Lifelong Learning: 5 Reasons Why Sewing Is a Good Skill to Have After 60

Lifelong Learning 5 Reasons Why Sewing Is a Good Skill to Have After 60

Ever since home sewing machines came to be, they have been a helpful asset and a reliable partner of capable housewives who either had some spare time for a hobby, or more likely had to dress their entire households with a fairly small budget.

Obviously, they all knew very well why learning how to sew was a smart idea, just like any other sewing enthusiast does nowadays.

If you are over 60, and still dont know much about sewing, then you should definitely take some time to find out what kind of advantages this craft, or more precisely, art form, offers to anyone who decides to practice it.

Today well explore why all those people, who arent quite sure what they could gain by learning how to sew, should at least try it out for a while. Because the positive sides of it are, without a doubt, enticing, to say at least.

Number of Options

Sometimes, when you want to buy a new piece of clothing and you go out shopping, you go through all of the stores and still cant find the thing you had in mind or one that fits you well.

Realistically speaking, this can happen very often, especially if you have a very refined taste in fashion. Mass produced garments just dont offer you enough uniqueness or style, resulting in the mentioned failure in finding the appropriate article.

However, when you make your own clothes from scratch, this cant happen no matter what. You can just use your sewing skills and create the clothes you had imagined.

This way, the number of options you have when it comes to wardrobe pieces is virtually infinite. No more saying that you dont have anything to wear!

Sewing Your Own Clothes Will Cost You Less Than Buying Them

Certain types of clothing can have a pretty ridiculous price tag, especially if theyve been made by a very famous designer/manufacturer.

Buying such items could considerably deplete your home budget, forcing you to cut corners on other expenses. Funds are usually limited after you retire, so you should make every cent count.

This isnt a problem when youre sewing your own clothes, though. For the price of one luxurious dress or gown, you can create two or even three identical pieces that wont lack in any way.

You will spend considerably less money by getting a simple sewing machine and making your own clothes while having a relatively large wardrobe at your disposal. Win-win!

Youll Be Able to Earn Some Money

Once your sewing skills have reached an appropriate level, and youve become quite experienced, you can start accepting customer requests and become a craftapreneur.

Its up to you to decide what kind of work youll be doing small and fast adjustments and repairs or serious projects like creating an entire dress or suit. Either way, the money amount you could be earning this way is pretty nice, and it could fill up your pockets decently.

Youll Become More Organized, More Patient, Diligent and Passionate

Sewing requires proper preparation and organization in order to go smoothly, and if you rush it or do it without much thought, youll probably end up making a big mess out of everything.

In other words, picking up sewing as a hobby will help you improve your patience and diligence without even noticing it.

Youll Be Able to Relax and Enjoy the Creative Activity

We all have something that stresses us out or angers us sometimes, and keeping those emotions bottled up could cause some serious damage. Retirement gives us the gift of time, but that is also a curse in disguise because having too much free time puts more focus on our problems or aches.

Thus, it becomes very important to find an activity that will help you relax and erase all bad thoughts from your mind.

Sewing helps you convert that negative energy into productivity and feel much better afterwards. Once you create something from scratch, theres no room for anything other than pride and a sense of accomplishment in your heart. This is why sewing is so enjoyable and relaxing.

Armed with those five reasons to learn sewing, we hope youll consider this hobby, and who knows maybe turn it into a business!

What was your last sewing project? How long ago was that? Would you have interest to pick up sewing again after 60? Why or why not? What type of project would you attempt to do first? Please share with the community and lets have a discussion!