Laundry Room Renovations Your Tenants Will Love

Tenants hardly ever decide on where to live by looking at the unit alone.

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They weigh accompanying factors like safety, parking, and your laundry room. That’s right, that space meant for only washing and folding clothes could attract or scare off new tenants. 

Property owners tend to focus their resources on making the home more appealing. While the aesthetics of the unit plays a vital part in attracting tenants, it is not all they consider. If your building has a laundry room, your tenants will need to go there at some point.

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You can increase the rental value of your units by transforming a rundown room that makes an unappealing chore more burdensome, to a space renters are comfortable and happy to be in. 

In this article, we’ll take you through some laundry room renovations that your tenants will love.

  • Create a layout

Whether you’re planning a complete top to bottom remodeling, or a quick upgrade, it’s essential to create a blueprint for your laundry room. It would be best to ensure that the layout of the space is logical in the workflow. While installing a sink is vital, it doesn’t necessarily have to be next to the folding station. Also, it’s easier for people to put their clothes in the dryer if it’s right next to the washer rather than across it. 

The more organized the laundry room is, the easier it’ll be for tenants while completing their tasks. Plus, it’ll be easier to keep clean when appliances and other fixtures are within reach. 

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  • Install high-quality laundry equipment 

An essential upgrade to consider is installing high-quality laundry equipment. You don’t have to buy the latest one on the market, but your tenants would undoubtedly enjoy the perks of modern appliances. 

Some of them might be more costly, but when you consider that they are often more energy-efficient and offer more customization options, it could be worth it. When making your decision, keep in mind that many tenants will be sharing the equipment, and let that guide you. 

  • Provide storage space and a sink

Don’t underestimate the need for storage space and a sink; both are necessary for making your laundry room more conducive. 

Consider your options wisely when choosing storage spaces like cabinets, countertops, or baskets. 

They’re essential because they keep the room more organized. Tenants might have to navigate multiple people while using the space. They might also need a quick place to store clothes while washing the next batch, or need somewhere to keep their washing detergent and other chemicals. 

Sinks are essential in case of spills. A renter might also want to hand wash something, so no laundry space can do without a sink. A great tip is to fix a tile behind the sink to prevent any backlash from spilling on the walls. 

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  • Upgrade the look

You must maintain a certain standard in every corner of your rental property–that includes the laundry room.

You could lay new floors, but make sure they are durable and can withstand water. Carpets are not a good idea. 

Also, when painting, opt for a gloss or semi-gloss finishing, which is easier to wipe down. It would help if you also used a color scheme that matches your storage space. It’s best to go with a neutral color scheme to keep the area attractive to everyone. 

While upgrading the room alone might be a costly undertaking, don’t forget the laundry area if you plan on doing an intense remodeling. 

  • Provide adequate lighting 

Creating a space that takes advantage of natural light is essential, but artificial lighting is just as crucial. If the laundry room is accessible 24/7, you can expect some tenants to go there after sunset. No one wants to squint excessively to determine if the shirt they’re holding is white or pale pink. 

So make sure to install adequate and energy-efficient lights in strategic places. It will make the room inviting at all hours and prevent potential hazards, not only the wardrobe kind but more severe accidents like tenants missing a step due to poor lighting. That could spell disaster for you as well, as it could be grounds for a lawsuit. 

Photo by Ekaterina Belinskaya from Pexels


Renovations can be a lot of work, but they are often worth attracting and retaining qualified renters. Upgrading spaces like the laundry room, which most property owners often overlook, tells tenants that you care about their convenience. 

Of course, if you own multiple properties, live far away from your building, or can’t make enough time to oversee a renovation, there’s a way out. By hiring a team of highly skilled local property managers, you can save yourself the hassle and still reap the rewards.