How to Update Your Wardrobe for Spring 2023

Here in Florida, spring is in full swing—my allergies, and the warm temps can prove it!  Because of this, I have been in the process of shifting my wardrobe from “winter” (I put winter into quotation marks because a cold day in Florida is, well, 50 degrees, what you might call blazer or sweater weather elsewhere) to spring which to those who live in cooler climates might look a bit more like summer.   

While many dress the same year around here, others of us, especially those of us who have been here a very long time dress more seasonally, especially those who work in offices.  Though as the years have gone by, offices are far less formal and less seasonal.

Being a bit old school and one who gets bored wearing the same things all the time, I like to change my wardrobe seasonally.  I look forward to opening my boxes and seeing the new pieces I tucked away from the previous year as well as enjoying old favorites.

I wanted to take you through the steps I use to keep my wardrobe fresh and current, plus how I save a few dollars, here and there.

All the sweaters and blazers I’ve worn during the winter season are cleaned.  I send the blazers to the dry cleaners but launder my sweaters at home. (This saves a few dollars, plus I don’t like the chemicals they use to dry-clean my cashmere.)  I also look for pilling or excess wear.  I remove the pilling, fold my sweaters and put them away.  As I put these clothes away, I remove any items I didn’t wear or are misshapen and send them to consignment or charity.  Mostly charity.

As the season comes to an end, I also take note of things gaps in my wardrobe—pieces I wished I had or items that need to be replaced due to wear.  I then look for these items on end-of-season sales.  This allows me to get beautiful pieces—some I have been eyeing up all season, on sale, and often at deep discounts.  I also keep a list of things I am looking for on my phone so I have it when the Nordstrom sale comes around in the summer. 

Next up, I pull out my spring and summer wardrobe.  I try on the items I don’t feel sure about and add them to the donation pile, if I know I won’t be wearing them anymore.  Then I begin looking at my favorite retailers and start to identify trends, along with the pieces I need to fill out my wardrobe for the season.

Each season brings new colors, silhouettes, and details—some I love, while others I can definitely leave.  The green that came out a year ago, and is still hanging around is not a color I would add to my wardrobe, so it’s an easy pass.  The magenta that has come out, is, however.  I won’t be wearing it head to toe, but I will be adding a few accent pieces.  When a color I love is “in” I make sure to stock up.

If you aren’t sure about a trend, ask yourself if you would have felt funny wearing it five years ago, or imagine yourself wearing it five years from now.  If you can’t imagine yourself enjoying it, you might delete it from your buy list or purchase at a lower price point.

Trends come and go.  Some trends really capture my imagination, so I dive in—like the pleated wide-leg pants.  I saw them coming in a year ago and bought two pairs and have been wearing them ever since.  We are just now beginning to see them worn here in Florida, which means that this trend will be around for a while.  I am glad to have purchased this look as soon as I saw it and will enjoy several years wearing it before it will move out of the forefront, and something else strikes my fancy.

If you love a style, don’t be afraid to wear and enjoy it.  I wore my pleated pants for a whole season before anyone else turned up in the look.  I knew, when I went out, that people might look at me but I don’t mind.  Whatever they have going on in their minds is their property, not mine.  I have loved fashion and style for as long as I can remember, and love having the opportunity to wear things I love.  

We can’t talk about switching up our wardrobes without talking about a few key pieces to look out for this season:

  1. Denim:  Denim silhouettes are all the rage, and I would encourage you to update your wardrobe with a new pair of jeans.  The light wash is the new “white” for summer.  Look for denim skirts and blazers as well.
  2. As stated above, green is still showing up so if you love green, be sure to stock up.  On deck is a bright mauvy pink, and the whole Barbie Core head-to-toe brights.
  3. Pants suits, blazers, and wide-leg trousers are really hot, I personally would wear them in a classy neutral.  As you know I love two-piece sets—they are super versatile, so if you have the lifestyle to wear a pantsuit, definitely add one to your list.
  4. Buttondown shirts are also super popular.  Swap your white t-shirt for a button-down with jeans and shorts for an updated look.
  5. Change out your leggings for straight-leg or flare-style yoga pants—if you are like me, you live in yoga-style pants.  

I hope this helps you prepare for the season.  The Coast to Coast Style Collective has put its own spin on the season and what they are looking for.  Don’t forget to stop by and check out their tips and forecasts for spring 2023. Visit Andy here, Suzanne here, and Julie here.

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