How To Wear a Polo Shirt in Style

Planning to buy a men’s suit? Don’t forget to pick up casual clothes as well. For example, a polo shirt. This is the most comfortable clothing – a cross between a T-shirt and a shirt. Not too strict, but it’s also impossible to call 100% informal clothing. It is sewn, like a T-shirt, from knitwear, with a collar, like a shirt, there is also a button fastener.

Why do you definitely need a polo shirt? It is comfortable, practical, and versatile clothing. You can go to the office, go for a walk and even play sports. Polo is also an indispensable part of the men’s wardrobe. Agree, you will not wear a suit for a walk or a meeting with a friend. And the more polo shirts you have, the better.

What is a polo worn with?

There are many options, here are the main ones:

  1. With jeans. A polo shirt is a great addition to jeans of any style – from classic to casual. Jeans will suit both a plain polo shirt, and an option with prints or stripes.
  2. With shorts. If you have classic long shorts, then you should definitely choose a polo shirt for them and wear them alternately with short-sleeved shirts or T-shirts.
  3. With trousers. Planning to buy men’s trousers in Minsk and looking for options such as chinos, cotton or linen trousers? Then immediately pick up a polo shirt for them.
  4. With a suit. If you do not need to adhere to a strict business style, then you can wear a plain polo shirt with a two-piece suit. Ideal for smart casual style.
  5. As you can see, the polo shirt is a really versatile piece of clothing. But it can be worn not only with different types of clothes, but almost everywhere – from the office to the beach.


Here’s where to wear a polo shirt:

  1. To the office. Choose plain polo shirts in discreet or pastel colors (black, white, beige, blue) and classic trousers to match (light in summer, dark or black in autumn and winter). You can wear a polo from Blowes Clothing with cropped and tapered trousers.
  2. To a club or a date. Any color polo is suitable for a party, but it is important to consider the color and style of trousers (chinos, joggers). For example, if the trousers are plain, then the polo can be printed, or vice versa. You can complement the image with shoes or sneakers.
  3. For a walk or an informal meeting. Here the best combination is a polo shirt and jeans. You can experiment with color, style and print. You can wear a polo and jeans with sneakers, sneakers, espadrilles or deserts.
  4. To the country club. If you plan to go sailing or spend time outside the city actively (picnic, golf, etc.), then choose a polo shirt made of high-quality knitwear, comfortable long shorts or trousers made of light fabric, sneakers or sneakers.
  5. On vacation. A polo shirt is the best vacation clothing. The skin in it breathes, during the day on the beach, you can quickly remove it, put it on at a disco in the evening, and in the morning – on an excursion. The color can be any, the main thing is to combine it with other clothes, shorts, and shoes.


It is clear that you cannot wear the same polo shirt everywhere. Therefore, we advise you to choose several options.

Can you wear a polo shirt correctly?

Such a question may surprise you: what is so difficult about putting on a polo? But in practice, difficulties still arise. We have put together a few rules to help you avoid mistakes:

You can tuck a polo shirt into your trousers, but it is not necessary. More often these clothes are worn loose, they were worn tucked in before. Sometimes a polo is tucked in when worn with dress pants and a suit. But only if the shirt is wide. And if it is short and narrow, then you do not need to refuel it.

A polo shirt can be worn under a jacket, even if it is a classic suit. But a tie and a polo are incompatible things. Raising the collar of a shirt is also not worth it – they did it before, now it’s not just unfashionable, it’s bad form. The exception is retro or country-style parties.

There is no “correct” polo length and width. There are three types of polo shirts – classic, regular and skinny. Classic – wider and longer sleeves, such polos are loose and long. But other types are also different. It is important here that the length reaches the middle of the fastener of the trousers.

Now you know how to choose and where to wear a polo. It remains to come to our stores and pick up a few of these shirts and other casual clothes. And if everything is in order with your basic wardrobe, then come for new accessories or shoes. We will help you choose and buy a men’s suit, shoes, accessories and knitwear.

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