Levi’s 40% Off Pre-Black Friday Sale Is Incredible, Guys (Yes, 40% Off Levi’s Jeans)

Yes, Black Friday doesn’t technically start until Friday, but this year stores have started their biggest sale early. Yes, we’ve mentioned great The Walmart Black Friday Sale kicked off in the first week of November and hasn’t slowed down since.  And the Amazon Black Friday sale is nuts. However, the Black Friday sale we’re most excited about this year comes from Levi’s, as part of a sales event the denim brand is calling Indigo Friday.

You know that Levi’s is an iconic jeans brand. So iconic that before the fall of the Soviet Union, Levi’s jeans were traded for major bucks on the black market in Soviet Russia. Right now, Levi’s is holding a spectacular early Black Friday sale called INDIGO FRIDAY (ends 11/28). That means your favorite jeans and denim jackets have been reduced by 40% sitewide!

Do not stop, do not pass go, don’t pick up that $200, just hit the site, click on what you love, use the promo code BLUESTREAK and remember to use standard ground shipping when you check out. (Also don’t forget to click on the arrow that appears at check out to have that percentage taken off your price and the savings appear.) What is also extremely cool is that you get FREE SHIPPING AND RETURNS ON ALL ORDERS. And you can chose to have stuff shipped to your or your local Levi’s store. That can make hiding presents easier than ever.

Levi’s INDIGO FRIDAY gives you savings on presents for guys, gals and kids. You can shop Levi’s various collections: Well Thread, Premium, and Vintage to find jeans that are 40% off. While there are tons of great deals going on through INDIGO FRIDAY, we shared four deals below that we think you really shouldn’t miss. Please note that some items from Levi’s are excluded from this sitewide sale, but when we checked all of our favorite items, we found that they were included.

Shop the Levi's INDIGO FRIDAY Sale Now

However, don’t put off hitting this sale, while going through the site, we noticed that some items have limited quantities. Levi’s INDIGO FRIDAY sale ends on 11/28/2020 at 8:59 pm PST, so if you want it, if you love it, shop now.

If you combine what you’ve found with the holiday presents from, say our Schitt’s Creek Gift Guide, top Christmas gifts for men, or the amazing Kate Spade sale, you’ll be getting hugs long after the holidays.


Levi’s Premium Sherpa Trucker Jacket

Normally $128.00 | Now $76.80

Now’s the time to snag the iconic trucker jacket that’s been upgraded for blustery weather. The long line denim jacket is lined in Sherpa for extra warmth. It comes in four other washes, from black to a distressed light wash.  When you use the 40% Code BLUESTREAK, the jacket drops down to $76.80.


Levi’s Trucker Jacket

Normally $89.50 | Now $53.70

The classic Levi’s Trucker Jacket is one of our top Christmas gifts of 2020 for a reason. The trucker jacket made a fashion comeback and it’s here to stay. If you’re looking for a trucker jacket that’s more for spring and summer, this is the trucker jacket that’ll fulfill your needs. Best of all,  this Levi’s trucker jacket becomes a steal at check out. Yes, BLUESTREAK reduces it to $53.70. At that price you could pick up another jacket in one of the other 6 washes.


Levi’s Premium 510 Skinny Fit Flex Men’s Jeans

Normally $89.50 | Now $53.70

Levi’s jeans are a staple of every wardrobe. They’re instantly recognizable, from the red tab to the embossed buttons and stitching. Normally, you have to restrain yourself from buying more than one pair at a time because of, well, you know, the price tag. Levi’s Premium 510 Skinny Fit Flex Men’s Jeans, the skinny jeans that let you move, are on sale now. Use BLUESTREAK at checkout and the price drops down to $53.70. Go ahead, get two pairs, you deserve it.




Levi’s Ava Cable Sweater

Normally $98.00 | Now $58.78

Hunting down a present for the woman in your life? When you’re scrolling through Levi’s women’s section, you’ll find dozens of fashion finds. This cable-knit sweater popped out for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a beautifully made sweater that has that “ripped from the runway” look to it. Second, it’s made from an alpaca/wool blend, meaning she’ll be enveloped in soft warmth throughout the season. Just don’t tell her that you used BLUESTREAK at checkout to drop the price by 40%!


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