Iris Apfel Gets a H&M Collaboration For Her 100th Birthday

Iris Apfel, recently celebrated her 100th birthday. Born in 1921 in New York, Iris studied art and fashion. Her career is as inspirational as her style. A self-made businesswoman, style icon, fashion designer, and interior decorator. Iris has always reached success on her different career paths. Her esthetic of bright clothing, layers and layers of fun accessories, and thick, round, oversized glasses are her signature styles.

H&M and Harper’s Bazaar hosted Iris’s 100th, paying homage to her unmistakably fabulous sense of style with a special Iris Apfel x H&M global collaboration. Now The collection, which launches at the beginning of 2022, consists of an assortment of eclectic dresses, sets and extensive accessories.

Imagine that you enter a room filled with eternal flair and a century’s worth of moments: you hear laughter, and chandeliers glitter; you see magnificent shapes and colors as if lifted from an artist’s palette — the smell of summer flowers and citrus fruits gives you goose bumps. That’s how H&M believes it feels entering Iris Apfel’s wardrobe. 

“Style is not about spending a lot of money. It’s not about what or who you wear, but how you feel when wearing something. Style is about self-expression and, above all, attitude,” states Iris. “H&M is a fabulous outfit worldwide and absolute pioneers in their field — which I love! I love doing high style at affordable prices, which H&M has mastered!” 

The collection launches at the beginning of 2022.