How to create a floor plan for your move

How to create a floor plan for your move

Moving to a new home is a possibility for you to rearrange your belongings the way youve always wanted. Especially if you are moving to a bigger place. Although you are moving to a new apartment or house, you have to make sure that your old furniture fits perfectly. Even if your new home is not that spacious or modern, use your creativity to make the home of your dream. Regardless of the size of the new home, you can use your ideas and create a cozy and comfortable residence for you and your family. In order to make your new place feel like home, what you need is to create a floor plan for your move.

Old furniture

Even if you cannot buy new pieces of furniture, your new place still can be stylish and charming

Furthermore, a well-organized floor plan will save you a lot of time while moving furniture into your home. The purpose of a floor plan is to design your living space in advance. Dont wait until the moving day to create one. Once the movers arrive, they should have the exact guidelines in order to place the items where they actually belong. Rapid decisions at the moment may cost you a lot of nerves and time afterward. Wrong choices can result in lots of unexpected problems and frustrations.

Use a measuring tape, pen, and paper. And make the whole relocation process easier both for you and your Park Slope movers. Give a copy of a floor plan with further instructions to the movers so that they can arrange everything immediately.

The purpose of a good floor plan

A good floor plan will help you realize which pieces of furniture you should move or leave out. Moving all the items you own is very demanding and expensive task. Some items are not worth the trouble at all. Theres no point in moving the old furniture which cannot fit through the door or occupies much more space than youve expected. Get rid of unwanted items by giving them away or selling them. You may be charged extra by your moving company for transporting bulky items. So think twice if you will be using the old king-size bed or a huge wardrobe at your new place.

So how to create a floor plan for your move

Instead of using modern online tools for 3D home design, try the old proven way graph paper, ruler, pencil and thin cardboard. In case you are fond of new technologies, there are easily accessible online programs and mobile apps you can use to create a floor plan for your move. However, people seem to prefer the old, traditional way of making the floor plan manually. Visit your new home and start measuring your future living space. Draw each room on a graph paper and mark dimensions. Inspect the whole space carefully and decide on the purpose of each room.

Measure the width and length of each room against the wall. And note where light switches, cables, electrical outlets, heating vents, ceiling lightings are so that you will know where to put items that require an electrical supply. Having dimensions and shapes of the furniture in mind, you can figure out the perfect position for each item. When placing the furniture in the room, try not to overload the space. And make sure that each item is easily accessible. Dont try to fit all your belongings at all costs. And try not to disregard the importance of free space.

According to the experience of moving companies NYC, creating a floor plan is a fun and enjoyable part of the whole moving process. You are at liberty to use all your ideas and creativity in order to make your new place feel like home. Furthermore, lack of floor plan on a moving day may also cause some additional costs, since rearranging the furniture over and over until its in the right place is time and money consuming process.

Why you should create a floor plan for your move

Now that you know that you can easily create a floor plan, lets see how you can use the floor plan for your home move. In fact, floor plans are so useful that there are 11 different ways that they can help you organize and ensure that your move will be successful.

1) You will know what fits

There is nothing worse than arriving at your new home and discovering that your furniture does not fit. If you need to make sure your furniture fits the elevator, door, or room for which it is designed, a floor plan can help. So, before you move, lay out and plan where your furniture will go. This will save you from moving objects that are not suitable for you, and a headache when you arrive.

Room plan

Plus its fun! Find out where things will go and visualize the design of your new home

2) You will know which furniture to move

It makes no sense to spend a lot of money and make efforts to move a heavy piece of furniture just to realize that it will in no way fit into the doors of your new home, right? Or to realize that there is no enough space in the room specially allocated for this. Or that it simply does not correspond to the environment. If you create a floor plan for your move, you can determine what old pieces of furniture you should take with you, whether for practical, aesthetic or sentimental reasons. You can donate items that you will no longer use, or even get some profit from them if you decide to organize a garage sale or sell them online.

3) You will know what new furniture to order

Your floor plan will not only help you find out which of the available pieces of furniture can go with you. But it also helps you order any new furniture that you may need. This is especially useful if you need to order new beds or storage spaces to conveniently unpack and move in.

4) You can place your large furniture exactly where you want it to be

If you create a floor plan for your move, you wont waste time deciding which parts will move, or moving them several times. You will simply show your movers where the household items should be. You can even give a copy of your design to the moving crew, and they can arrange everything to your liking. Easy as that.

5) You can organize your packing

Once you know where things are going, you will have a map plan. Use this to organize your packing. Group, pack, and label your items according to where they go. This will make unpacking a lot easier when you arrive. It can also be helpful if you takepacking services NYC.

6) You can set up your utilities

Use your floor plan to find out where your basic utilities, such as telephone and cable, will (or may) go. Lay out where you need telephones, televisions, stereo systems, computers, etc. If you need additional cable or electrical outlets, make sure to add them in advance. Pick up all the extra cords and equipment you might need and pack them in your electronics.

Setting up the utilities

If you create a floor plan for your move, it will make setting up your systems a lot easier when you arrive

7) Get the whole family involved

Moving can be difficult for the whole family. Use your floor plan to engage the whole family and excite them about their new home. Whether you are planning a new bedroom, game room, family room or home office, your family can take part in setting up your new home. In fact, it is so simple and fun that even your children can design their own bedrooms. That will certainlykeep them amused while moving.

8) You can estimate your cost of moving

The cost of moving is estimated by the number of things that you have and the number of rooms that you move into. As well as important details, such as stairs or elevators, which can facilitate or hinder the move. Create a floor plan for your move to more accurately evaluate the following things:

  • Square footage
  • Number of rooms
  • The number of large pieces of furniture to be moved (do not forget about the devices)
  • Number of floors and number of stairs

Also, share your floor plan with your movers. This will help them understand the layout and solve any potential problems before you move. This will save you time and money.

9) Selling your home

If you are selling a house, you can significantly improve your property list by including a floor plan. Studies show that including a floor plan is one of the most important ways to successfully promote your home on the market. In fact, the inclusion of a floor plan can increase the number of clicks from buyers by 52%. And studies show that buyers are less likely to ask about properties without a floor plan.

10) You will settle in faster

Moving success is measured not only by how easy it is to pack. But what also matters ishow easy it is to move in. The sooner you and your family get comfortable and live in your new home, the better your experience will be. Your floor plan will help you make a game plan. Know with certainty what to take with you and where things will go so that you can successfully settle in your new home.

Floor plan for a home

With an accurate floor plan, it will take much less time to arrange everything the way it needs to be

If you create a floor plan for your move, it will help you avoid many unpleasant situations, wrong choices and simple mistakes when moving. Hasty decisions, when your movers are already at the door of your new home, can lead to complete chaos. Precious time will be lost and problems will inevitably arise. So, take the time to carefully plan and portray your living space in advance.

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