaxed in what I wear (can't say I'll feature an outfit of leggings and a t-shirt on the blog), my style has definitely gotten trendier too. I love classic, preppy fashion and know I'll always wear that but it was also super trendy circa 2015. I won't say I'm the trendiest person ever but have found myself liking more trendy pieces from stores like Anthropologie and Free People. There's definitely pieces in those stores that are a little too much for me personally but I think developing your own personal style is so important. College is definitely a time for change and to grow so it makes sense to me that your style changes a bit too! So here's to new things here on the blog and maybe some outfit posts where I restyle old outfit posts to make them more up to date!

Did you notice a change in your personal style once you started college? Let me know in the comments!