How to Store and Organize Irregularly Shaped Garment


A dress with one sleeve, lots of ties, hats. These are just a few common clothing items that can be difficult to store and organize due to their irregular shapes. What can you do when your closet is ill-equipped for these irregularly-shaped garments? While you can create halfway decent solution with a hodgepodge of options, the best solution is to customize your closet inside and out. 

Using Your Closet Door as a Storage Area

For a budget-friendly option, using door storage organizers for small items, such as ties. You can also use door organizers for socks by rolling them up. Door organizers can help keep small items neatly arranged. For a more upscale option, use drawer inserts. Drawers can be customized with a lining of your choice.

Creating Pullout Cubbies and Shelves

Sometimes the reason something feels awkward is because you don’t have the right space for it. Pullout shelves and cubbies with internal drawers, for instance, makes it easier for you to pull things out into a smaller space — and keep it well-organized at the same time. If you’re trying to organize things in deep shelves or non-pull-out cubbies, it’s likely that you’re disrupting everything every time you take something out. Pullout modifications mean that you can keep everything in the right place at all times.

Consider Built-In Hangers

How do you hang your towels in the shower? Built-in hangers can come in the form of racks or poles, over which clothing can be draped. Specialized pullout racks are similar and are perfect for hanging almost anything. Another advantage to using these unique storage solutions is that they can be used to keep things like pants wrinkle-free. This addition isn’t just a space-saver, but it’s also a very easy way to see everything you have.

Partition Your Closet

Finally, consider partitioning your closet to keep everything organized. You might want an area for separates and accessories, or an area that separates shirts and pants. If things that are a little irregular are kept in a separate area from the rest of your clothes, it’s more likely that you’ll be able to keep everything neat and tidy for the long haul. Closet cabinets can help keep things that naturally look a little disorganized (think socks, undergarments, and ties) out of sight.

Find The Right Solution For Your Needs

While special hangers can help you in some instances, you’re often going to find that you need to make some modifications to the interior of your closet to Make Room For Life®. The above modifications should be enough for most irregularly shaped objects — and they can make it easier for day-to-day tasks, too. To see how you can improve your closet, contact our closet designers at Closet & Storage Concepts of Phoenix. We’ve completed hundreds of projects throughout the Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ areas. 

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