LOL Surprise OMG Series 2 Dolls: Where to Buy Right Now!

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The LOL Surprise OMG Series 2 dolls sees some of the most popular doll range on the planet return with a new line to excite kids the world over.

As always, LOL is all about roleplay, and the four new toys which are available right now! all of which come with 20 surprises for kids to discover. And not only that, every box can be repurposed as a fashionable wardrobe. How cool is that? Reduce waste, give kids something to play with. You cant fault that hussle.

Every doll all come with doll stands, too, so instead of finding dolls under the couch, kids can display their favorites wherever they want.

LOL is, unsurprisingly, one of the most beloved doll ranges in the world, so lets ditch the intro here and jump straight into what you need to know.

LOL Surprise! OMG Series 2 Dolls: Candylicious Fashion Doll $26.88

L.O.L O.M.G Fashion Doll

The Candylicious Doll is pure class.

The hair on this doll is incredible. The different pastel shades all blend effortlessly, and the twists and bangs look hella stylish.

If your child loves to dress their dolls, theres a cool little feature to help with that: The hands can be removed to make dressing up easier. Youve gotta love those little, well-thought-out touches.

LOL Surprise OMG Series 2 Dolls: Miss Independent Fashion Doll $26.99

LOL Surprise Miss Independent Doll

Miss Independent has style for days. That bright blue hair with micro braids looks so freaking clean and the bun twist at the side is just icing on the cake.

The style bleeds into everything, from the trendy outfit to the gold earrings and knee-length boots. Seriously, LOL produces some of the most stylish dolls on the market.

She even has a cape! A CAPE! Whats not to love here? The role-playing adventure options are endless

LOL Surprise OMG Series 2 Dolls: Busy B.B. Fashion Doll $26.99

LOL Surprise Busy BB Doll

The LOL Surprise Busy BB Doll has such a fun look.

Ive said it before and Ill say it again, LOL knows how to style hair. Two long braids with a curly section at the front. Done. I have no idea who puts these things together, but whoever you are, youre a hero.

Outside of the gorgeous hair, youve got two chunky golden earrings, a faux denim jumpsuit, striking yellow boots, a reverse denim jacket, and rounding out the outfits killer style is a record bag.

I dont know where LOL gets the inspiration for each of these dolls, but there really isnt anything else like them on the market. Theyre one of a kind, and thats what kids love about them so much.

LOL Surprise OMG Series 2 Dolls: Alt Grrrl Fashion Doll $26.99

LOL Surprise Alt Grrl Doll

Whats the saying? Save the sassiest til last? Sure, thats the one

They really dont come any more sassy than the Alt Grrl Doll. She just oozes that celeb, Kim K sass.

Although the hair is a little safe standing next to the other series 2 dolls, its still a must-have. Where this doll really comes alive is with the Instagram-esq clothing.

Big shades to hide her identity in public, a PVC-like dress, and tons of accessories make this doll Insta-ready. Im surprised she doesnt come with a phone to take an army of selfies!

Its funny. Alt Grrl is arguably the weakest doll in the series 2 line. But the weakest LOL doll is better than 90 percent of the other non-LOL dolls out there. That really says something about how continuously on-point the LOL range really is.

What is LOL Surprise?

Launched at the tale end of 2016 by MGA Entertainment (Bratz, Lalaloopsy), LOL went on to become the toy of 2017. Children absolutely fell in love with the slightly weird look of LOL. Part of the battle in the toy industry is getting little ones eyes on your product, and with such a unique look when on the shelf next to Barbie, the LOL range had eyes on it.

Fast forward to today and LOL is still one of the biggest toy lines on the planet, spanning traditional dolls, mini surprise dolls, playsets and everything in between.

LOL Surprise OMG Series 1 Dolls

Obviously, series 2 is where its at for the experienced LOL collector, but if your childs new to the world of LOL, the previous series had some really killer dolls in who are still worth picking up.

The ones you want to take a look at areWinter Disco Dollie andWinter Disco Snowilicious. Both of those dolls are packed full of sassy style and are sure to stand out in a crowd.

LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise

The LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise is perfect for Birthdays or Christmas. Its four mini-dolls and over 60 accessories for kids to unpack. 60!

If your child loves to customize their dolls, this pack comes with 18 different hairstyles. Thats a lot of hair and a lot of roleplay options available out of the box.

Two of the dolls in this set are limited edition, too, which always makes them seem more desirable than other dolls in the range.

LOL Surprise 2-in-1 Glamper Fashion Camper

The Glamper Fashion Camper is the playset to go with if your little one collects the mini LOL dolls.

Its a camper van that opens up with a few tugs to reveal a gorgeous boutique inside. And because this is LOL, there are over 55 surprises to unpack.

If your child loves to play their own makebelieve games, getting a playset like this is certain to help encourage their sense of adventure.

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