How to Prepare For Moving Day Rain

At times, the weather can be unpredictable. Even the best-planned move can be thrown into turmoil by Mother Nature. Depending on where you live, the possibility of raining on the moving day may be high. Nonetheless, the bad or rainy weather doesn’t have to prevent your move from taking place. There are certain things you need to do to ensure that you are well-prepared for the moving day rain.
Planning for a Rainy Moving Day
From planning your moving wardrobe to keeping your belongings dry, there are lots of things to do when preparing for moving day rain. Whether downpour is a rare or regular occurrence in your area, these tips will help you prepare adequately for a rainy moving day. With this, you can keep yourself, your loved ones, and your belongings dry and safe.
Hire an Expert Mover
Moving on a rainy day requires extra caution and care. The road is wet and slippery. Your belongings and electronics can be damaged by water. In fact, you may end up incurring more damages if you handle the move on your own. The right way to prepare for a moving day rain is to hire a professional moving company.

Professional movers have several years of experience in moving and packing during the rainy season. They possess the tools and supplies to pack and move your belongings safely, regardless of the rainy or bad weather condition. These expert movers also monitor the weather and are able to plan the travel route carefully. When you hire an expert for a rainy moving day, you will increase your chances of having a successful move. 
Use Protective Packing – Plastic Trash Bags or Garbage Bags
On a rainy moving day, the last thing you want is your belongings, including shoes, books, and other items to be damaged by water. Pack your items using protective packing such as plastic trash bags. Place books and paper items inside the plastic bag before packing in a container.

Also, cover artwork using garbage bags. This will prevent the rain from entering into gaps within the frame. You can also use garbage bags for clothes and larger items. Using a protective packing like these will prevent rain from reaching the items.
Wrap Everything Tightly
Furthermore, ensure that all items are wrapped tightly. Shrink wrap larger pieces such as furniture, mattresses, wood shelves, and more. This will help keep them clean and dry. Seal moving boxes using heavy-duty tapes, then wrap using plastic bags. This will help keep moisture out.
Set Up Temporary Cover
Also, temporary covers can help reduce the amount of raindrops that touch you or your belongings on a rainy moving day. Set up a temporary cover where you and the movers will be walking on the day of the move. A temporary cover can be as simple as simply hanging a tarp over the path or making use of a popup tent between your home door and the moving truck. By putting a temporary cover in place, you can offset a lot of the rain.
Use Makeshift Mats
In addition, the moving day rain will make everywhere wet and slippery. To prevent slips, falls, or accidents, lay cardboard sheets in the entryway. Place old rugs or torn carpets on floors of the home where movers or anyone helping with the move will be walking. You can also lay these old rugs, carpets, or cardboard sheets along the path between your home’s entrance and the moving truck. This will help prevent slipping or falling.
Keep Some Tools or Items Handy
Besides the essential moving day tools – scissors, packing tapes, writing tools, hammer, power drill, and so forth – there are other items and tools to keep handy on a rainy moving day. These include first aid kit, chains, maps, bottled water, shovel, rake, flashlight, towels, and more.

Throughout the moving day and on the truck, keep your towels handy. After loading a moving box or furniture piece, wipe it out using the towel. If you have packed your towels, consider taking them out. Wiping using the towel enables you to dry as you go. This will help keep as much moisture as possible off your belongings. Thus, preventing mildew, mold, warping, and other damages.
Get Your Rainy Moving Day Wardrobe
Moving day is often stressful. Putting on your normal clothes will expose you to the rain and get you soaking wet. This can lead to cold and other conditions. Keep you and your loved ones dry with appropriate clothing made specifically for rainy days. These include raincoats, rain boots or hunter boots, waterproof gloves, and so forth.

The raincoat will keep you dry and prevent you from getting soaking wet. Rain boots or hunter boots are sturdy and feature anti-slippery soles. This will help prevent slips or falls. The waterproof gloves will keep your hands dry and provide you with a firm grip on wet items.
Ask Questions about Bad Weather
As mentioned earlier, hiring a professional mover can help make the rainy day move turn out smooth and successful. Some questions you can ask the mover during an interview about bad weather move include:
Can you move during inclement weather? How do you monitor the weather? How do you protect my belongings? Do you provide emergency kit? If the weather is extremely bad, what is the backup plan? When to Reschedule
According to a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation, about 60% of weather-related fatalities recorded for commercial motor vehicles including moving trucks occur in rainy or bad weather conditions. At times, it is best to play safe to avoid accidents. You can reschedule your move if:
The rain is accompanied by lightning. Weather is too severe. The road is too wet and slippery.
Ensure that you discuss cancelation fee or the possibility of the rescheduling due to bad weather, with the moving company.

There you have it! Above are some tips to help you prepare for moving day rain. Moving during a rainy day requires careful consideration and planning. With the tips above, you can execute your move on a rainy day.

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