Make a Bold Statement This Winter With These Men’s Plaid Coats

We’re officially in the throes of winter now, which means there’s a likely chance you’ve opened your closet and realized that you might not have a warm enough winter coat, the options you have are too plain, or you’re just in need of an excellent secondary option. Whatever the case may be, we humbly suggest you consider adding a men’s plaid coat to your existing rotation.

A plain jane coat is great, and all, but a plaid men’s coat is a great way to show off some real character. An inherent statement piece, plaid coats are bold by design, which is helpful to have on hand when you want to feel stylish. Like typical coats, plaid coats are typically constructed from wool or wool blends, which help you stay warm while looking cool.

We’ve rounded up a handful of plaid coats to help you take that next sartorial step into something adventurous — our picks, below.


1. Billy Reid Plaid Officers Coat

Alabama-based designer Billy Reid makes some of the best outerwear on the market, and this plaid officers coat is a stellar example of why. Crafted from virgin wool (the very first bit of wool sheered from a lamb which is, therefore, the best of the best), the coat has a heft to it that you’ll be thankful for in the brutal winter months. The peak lapel helps to make a bold statement that’s bolstered by the striking plaid pattern, complete with flecks in it to add further character. It’s a showstopper of a coat and one you’ll wear for years and years without ever worrying it will go out of style.

Billy Reid Plaid Officers Coat

Buy: Billy Reid Plaid Officers Coat $998.00


2. Abercrombie and Fitch Plaid Mac Coat

Don’t laugh: Abercrombie is legit now. Case-in-point: this plaid mac coat, which looks like something you might find sitting in the back of your dad’s coat closest. The mac style is simple yet elegant and looks good with jeans and a sweater or a layer on top of a suit, making it an extremely versatile piece to have in your wardrobe. Plus, the price on this is pretty palatable, given the quality and overall design of the men’s plaid coat itself.

Abercrombie and Fitch Plaid Mac Coat

Buy: Abercrombie and Fitch Plaid Mac Coat $220.00


3. J.Crew Ludlow Plaid Car Coat

We’re big fans of J.Crew here at SPY, and even if we weren’t already, we certainly would be after seeing this plaid car coat. The multi-check navy pattern results in something that feels western-inspired, like something you’d see out in the plains or the deserts of West Texas. All that is to say, it’s bound to make you look fantastic no matter where you decide to wear it.

J. Crew Ludlow Plaid Car Coat

Buy: J.Crew Ludlow Plaid Car Coat $369.99


4. Banana Republic Italian Plaid Balmacaan Coat

This slightly oversized coat from Banana Republic is clad in a buffalo plaid-inspired design that’s bound to evoke feelings of a lumberjack. However, the design is a bit more muted than you what you might see around a farm, as the darker hues of the beloved red and black pattern take center stage here. If you’re looking to get your first boldly patterned coat, this is certainly worth considering. We also like the placket hides the buttons, giving the whole coat an elegant finish.

Banana Republic Italian Plaid Balmacaan Coat

Buy: Banana Republic Italian Plaid Balmacaan Coat $360.00 (orig. $600.00) 40% OFF


5. Todd Snyder Plaid Mohair Car Coat

The dream of the 70s is alive and well thanks to the return of mohair. While the fuzzy fabric is one of the go-to choices for sweaters and cardigans, it’s found its way into a mid-thigh length men’s plaid coat from Todd Snyder that’s bound to turn heads thanks to its stylish pattern to go along with its decidedly unique texture. If you’re looking to turn heads, reach for this coat every single time you need to go out for something, as it’s one of our absolute favorites on this list and quite a bold piece.

Todd Snyder Plaid Mohair Car Coat

Buy: Todd Snyder Plaid Mohair Car Coat $998.00


6. Express Brown Plaid Wool Topcoat

Brown may seem boring compared to some of the other showy options on this list but don’t be fooled, as this option from Express is anything but typical. The plaid pattern is an eye-catching option that will pair well with just about everything, providing a polished finish to any outfit. The notched lapel, slant hand pockets, and button cuffs are all sophisticated flourish to the already highly suave-looking coat.

Express Brown Plaid Wool Topcoat

Buy: Express Brown Plaid Wool Topcoat $328.00


7. Saturdays NYC Morgan Plaid Overcoat

Tartan plaid is typically associated with Celtic-style affairs (i.e., a printed kilt). Still, you get a fun spin on it like this (fantastic) option from Saturdays NYC every now and again. The “Almond Oil” colorway is a creme and sky blue colorway that reminds us a lot of Easter Sunday and a welcome departure from the darker hues you may find with other coats. Plus, the Italian wool ensures a durable construction that will last and last while keeping you nice and warm.

Saturdays NYC Morgan Plaid Overcoat

Buy: Saturdays NYC Morgan Plaid Overcoat $475.00


8. SuitSupply Plaid Overcoat

In our humble opinion, a double-breasted overcoat is even more stylish than your typical overcoat, especially when you have one as tasteful as this option from SuitSupply. With a tailored fit, you’ll look decidedly sharp thanks to its inherently flashy nature and its glen check plaid pattern. Plus, the alpaca-wool blend construction ensures you’ll be comfortable and cozy whenever you need that extra bit of warmth.

SuitSupply Plaid Overcoat

Buy: SuitSupply Plaid Overcoat $799.00


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