March 2020 Stitch Fix Review

My Feburary 2020 Stitch Fix was a great fix again! It was filled with items that were perfectly my style and made me realize I was ready to start shopping for Spring. One of the most asked questions I get is, “How do you get such great items in your fix?” Well, seriously, my best tip for Stitch Fix is to stay with the same stylist so they can learn your style. I have been with the same stylist for so long and she just gets me. Almost every box is a “OMG I’m gonna break the bank and keep all five type of deal…” This month, I asked my stylist for more Spring pieces and really left it open for her to choose!

So, for any newbies, let me break down what Stitch Fix is really quick. Stitch Fix delivers a personalized shopping experience right to your front door. To sign up, you go to the Stitch Fix website, fill out a style profile and then decide on a delivery date. You then pay a $20 styling fee, which will be applied as credit toward anything you keep from your shipment. Stitch Fix will send you 5 items of clothing, shoes, or accessories (you can specify what you are wanting and the price range). Once you receive your shipment, you can try everything on in the comfort of your home, decide what you are going to keep and mail the rest back in a pre-paid envelope. It is super easy and a fun way to shop!

If you sign up for your first fix (new customer) using any of the links in this post, then you will get your FIRST STITCH FIX STYLING FEE WAIVED + an extra $30 to spend on your fix!! That is a $50 credit for you & yes then that will apply toward anything you keep from your order!!! So go ahead, try Stitch Fix RISK FREE and get YOUR $50 credit!

Here we go, check out what was in my 48th box and let me know what you think I should keep!

Fionn Cropped Chenille Pullover

If you haven’t been able to tell from my Instagram, this top was hands down my favorite from this fix. It is so comfy and soft, not to mention, I love the color. I don’t have another top this color and was drawn the light spring pastel. I am a sucker for stripes and it is very light weight so perfect for Texas. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this top. I am so excited to add it to my wardrobe.

Crystal Short-Sleeve Surplice Top

I love the fit and style of this top. The past year, I have really been into wrap dresses and tops, but I haven’t found the “right” top yet. This one seems sooo perfect, but my one hang up is that I feel like it looks like “fall” instead of “spring”. I think this top would be incredibly perfect in a Spring print or even a light pink or light blue. Either way, I think it needs a home in my closet. The flutter sleeves are a great detail as well.

Aisha Knot Front Cotton Blend Knit Top

Again, I thought this was a great basic tee with a little fun detail at the bottom, but the color just screams Fall to me instead of Spring. This fix really overall made me realize I was ready to shop for Spring. I didn’t leave my stylist the best note stating that, so it was really my fault – but a great lesson in what I’m looking for right now.

Cosabella Boxer PJ Set

Every now and then, I like to order a Stitch Fix extra with my fix and I saw these PJ’s and couldn’t resist. I really wanted to try them out and see if they were as soft as I heard. Overall, I really liked them, but decided against keeping them due to the long sleeves. Most nights, I get really hot so I need short sleeves for Spring and Summer.

Lexie Novelty Canas Sandal

I love Toms and these sandals are really cute! I wasn’t expecting a shoe option in my fix so I was really excited to be introduced to these. Toms is such a great quality shoe, so I know this one is a winner!

Overall, my March 2020 Stitch Fix box was great, I feel like I could have done a better job communicating to my stylist that I am starting to look for Spring wear because I didn’t mention that, yet I judged the fix based upon that – so that wasn’t super fair. However, it was very much my style and I really liked most of the pieces! My stylist constantly makes it hard to decide what to keep!!! DON’T FORGET, use this link to get $50 toward your first fix!!

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