Just A Few Current Objects Of Obsession

art class target kids clothing

Ignore the mess; focus on the handsomeness

The entire Art Class kids clothing line at Target. My son just grew at least two inches (and gained several years, #whydoeshelooksoold), and suddenly found himself in need of an entirely new wardrobe. Ive been pretty lazy about his clothing these past couple of years because he reallywasnt the kind of kid who cared about what he wore, beyond being comfortable. Sweatpants and t-shirt, check. But now,for the first time in his life, he kind ofdoes care. (My heart.) So I wanted to get him stuff that would be comfortable, yes, but would also be in line with his style, and this collection just killed it.

Heres what I picked up:

interior wanderer home styling kit interior wanderer home styling kit

Interior WanderersGlobal Retreat Kit.If you recall, Interior Wanderer offers styled kitsof curated products sourced from all over the world, so that you can purchase virtually everything you need to elevate a given space entryway, living room, kitchen, bedroom, what have you in one handy delivery. (All the accessories you see here the throw pillows, the blanket, the coffee table accoutrement, etc are from their living room kit.) I think its super cool that the pieces from the kit work just as well in my new living room as they did in their previous home.

Homesick Candles Summer Camp Candle. It smells like fresh-cut grass and cucumbers and sunshine and I love it.

Below Deck, Season 7. It is a warm bath of schadenfreude for your brain, and you need to trust me and go binge the whole damn thing.

mobile homes malibu buy house paradise cove trailer park

This house. I went to the open house the other day just for fun and because Im trying to familiarize myself with the market for future purposes; Im obviously not buying at the moment and it. is. perfect. Perfectly sized, perfectly styled, perfect perfect perfect. If it could just stay vacant for another year or two, thatd be great. (Im putting it on my succulent.)

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