How to Fold Clothes to Save Space (Organizing Tip Using KonMari Folding Method)

folded sweatshirt with words and laundry in the background

Ahhh… functional organization. 🙌

That’s why I love the Marie Kondo Folding Method, KonMari – it not only makes your drawers tidier but it makes sense, maximizes your drawer space, and it’s easy to keep up with. You might not have ever realized, but there’s a huge difference between organization and functional organization. Plus, now that many of us are at home during the Coronavirus pandemic, we think there’s no better time than now to get organized.

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pile of messy clothes

I recently de-cluttered all of the drawers in my home using Marie Kondo’s folding method. Prior to doing this, I used to stack all my piles of clothes or if we’re talking about my kids, they get pretty sloppy and just throw it all around. Let me just tell you that this new method makes such a huge difference!

organized dresser clothing drawer with various clothes

Besides maximizing the space in each drawer, I can now see every item that’s in it so no more shuffling through stacked piles to find the top you want! Here’s what one of our reader’s recently said about this folding method:

“I recently did the Marie Kondo folding method and it has made my life so much easier! My husband and I can now find shirts we want easily and we now have more room with 3 rows of shirts that I can easily identify instead of 2 aggravating stacks to dig through.” – Jan 

Here’s how to do the Kon Mari folding method:

steps to fold a green and white shirt

steps to fold a green and white shirt

Step 1: Lay the piece of clothing flat on a surface and smooth out the wrinkles.

Step 2: Fold in one side of the shirt completely down the middle, folding the sleeves until folded neatly.

Step 3: Do the same to the other side of the shirt.

Step 4: Fold the bottom of the shirt up to the front, almost folding in half.

Step 5: Starting from the bottom, fold the shirt from the bottom into thirds.

Step 6: Check to see if the clothing can stand on its own. This will ensure that when clothing items are taken out of the drawer. They’ll still stay neat and tidy no matter how many are left standing. 😉

Voila! Check out my before and after! 😍

before and after of messy drawer vs clean and organized

Now repeat this until all of your clothes and drawers are organized. If you’re not sure how to fold different types of clothing, I really think you’ll love this book or you can check out Marie Kondo’s video if you’re a more visual person.

Lina has been using this method for years! Here’s what she had to say –

before and after of messy drawers

“I started using this method a few years ago and have never looked back. I first de-cluttered my kid’s messy drawers using this method and the difference it makes is truly amazing! Not only does each drawer have more space, but you can visually see all clothing options at one time since every item is facing upright.”

cream colored dress drawer open with various color coordinated shirts

While this folding method sure does make life easier, there are even more tips you can implement to enhance your KonMari method at home. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Color coordinate your clothing.
  • Group pairs of clothes (like pajamas) together so they’re easier to find.
  • Use dividers to keep each row of clothing in its designated place. Shoeboxes are a great and free alternative to buying new containers.
  • Use a shirt folding board until you get the hang of folding on your own.

Want to learn more about Marie Kondo’s life-changing habits?

person holding blue and white book in front of their face

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You’ll love reading the #1 bestselling book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing where this whole idea originated. Here’s what some of our readers said about the book:

“Reading this book has changed my life for the better. It’s so much more than just learning to neatly fold your clothing in a more organized fashion – it’s about decluttering your home and getting rid of things that no longer bring you joy. I went from using two walk-in closets, an armoire, a wardrobe, and an 8-drawer dresser to just the wardrobe and dresser after spending one day going through all of my clothing. I literally threw out 85% of my clothes and I still have space to spare. Her method is completely versatile too – I used it to declutter my pots & pans, utensils, cooking gadgets, etc. I highly suggest anyone who is interested in actually decluttering your home to read that book.” – Tricia ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I started folding all of our clothes like this about a year ago… the best thing ever! My life feels just a tad less chaotic.”  – Sheena ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Her book really makes you think about why you have what you do and to look at each item individually. It’s been easier getting rid of items than I thought it would be. I’m also learning to appreciate the items I have and take better care of them. Clutter drives me crazy so this book was a godsend!” – Vee ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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