How to look your best for webcam meetings

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Webcam meetings are great for working at a distance. And while video calls have been popular for some time, their popularity has boomed since the Covid-19 outbreak. We may be working from home, but a professional appearance is still crucial. You can’t be having webcam meetings in your pajamas! This is why we have put together some remote meeting tips for looking your best in webcam meetings.

Dress to impress

Your wardrobe says a lot about your personality and work ethics, so always keep in mind what you want to project during a professional webcam meeting. Whether you are talking to co-workers or clients, you don’t want anyone to see you as a slob.

Your wardrobe says a lot about your personality and work ethics.

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You don’t necessarily need to wear a suit and tie, while this might be a good idea for executives. Every job has its dress codes and norms, even if unwritten. Artists have more freedom to be playful with clothing, for example, as they may want to portray a more creative style. People in the medical field want to look cleaner and use lighter colors like white.

Every job has its dress codes and norms, even if unwritten.

Edgar Cervantes

Give some thought to what you do and how you can look better considering the nature of your job. Find something that reveals your passion and dedication to the craft.

I would also wear pants! Many argue these are optional, falling webcams and the need to stand up during a webcam meeting are not uncommon. Stay on the safe side and avoid embarrassing moments.

Keep your hair in check

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You may not be paying too much attention to your hair, especially if you are participating in a webcam meeting from home. Make sure your head doesn’t look like it was just peeled off a pillow. Keep your hair neat and put together. Your face is what people will mostly be looking at during a video call, so having a bad hair day is not an option in webcam meetings.

Look clean

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You don’t want to show up to a webcam meeting with food in your lips or smudges in your face. Also make sure your surroundings are kept clean. Looking unhygienic in webcam meetings is definitely a no-go, and it may affect your appearance more so than poor style. It’s best to clean the area and take a shower before the webcam meeting.

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Be cautious of your background

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Light switches, doors, and other home accessories can be distracting during webcam meetings. These elements may be good looking, but remember aesthetics are relative. What you see as beautiful others may not, so it’s better to find a clean background for others to look at. A white wall works perfectly, but if you can’t find one just make sure the background is as clear and non-distracting as possible.

Other things to watch out for are any religious or political items. While respecting beliefs and diversity is something we should all strive to do, these topics aren’t something you want to bring to the workplace. That is, unless you work with something related to what you are showing. We are sure a priest in a webcam meeting won’t look bad with a religious icon somewhere in the frame.

Regardless, you want people to focus on what you have to say and show, so it’s good to keep your surroundings as minimal as possible to avoid distractions.

Try to avoid distractions

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We’ve all seen funny online videos of webcam meetings suddenly interrupted by kids, other adults, or pets. Some of these intrusions can be hard to predict or control, and you can’t tell your neighbor when to mow his lawn, but you should at least try to keep interruptions in check.

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Tell other people in the household to leave you alone for some time. Make sure to keep your pets entertained with food, toys, or whatever distracts them. If all fails, at least try to lock doors and close windows in your office to isolate the area from the rest of the world.

Find the right location or room

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Don’t just go wherever your laptop is to start a webcam meeting. Finding the right location is important, especially if you are home. More lighting is always better for video quality, so a well-lit room will make you look better and reduce noise. It’s also important to find a place where it’s least likely for any noise to interrupt your video call. There’s the aesthetics factor, which we already covered in the “Be cautious of your background” section. Everyone’s home or office is different, so you need to weigh your pros and cons to find the right place for a webcam meeting.

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Video and audio quality

Webcam meetings

It's no good to look great only to appear like a pixelated mess to your viewers.

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It’s no good to look great only to appear like a pixelated mess to your viewers. Built-in front-facing cameras in computers and mobile devices tend to be lacking in video and audio quality. Hardware is important for truly looking your best, which is why we recommend getting a worthy webcam and a good microphone if your computer’s isn’t up to par. Click on the buttons below to see our recommendations.

Now you are ready to tackle those webcam meetings with style! We know working remotely can be a challenging task, so we have created articles to help you improve the experience. Check them out by accessing the posts linked below.