How to Decorate Your Home with Tree Branches

Have you ever thought that tree branches can be inserted into the home decor? If you didn’t know before, the answer is yes. Tree branches can be used to complete your home decor. This item is very versatile and can be used in many ways. The possibilities are endless. There are many ways to use tree branches as decorative elements in your home. For example, you can hang a branch on your ceiling, add bulbs then your turn it to become a chandelier. It will give a natural look and rustic touch. You can also use it to frame a piece of art. To make the branch look more realistic, you can paint it to match the rest of your decor. Another way to decorate your home with tree branches is to use them as wall art. They are a great way to add a rustic feel to your home. If you have a big wall and want to add a bit of natural charm, you can hang a few branches on it. You can also use them as a focal point to hang photos, ornament, or plants. If you can find a big tree branch and possible to be used as a rack, take it and install to the wall. It can add an aesthetic look to your home. Below are some suggestions on how to decorate your home with tree branches that you can apply to your home.

How to decorate your home with tree branches1A-creative-bathroom-hanger-and-holder-made-of-some-tree-branches-and-hooks-attached-to-them

It’s easy enough to find something to hang clothes, tissues and towels in your bathroom. Consider using an open tree branch storage that can be applied to an empty wall. This tree branch is very prominent even though it looks with a more natural surface. The advantage of using this open storage shelf is that it can be applied to any style bathroom decoration, including modern, contemporary or rustic styles. In addition, this shelf is also able to last a long time because it has a material that is quite hard and sturdy. Open tree branch rack from shelterness.


To display a different living room decoration, you can use a side table made of tree branches and teak wood with a smoother surface. This tree branch side table leg has a square shape so it can be used to put more items that will be stored more firmly. But it’s a good idea to put some ornaments on this side table such as a flower vase, a glass of drink can also be placed easily and very efficiently when you sit on the sofa beside it. Avoid repainting this side table for a more natural look. Square shape side table from shelterness.


Do you need necklace storage in your bedroom decor? Natural tree branch jewelry holder is a smart idea that you can use and make more easily. With this storage, you can find jewelry more easily and of course it can be found in a more effective and efficient time. Apply this jewelry holder on the empty wall along with a hanging round mirror to check your appearance after using the jewelry you want to use. Natural jewelry holder from shelterness.


If you have an on-budget fee for a storage of your clothes, then you can use an open cupboard tree branch that can be hung on the wall using nails. To store these clothes, you can use several clothes hangers to make them look neater and more organized. Select and use a tree branch with a larger size so that it can be used as storage of clothes with a larger number. You can try it easily and cheaply. Natural open wardrobe from shelterness.


Adjust the design of your lamp lighting with the theme of the living room decoration so that it looks more in harmony. Hanging tree branches chandeliers are the best choice for a simple style room. Here you simply add a bulb lamp with white lighting so that it can be used as the main lighting that is bright enough. Tree branches and bulb lamps are a combination that displays unique chandeliers designs that are not owned by many others. Tree branch chandeliers from shelterness.


Don’t let your wall decorations look plain and boring, now you can use hanging tree branches that can be used to hang some polaroid photos that are hung using clothes pins vertically. Get this tree branch in your backyard garden. It’s good before hanging it in the room you can dry it first to dry so that it is more sturdy and not easily broken. Do a transparent painting for a smoother surface of the twigs and very safe for children. Tree branch photos from shelterness.


Another option that you can use to use a tree branch is to use it as a kettle handle so that your hands avoid getting burned when the contents in the kettle are hot. You can make these tree branch handles finish with polishing and repainting for a cleaner look and of course a smoother surface. This smart and unique idea can be tried to bring a natural feel to your dining table decoration. The ceramic kettle with a fairly bold color choice looks very beautiful and charming. Kettle handle from shelterness.


If you have tree branches in your backyard garden, then you can use them as home decorations that can be placed in any area, including on top of open storage cubbies. Repaint this ornamental tree branch with a bolder color so that it can be used as a focal point for a room that is quite beautiful and cheap to own. Mint green wall paint is the background for this decorative item that looks contrasting but beautiful and can blend in more perfectly. Choose a tree branch with a size large enough. Bold tree branch ornament from shelterness.


Candles in a transparent glass vase become one of the warmer accents and can also be used as a decoration for your home. Now you can line this part of the glass vase with twigs which can be complemented with red berries for a more beautiful outside appearance. When the garden in your backyard does not have tree branches then you can buy it at the nearest craft store at a price that is not too expensive. Place this candle vase on the console table so that it can be seen clearly when it will be shown to your guests or family who come to the house. Decorative tree branch from shelterness.


Book storage is one of the must-have interiors in your home decor for a neater and orderly appearance of the room. Currently you can use a bookshelf with the main ingredients of natural tree branches of medium size that are not easily fragile when used for a long period of time and can also store more books. Use two bookshelves that can be arranged vertically just above your console table. No need to repaint to save more expenses. Tree branch bookshelf from shelterness.


The combination of boards with tree branches is a good enough combination to turn into a storage shelf in your bathroom decor. You can use this open storage shelf to put some of your toiletries and toiletries so you can easily pick them up according to your needs. Usually this shelf is used to store some towels and soap bottles. The existence of this shelf makes the room neat. Don’t forget to decorate it with a painting frame and a succulent vase that is not too big. Combination of tree branch board storage rack from


The existence of a DIY calendar is important in decorating your home because it serves as a reminder of the day at any time. For a different appearance this time you can hang each piece of this calendar using a rope on a tree branch that is hung using a rope to the ceiling. Decorate the tree branches with fresh greenery for a better and maximum appearance. In addition, this calendar is also a decoration that is easy and inexpensive to make. DIY arrival calendar from


An easy way to decorate the walls in your living room is to use a tree branch that can be shaped into a heart that can be hung right above your chair or sitting area. It will look even cooler when you try to apply pink paint on the lower tree branches. You can arrange this decoration as best you can by hanging it on an existing tree branch, start by arranging this tree branch from the smallest to the largest size and then back to the small size to form a heart. This wall decor idea is the easiest choice to fill your relaxing weekend so that it will be very useful. Heart wall decoration from makeandtakes.


Another layout that you can use besides putting green plants in a vase is to hang it on a tree branch that has been neatly installed on the living room wall to be used as a decoration that can bring a natural feel into the room. Hang this green plant according to its size to make it look more attractive. Choose and use tree branches that are long enough to accommodate more of your hanging plants. So that these green plants can be arranged vertically, you can use rope or thread to tie them to each other. Tree branch for greenery decoration from makeandtakes.


Have you become one who likes jewelry? If so, then you can make a jewelry stand to make it easier for you to find it in a fairly efficient and effective time. You can make this stand with the main ingredients of tree branches that seem natural so that it is easier to get in the environment around you. There is no need to doubt its sturdiness because it has a fairly hard surface and of course it is not easily porous when used indoors. Because this jewelry stand is open, you can just put it in the bedroom for more privacy and security. DIY jewelry stand from makeandtakes.


Instead of a vase put a flower vase on your coffee table. Look for various sizes and shapes of tree branches in your backyard garden. When you have collected it, turn it into a coffee table decoration by applying it to a tall glass vase with a transparent surface. Before putting it in the vase, you can also repaint the branches of this tree with a cool color like mint green. White sand is a mix of planting media that you can use and of course it will work well together to be made as one of the scenery in this living room decoration. Tree branch vase from makeandtakes.


Photos are one of the memories that need to be captured. Well, for now you can try to make photo frames with dry tree branches. The purpose of this tree branch frame is so that the photos you have can be displayed in any room. In addition, the use of this tree branch material will also certainly look more unique and different, you can try to make it yourself without having to buy a frame so it is more cost-effective. Tie the four sides of this tree branch frame to make it more sturdy and can be used to apply photos more easily and of course have a perfect final result. Tree branch frame from homebnc.


If you want to bring a natural and rustic feel to your home decor, then one thing you can do is use tree branches as curtain rods. You can choose a tree branch with a size that is thick and long enough so that it can work more optimally and is not easily broken when used for a long period of time. In addition to size, another thing that must be considered is the shape. Choose and use curved tree branches for the best choice to make it easier to install your curtains as expected. Yellow wall paint becomes the background decoration of this white window so that it can also be a room neutralizer when applied in the same room. DIY curtain rods from homebnc.


The rustic feel in the home can be obtained instantly and easily. This set of birch branch candle holders looks beautiful when completed with roses on the side. This candleholder is an ideal DIY idea because you only spend a small amount of money. Besides being a room decoration, this birch branch candle holder idea also gives a warm feeling that makes the room in your home feel more comfortable when used to relax. Look at the final result of this candle, doesn’t it look nice and unique. Birch candleholder branch from homebnc.


There are many ways to decorate the walls of your house with various paintings in the frame, but for a more different and unique look then you can try to consider several branches with a variety of different sizes. So that this tree branch frame can be a statement in the room, end it by wrapping a string light that has dramatic lighting. With this, this wall decoration can function better and maximally. In addition to decoration, it can also be used as a room lighting that is quite easy to create. Tree branch frame from homebnc.